Young Nudy - Understanding (Official Video)

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    1. Young Nudy

      #ANYWAYS I Have NO #Understanding 💀💀💀💀#4L

      1. Karter Alexander


      2. Huncho Lotto

        poon punisher I bet I can do that all I do for now on a

      3. daniel Hache

        How can you when you gotta live fast and chase paper just to not have to struggle and hustle!

      4. life isgood

        @Dont Push Blackk you're handsome

      5. life isgood

        @hell ride ßåmmý are you talking to me sir I need clarification please thanks in advance

    2. Kaydee Ol'Laydee

      Bhaaaa y'all niggas BIG SQUEAL 🤣😂💯🤞🏾

    3. RajMoneyMan

      Kid cudi

    4. Rex

      lol who still listening to this in 2020

    5. Norman

      peinate gei

    6. Ak Shooter

      No hate but dis shii ass 😂

    7. Mark Torres

      Kinda sound like Rich Boy from 06'

    8. Emmanuel Nwankwo

      Shoot Em

    9. tee raw

      I don't understand why this man ain't the hottest topic in gangsta/realstreetmusic. 💯💯💯💯🙏🙏

    10. Courtney Scullark

      Hottest in atl to me

    11. Courtney Scullark

      I fck with nudy 4real. He gone be big....

    12. Lamar Cameron

      Nudy been the goat since bruh stay on them necks

    13. Jeff Bankson



      Young nudy youngest nudy younger nudy

    15. Naafi Mostofa

      damn this shit is crazy

    16. Deeric Wright

      The most lyrical artist out next to 21 savage

    17. fymslat

      bet everyone head bopping rn

    18. Tres Hoee

      Realest rapper foreal

    19. andy nyoni

      Nudy too hard 💯🔥🇬🇧

    20. Yo Creed

      Big slime 🐍

    21. Neko Nightcore

      Fun fact nudy in polish means boredom

    22. Gigi Gasama

      #YUNGNUDY on this sh*t hard ASF!! Silver Spring Maryland loving this @100%

    23. esharii11williams

      Slime this some good weed I LIKE IT 👹

    24. sacvuvgefuis

      This that real SMM shit real Blazerzzz💯💯💯🔫🔫🅱️👌🏿👌🏿

    25. Carlo Gambino

      Detroit Mi rocking with nudy 💯

    26. MaddMax551

      Nudy raw 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    27. Barely Awake

      i finally understand. #comprende

    28. Phillip Jamison


    29. Swae Dolphin

      Yung Beef - Papasito Bars has the same sample

    30. Carter Johnson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> this mf spittin🔥

    31. xxprxmrose_

      someone really said this dogshit is better than tyler the creator, kids be deaf and stupid these days smh

    32. JumpinTv_

      Dis shii hard

    33. All around carpet cleaning

      Nudy go in every time 🔥🔥

    34. Gask.01

      Young beef did It first sorry "el papasito" wins 🤑👻

    35. Dont Push Blackk

    36. Yvan BOBI

      Crazy How people sleeping on Nudy like he ain't the realest rapper out there

    37. Cupcake Davis


    38. Mid Range Savant

      Man.... Nudy be KILLIN' shit! One of my personal favs

    39. Frahst

      This some good weed, I like it.

    40. -250 elo

      Скоро фит с кизару клоун

    41. Artem A

      И вот с этим челом хотел фитануть кизару? Если честно, такое

    42. MoonDMA

      Ждем когда фит с кизару выйдет

    43. Айнур Мурзакаев

      Кто от кизяки узнал о нем лайк

    44. Devin Mitchell

      did anyone peep the slimeball shawty bar ??????? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    45. Aka YG

      salvandono de carceles y cementerios



    47. thedjbatman

      i done got a lil bit older what yall dont understand im still the same nigga

    48. King Daddy Teamwork Make The Dreamwork

      Blood follow me back on Twitter

    49. Raheem Williams

      I'm a big slime big Snake i done been in All type of shoot outs Now that's how @youngnudy play

    50. DJRIK93

      This sum real Atlanta shit right here this what my city really bout from upper riverdale to the 6 niggas know what it is

    51. BL1K MUSIK

      Big 🐍 🏀🅱️

    52. Jean Paul

      Young Nudy goes in soo hard, never disappointed But haters are using this site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM* to get more views. Thumbs up who agrees✔

    53. Rich Gangster

      Need a whole Nudy x 21 album 🚫🧢

    54. Henajhia Jackson


    55. Łuiš

      Tell em againnnn

    56. prince metro

      Nudy holdin it down for GA 🔝👁‍🗨

    57. Snodat 84


    58. Crazy born Soccer dude

      how are lil tecca and rich the kid talked abt more than nudy . nudy is so mf underrated , this song easily if ppl really focused on him could be an award wining record .

    59. DEREDDY


    60. LeMessy

      Pick One :} @ @ @ @ @

    61. Izzy G

      Been on this shit no cap 🔥🔥

    62. lorry sosso


    63. BeatBreaker181


    64. Тетяна Короташ

      Ukraine with love G

    65. anxietygonnakillme*

      el papasito

    66. Shouron Gardner

      When Nudy said "upgraded my status nigga I don't have to be in da streets.. do what the fuck I want to uk I'mma real OG" .. snapped

    67. Kana Beats

      he call her osama?? haha

    68. K08 beatz

      yung beef - papasito bars

    69. Lucious Roy

      Yung Nudy 1 of a kind 💚💀😈

    70. zdag aaa

      Pussy niggas u never been around some hoe shit ._. U too bro because im really a menace wtf u showin ;)))

    71. Tyrese Robinson


    72. HBF SiLLyVoNn

      "This some good weed!"

    73. Kayne Rongo

      Nudy done SNAPPED on that second verse

    74. amii bankss

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> LMAOOO TELL HIM AGAIN i fw nudy fr 😭🔥🔥

    75. QUEBEATZ

      808 Mafia x Southside Type Beat 2020 | Check it out!

    76. Luh Grazy

      This tht old nudy‼️

    77. Ceo Chino Marley

      LITTTT 1kkk

    78. Boogie Beats

      It's nudys time

    79. Kristen Tookes

      This one of my favorite song can you comment what's your favorite part

    80. Jabari74

      Adding this to my collection... Been bumpin Nudy💯