'You are a rude, terrible person' : Trump attacks CNN reporter

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    After being challenged on the migrant caravan by CNN's Jim Acosta, Trump took the opportunity to berate the reporter. Trump said 'I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN'. He added: 'You are a rude, terrible person.' He once again labelled CNN 'the enemy of the people'
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    1. Nico Gaming

      Here in philippines, even our reporters or etc know how to respect the higher position,

    2. Markiz Ball

      Tramp cool!!!

    3. Jerzy Sędziak

      Trump is a narcissist and brag. He treats journalists like preschoolers. I am Canadian and I feel sorry for Americans to have president like that.

    4. QuinnAnd Jesse

      Wouldn’t call any of this attacking

    5. Eno Ki.

      He's lucky he didnt get kicked out into the street.

    6. Slobodan Petrovic

      Typical Guardian "Attack reporter" he it's not reporter he it's politcal activits.

    7. Cylinders truck

      Another Leftist Agenda Through Guardian Titles. Guardian is even ruder.


      I understand that the reporter might’ve asked an unusual question but that doesn’t mean the president has to berate him and the news network he works for. Especially if it doesn’t have anything to do with the question.

    9. Luke Airow

      President Trump is a Profound agent of change, and the establishment power structures in government and media are lashing out at him. Former president Lincoln also received the same lashing out at him.

    10. ell9632

      Donald Trump is awesome

    11. J L

      No its not a journalist its jim acosta....the biggest lie spinner in us media

    12. Kiri Seraph

      It's reporters like that which make it easy for Trump to attack the media. Trump is awful, but not as much as the media it seems, I doubt he would even be president if the media hadn't lost everyone's trust already

    13. Cheikh Talib

      The caravan is an invasion.You’re American Jim,why are you siding with illegal aliens.

    14. Justin Christian

      The best president in the history of the United States

    15. Όσιρις Κωνσταντίνος

      Something like, "You're fired!!".💣💣💥💥💥😂😂😀😁😀

    16. Jake Campbell

      Trump looks like cheetos hot ones

    17. Olav G

      That reporter sounds like Brian from family guy

    18. Carlos Mosqueda

      That guys annoying

    19. Luv Burden

      They dont have a guard or etc for reporters like this?. Why is it this man can disrepect the President.? Regardleas trump is the presdient. But trump did handle him. Trump is dealing with the wolves without the sheep clothing.

    20. Darragh Doherty


    21. Daisuke

      It's funny to me that when you look at the comments of stuff like this because people joking or supporting trump get 100 times more likes and general attention than people offended

    22. Daisuke

      He's being factual and that's racist REEEEEE

    23. naruto 01

      Trump was being rude but at the same time the cnn reporter didn't quit that he couldn't shut up

    24. Good Citizen

      Trump is a rude, terrible president and shouldn't be running OUR country

    25. Joe Morale

      Best president of all times 2020 trump unstoppable

    26. YszapHun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> you run your mouth and I run my business, brother!

    27. steven simmons

      Jim Acosta trying to defend illegal aliens. What a jerk he should have been thrown out of the building.

    28. mogtrader8

      WHere is secruity?

    29. mogtrader8

      Jim Acosta is a great actor. LOL He comes from the WWF school of acting and he's not afraid of purposely asking those questions and irking people. hahah

    30. Fatima Alhosani


    31. Fatima Alhosani

      CENDERELLA 🐳🇦🇪💙🧹💍💎👗 FORGET 🕊 UAE

    32. steven anthony kwong

      TRump is a skinwalker.

    33. Hanzo Dog

      Suck CNN

    34. BTS_Army

      Trump: “you should be ashamed of working for CNN” Meanwhile: *Trump discriminating the Hmong community who help saved millions of American lives, building a wall between Mexico and the US, replacing the word corna with Chinese, harassed young women in the past, as well as telling the country “No more lock down if another wave hits” Seems pretty clear to me who should be ashamed of themselves 🤔

    35. Adhitya Dwi Cahyo

      It just me, or I feel some media like CNBC and another HUFYJCDJJGNC just made "road" to hell for people and make situation worst. Maybe Trump just right about that reporter.

    36. Julie Casey

      Trump 202O HE IS PURE GOLD !

    37. Gabby Lukusa

      I don't like Trump but that reporter was kind of rude.

    38. Caleb Schulz

      wow trump sucks

    39. Bruce Crissman

      The title of this clip should be CNN reporter attacks Trump.

    40. Kelly B

      Look at HIM! CRAZY!!

    41. Kelly B

      Cn any1 be more than ignorant jackass??

    42. Tiago Ferreira

      The man is your President.. either u like or not .. he is at a different level ffs..is not like u talking with your pal's

    43. Violet Yuan


    44. Daniel Rossi

      I love Donald Trump 👌 He is everything that we need !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤘🏾👌👆💪

    45. dallastexas48

      Trump has always been rude and prejudice. What else is new?

    46. Ahmed Qumbe

      Is this the democracy of western societies.

    47. Dx Music

      He is an human ...why reporters doing over ..please don't do this

    48. Knoxy

      Why doesn’t the guardian title this “attacks male reporter”. Like how they always include the word “female reporter” if it’s a female reporter

      1. john wayne

        In the US..females are protected since on the verge of extinction.

      2. Firstname Lastname

        Because reporter has 'male' connotations. To distinguish anything as female, we need to add in 'female' as a prefix. By default, English is male-centric. Eg, Male - female. Men - Women. Lad - Lass. Even take notice of the way I have listed my examples. It starts with 'male' and it sounds more natural that way... If I have listed it the other way around, Female - male, it just doesn't flow well. Don't blame me, but that's how English was originally and traditionally constructed. I don't know how liberal or conservative The Guardian is but a lot could be said from their choices of words

      3. John Lock

        In this case they should say gay reporter badum tiss

    49. MrWilhelm1950

      The Buffoon in the White House is a First Class A**HOLE! A disgrace to the Office of the Presidency of the United States!

    50. Have you seen me?

      How much do you wanna bet that if the CNN reporter was a black woman we'd see "TRUMP BERATES BLACK FEMALE REPORTER!!!11" as a headline.

    51. Sarai Kwizera

      "You're rude and you shouldn't be working for CNN?" What? CNN is like the breeding pool for the most insufferable people on earth.

    52. Cindy Morre


    53. Djinghis Khan

      He was rude but Trump is human garbage so it fair game

      1. Macery

        how is he?

    54. Claudecir Lima

      Congratulations President

    55. Bobby Robby

      This accosta is always attacking and extremely rude to the president and the press secretary and should be carried out by the White House police immediately.

    56. fibsernum30

      Excuse me, Mr. President, but that is a mirror you are speaking to.

    57. Kaweru Paul

      Seems he had been following Jim Acosta's responses to White House press briefings.


      Just like the jelly donut scene from full metal jack 1968 The reporter is private Pyle. Not that he wants to. The only thing missing is the the reporter does not get the jelly donut slammed into his mouth.. But the berading your are sounds FAMILIAR

    59. Boss Jay

      I thought this only happens in the Philippines.

    60. jafar rafkhayee

      Best president in the world 🍻🙂

    61. Eli Green

      I love trump

    62. T -Legit

      He is one of the honest presidents In ventures to exist and tell it as it’s bc now everyone wants to pretend that everything is perfect and that they are okay. There a lot of things that I disagree with him but I like the fact that he is speaking his mind and not afraid to hide it 👏 👏 👏

    63. Walter Jones

      He speaks the truth, and they can't handle the truth.

    64. Sascha Denker

      I really hate this..there is no more respect in the higher spheres of politics...it has become an ego-war..what example is this for the country and society...this madness must stop

    65. Coky Lopez

      No Way José

    66. Angela Gomez

      The reportes do not respect the president, what a shame

    67. d generation Y

      Here we go again😂😂

    68. mary mm

      They were actor's they didn't come from Hollywood....😂😂😂

    69. Salim Al-Jabry

      I wish the reporters were like this against the Indian government. The most disgusting government on earth

    70. Kisang Jang

      Oh CNN, I saw enough of it... CNN hires people based on the stupidity.

    71. Johnson M

      Trump is so Rude

    72. legkip legkip

      Why is he called a reporter? he doesn't report on what happens, he makes stuff up. He's a liar, not a reporter.

    73. Tianle Zhang

      I would be more careful with Mr. Trump if I were anyone else or who I am now😓

    74. Lewis Campbell

      I can't believe the gall of a mere elected politician to critcise he ruling press. Don't the voters and the president understand who is really in charge?

    75. Shinon Vyyy

      That's true. People have to come in legally!!



    77. manisha panwar

      Frankly speaking I too find this reporter annoying, Trump says he wants to legalize the process, I don't find anything wrong ❌ with that,,

    78. Kaptain Kid

      I'm no Trump supporter, quite to the contrary, but Jim Acosta was out of line here.

    79. Luke Sales


    80. Lestat Griffin

      Poor thing