Why I got engaged at 19

Haley Pham

Haley Pham

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    wow girlypops. Was not expecting to post this video but...here is why I got engaged at 19!!! I'm a fiancée now!
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    1. Katherine Sheridan

      My aunt got married at 19 and is still married to the same man with a healthy thriving relationship, with three precious children, and the most amazing unconditional love💜💜 my other aunt and uncle were high school sweethearts an have the same turnout. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with marriage as a young adult if you know it’s love and as long as you’ve got your boundaries and standards set in place💜💜💜 love you and I wish you guys the best🙏🏻💜💞💓💗💕💘 and Yess! Jesus is the glue absolutely keep him in the relationship A L W A Y S

    2. Heather Smith

      I got married at 18 and everyone shamed me like I was ruining my life. Even my family was disappointed and told me I needed to wait and live my life before I got married. That was 10 years ago and we are expecting our 6th child! Haha anyway I see so many more pros of getting married young compared to those around me whom waited! We have grown together! Sure it isn’t easy but we weren’t “set in our selfish ways” yet so we’ve done life together and grown together and it’s been so wonderful to have those memories of growth!! Congrats you 2!!!!

    3. Lillian Barcroft

      i LOVE the two of y’all together. y’all are the perfect pair ❤️

    4. aviaA319

      If you do have a kid, a male child, name him Riley. Ryan and Haley combined!!

    5. Holly Sell

      I think it's beautiful.

      1. soinu foig


    6. Rhett Mathis

      Wait........ Are you from utah

    7. Tamirez Natividade

      Just wanted to tell you that you that you wanted so much to tell y’all that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe it and I’m sooo happyyy omggg I can’t wait to see my nephews and nieces

    8. addie

      i wish my parents would understand this

    9. Kathryn East

      You should post a video of telling your parents and Friends

    10. Daniela Arreola

      "why i got engaged at 19" cuz u wanna have sex

    11. aleeyore


    12. Demoy's View

      I respect your values

    13. Demoy's View

      Congratulations ❤

      1. mikin lirou

        Haley: getting married knowing who she loves all that good stuff Me: OK so if we close the refrigerator very slowly will get to see if it turns off

    14. The waspless fig

      Wait a sec YOU’RE 19

    15. Lauren Roller

      I’m excited for you! Just came from Sydney Forsyths channel🤪💗

    16. Margot Dejonghe

      I am so sorry for the amount of dislike it shouldn’t be that high

    17. Nicolette

      You’ve probably already answered this in another video but I wanted to know if it was hard for you to wait until marriage? (I know you’re not married yet, but you’re almost married, so I was wondering.)

    18. Janey Marsh

      been here since the beginning. SUCH A QUEEN I LOVE U YOU DO YOU BOO

    19. mikin lirou

      wait she's been living with him for months now and they haven't had any type of sex? impressive

    20. Discipline Wontleaveme

      u are so mature girl!!! Like to be honest , u are acting like early 30 in a really good way

    21. Just Angela


    22. Megan

      my grandparents and great grandparents got married at 19 and they are still together now

      1. mikin lirou

        No such thing as an Engagement. Either you are or you aren't. Odds are it won't last.

    23. Isla kerr

      i just realized i have the same birthday as you !!!!

    24. Sidonie B.

      I married my husband at 19 and I’m so beyond happy and blessed, I’m so happy for you both ahhh can’t wait to see the wedding

    25. Applesauce Jumpsuit

      engagement doesn't mean ur gonna get married in a week so be happy bby :)

    26. sage ross

      hey! ive been watching ever since 2017 big fan proud of you at least you're happy!

    27. Madee Lierheimer

      Congrats girl so happy for you

    28. Parker Everett

      Haley: getting married knowing who she loves all that good stuff Me: OK so if we close the refrigerator very slowly will get to see if it turns off

    29. Katie Whitener

      This is such an amazing video I love how you guys had such amazing, healthy, and Godly intentions from the start!

    30. Taylor Edwards

      wallahi if somoen puts nazr( evil eye) on them i will cry

    31. Noenoe Noelia

      wow you and ryan are looking so cute togheter

    32. RedPills ForWomen

      your not a child, you could have had 4 kids by 19

    33. Chad Gill

      divorced at 20

    34. Kymberly Harris

      Growing up at a young age is good! I bought my first house when I was 18 (I’m 19 now) and was able to get the entire thing remodeled to exactly how I wanted it... growing up young and working your ass off pays off!

    35. Alexandra

      So happy for y’all you guys set such a good example ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    36. Bridget Hall

      I’m 21 and I’m married (celebrated our one year anniversary in May) and I have one kid and another on the way. When you know, you know. You don’t need to justify your actions to anyone. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. Best of luck to you and your fiancé. ❤️

    37. Aqua Boogie

      No such thing as an Engagement. Either you are or you aren't. Odds are it won't last.

      1. xXTimeMast3rXx

        Aqua Boogie Oh I see your correct

      2. Aqua Boogie

        @xXTimeMast3rXx It simply means: When you know, you know. True love is something that you don't second guess. Don't take everything in life like a Fairy tale. Because the older and stinkier they get- That's the true test

      3. xXTimeMast3rXx

        What do you mean no such thing as being engaged

    38. Reagan And Rylee

      I love spocks

    39. Brittany Schlueter

      My mom and dad married young. My dad was 19 and my mom was 22 (yes my mom is older lol) they have been married for 36 years, 37 in September. Don't let anyone tell you that it won't work! :)

    40. Ptao Tom

      My Cousin Got A Girlfriend on Minecraft, 2 Weeks Strong.

    41. Redpill Bluepill

      Women are usually pretty mature by 19. I wouldn't be worried about Haley, but her fiancee...This marriage dosn't last past her 27th birthday, hate to say it :(

      1. xXTimeMast3rXx

        Damn can’t wait for you to get proven wrong

    42. kla s

      Lmaoo they just tryna fuck (Jokinggg I'm acc happy for them )

    43. ArticZ

      My mom had me at 19 so

    44. Urman Taqi

      You are mature, sincere thoughtful and bright. So getting engaged at 19 is great for you. Best wishes

    45. Julia Parker

      baby you do not have to explain yourself for getting married!!! It's such an exciting and special thing because marriage is such a special thing between 2 people, doesn't matter what others think!

    46. Kellie Nicely

      Don't be scared about having children when it happens it will just fill right and u won't be scared hope y'all have a great wedding.

    47. Anna Lesnik

      i respect you so much and will start praying for your engagement and marriage❤️

    48. Juliet Michael

      I love your opinions on dating and marriage !!

    49. BibliophileWitch

      How is it sad to be immune to comments saying you are too young?

    50. Lama Ibrahim

      My grandma was married at 12 and had my dad at thirteen

      1. xXTimeMast3rXx

        Holy fuck

    51. Grace Green

      Wait are they christian? I’ve kinda only been on Ryan’s channel here and there

    52. Angie cockman

      Congrats 🎊

    53. Jill Walker

      My parents were the same age as them and got married within 8m of knowing each other. they have now been married 21 years and honestly have such a healthy, loving, God fearing relationship. When you know... you know 🤷🏼‍♀️ congratulations Hayley and Ryan!!!! 💕💕

    54. Connie Sanchez

      yay haleyy!! i’m so happy for you

    55. A Ferguson

      I am so happy for y’all so cute 👫

    56. London Thomas

      Drop ur Pinterest board!!!! Heheheh

    57. London Thomas

      I’m so happy for you!!! I can’t believe I’ll be 19 and a senior in hs! I wish I was married rn lmao🥺🥺 ur amazing ily!

    58. fouoii gyhh

      She can do whatever she wants as long as she's happy let her be

    59. Martina Pereyra Iraola

      I’m so happy omg

    60. Leah Claire

      This is awesome!! You have everything you want and you two were made for each other! I am so happy for you and you deserve all of this and so much more!! Can’t wait to watch you plan this amazing wedding!💗

    61. emma carter

      So happy for you!! Wish you both years of happiness together❤️

    62. Ayy Ayyy

      Why u not friends with the CGHS girls....!!!!! I feel like I'm watching one of them talk

    63. Ayy Ayyy

      I watch your videos every once in a while and I'm so happy for you

    64. Kapri McClain

      I think I’m a little psychic because a day before they got engaged I was thinking they will probably get engaged soon and then they got engaged

      1. xXTimeMast3rXx

        I think I’m psychic too! I predicted that I would shave my head almost bald then I did it!!!

    65. Kim ChaeRin

      My parents got married at 19 and they have been together for 31 years April 1st. Anything is possible when it’s true love. I wish you guys the absolute best❤️

    66. Lynn Brannock

      I completely am sooooo happy for you guys and will always support this because you do you boo.

    67. Gabriella Castro

      this is kind of off topic but... where did you get your toooop

    68. Cassandra Peltier

      Hey hey!! I got engaged at 19 too! Getting married next summer! Awesome to see someone else I can relate to and am so happy for you!

    69. TheGreen Gamer

      i just found out that ryan trayham's girlfried had a chanell

    70. Chloe Wall

      I love how you’ve said you’ve had an unconventional life from 17. I feel I don’t connect with my friends as well, because I’ve had such a different experience over the past 2 years. The fact you’ve said this makes me feel better, because it shows anyone, even a famous ALselr, can have a non “normal” life .. I am also really excited for both of you, and you guys are going to have such an amazing life together. Furthermore, my Gran told her Mother that she was going out to the cinema and going to find a husband, which she did and had 5 children with him. I think you’ve found something special, and I as many people will, wish you the best 😊❤️

    71. Joanna

      i love your videos so much !?

    72. Christina Syrmos

      I don't think Ryan would have expected it at all

    73. Christina Syrmos

      Wait omg it would've been so cute if you proposed Haley!!

    74. rojingenc_

      this is so cute 🥺 i wish you both the best ❤️

    75. lucydb xx

      I pray for a relationship as beautiful as the one you guys carry. Such a beautiful and god filled couple x

    76. AFFLICTED ll

      Imagine wanting an actual marriage??? /:

      1. xXTimeMast3rXx


    77. Emma Toderean


    78. Teaching in Pearls

      So so happy for you and Ryan! You are both so sweet and I cannot wait to watch your journey unfold

    79. Credit Builds

      I just realized, you won't even be able to drink at your wedding. No hate, just something that I thought about. I really enjoy your channel and Ryan's channel and I am very happy for you guys!

    80. Hannah Webb

      !!! Please do a collab with Jess and Gabriel !!!