What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

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    After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop. Cases range from mild to critical. The average timeline from the first symptom to recovery is about 17 days, but some cases are fatal. Here's what it looks like to develop COVID-19, day by day.
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    What Coronavirus Looks Like, Day By Day


    1. Science Insider

      Additionally, If you've lost your sense of smell or taste, you could be a 'hidden carrier' of the coronavirus. Learn more here: bit.ly/SenseOfSmellCoronavirus

      1. Chris Fillinich

        Doxycycline Accedamedaphine Regement followed by a Riberverine and Peginterpherone And a Corticosteroid

      2. Chris Fillinich

        What about Doxycycline regement with Tylenol followed by Riboverine and Pegibterferone with Cortico steroid

      3. Disavowed

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      4. lee Caraher

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      5. Sushant Aditya

        @Dheeraj Phogat I live in patna bro and now things are in total control. My uncle went to work on the curfew day. Now even he has stopped going out. My dad has work from home though. I would've stopped me uncle that day but I was asleep

    2. md hosen

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    3. FM4 92

      Here I am with pollen allergies

    4. SECRETGamer 96

      I cough a lot (2 months of constantly coughing and lots of flam), runny nose, trouble breathing and my doctor said I had no symptoms or covid 19

    5. Pretty Prudent

      They don't mention that the virus is clever enough to block the absorption of Vitamins C and D - which are essential for the immune system to thrive.

    6. Jay P

      My mom survived A.R.D.S 15 years ago... She was in a coma for 2 months her chances of living were 30 percent .. just 1 year after my dad died. They told her the ARDS could of been caused by coming in contact with a mouse that was carrying a disease. Hmmm just saying.

    7. Chaika Gaz

      Damn i think i have it. I have coughing, phlegm, and trouble breathing. Dumbass america didnt test anyone until its too late. I hope i can recover but im going to haunt the chinese if i die.

    8. katie daigrepont

      Don't panic!!!!! Yeah right I'm fu@$in hyperventilating after watching this. Yep. I'm going into hibernation see u in 2021🙅🙊✌👋

    9. Michael DeSilvio

      I don't know anyone who has the virus. I don't know anyone who knows anyone who has the virus.

    10. Carlo Perez

      Is it once and done? If so, once a nurse had it they don’t need PPE anymore right?

    11. msnorthmemphis2008


    12. Cause Effect

      guys, blend acv, garlic, onion, hot pepper[hottest 1 you can find] ginger, horseradish. strain drink liquid chase with lemon/lime wedge. plenty water during course of day. kill bacteria/virus, open lungs... youll be able to breathe! try it. doctors meds arent working. try this 1st, 2nd and 3rd. if it doesnt help see your doctor. it worked for me

    13. Mj

      Very informative. Thank you! This video has made me fearful enough to be staying home like I have been to flatten the curve and protect those who are more vulnerable to catching this virus. I would hate the thought of possibly passing this on to someone who may not be able to fight this off.

    14. Dawn Goff

      Curious to know if I am a MRSA carrier do I have antibodies to the SARS virus. And is covid 19 related? Or am I more suseptable with under lying lung conditions?

    15. moham alzehr


    16. xXxno6xXx

      Folding@home You can contribute to a solution with a freeware on your PC to contribute to Protein Simulations of the virus. This is a big thing already (bigger than the biggest single Super-Computers combined) foldingathome.org

    17. Aesthetic Jimp

      God Damn this is scary :(

    18. aryanson

      Me, I want to stay home i'm sick,, and alot of others here are working while coughing and sneezing Boss, this is a call center, for peoples phone bills, get here or you will be fired Me, Then why aren't you here? Boss, because I'm management, I can work from home

    19. Destiny F

      I had these symptoms in December and went to the ER about 4 days later. I was admitted and quarantined for 3 whole days! They said it was ‘rhinovirus’, but I’m learning now that there wasn’t a test for coronavirus... a week or 2 later, my 5 yr old step son was admitted for the ‘flu’.... in wondering if I had corona and passed it to him, then my fiancé... I’m spooked

    20. Charleston Mims

      I walked home in beginning to mid feb and it was cold and very windy, and when I got home I went to bed, I felt alright until the next morning when I hacked up a giant spit ball from my lungs then I threw up, then I had a burning sensation in my chest and was sick for a week and was scared one night cause I felt like I was going stop breathing, but I never called the hospital, so I went to sleep not knowing that I might not have woke the next morning,

    21. Redrose tea is better than Green tea

      Me watching th his two weeks ago: Oh god, I hope I don’t get this... Me now: ._. 👁 _ 👁 hAHahA time to wash my hands, exercise and eat my greens!

    22. vinceocratic


    23. StsFiveOneLima

      Eat Less Bats.

    24. Jillian May

      Why arent the people working in our hospitals in the US not wearing the protective gear that the Chinese wore. They had absolutly no skin exposed. They even practiced disrobbing their gear using flower to ensure they would not expose themselves to the virus when removing everything. Too many doctors and nurses were getting I'll because they weren't properly taking off the stuff.

    25. Jesus Quezada

      Dont believe this hype.its all bs.dont ask anyone to pray for your grandma or sister or brother.everyones proved that its all for themselves.couldnt you tell by the way everyone became greedy and bought excessive amount of food.theres your big f*** you because it didnt cross all these animals minds to save some for the next person because they told themselves dirtbag s*** like "its either i take all this or my family doesnt eat"or "someone else wouldnt save any for me why should i?" In my eyes you are all animals and complete idiots who deserve to be burried/cremated.im sick of all of you behave like animals in times of crisis.you guys have played the victims for so long and what happens to the weakest links in society?they get removed.so cry and live your mediocre lives.ill see you in hell soon,some of you sooner than others.eat s***.and if you dont like what i had to say because i didnt say to pray for someone or because i didnt crack a joke about this video the f*** you too.nobody likes you

    26. Savage Life Nutrition

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    27. Sergio Ayon

      Don't panic???. I mean if we survive this virus, hopefully no one else in this world will get it but if we survive it, it will leave our lungs damaged!!!!. That's something to worry about!!!!. I pray for everyone in this world to be safe and healthy every day now, God bless us all!!!.

    28. Get Probed

      its not like any of this maters if they're not testing....i know plenty of people including myself that have very been sick in the past month or so and nobody has been tested...except for senators and celebrities without any symptoms...naturally... #StopTheLies

    29. Ramy

      it targets everyone.. but those with compromised immune systems have a higher chance of mortality.

    30. Shahjahan Syed Mohd


    31. Shahjahan Syed Mohd


    32. Shahjahan Syed Mohd


    33. Shahjahan Syed Mohd


    34. Shahjahan Syed Mohd

      If China involved in anything, that will fail, MUST. If WHO really want to help and save humanity, that has to, has to leave China and work with other nation. Thi sis the time for all of us to stop buying anything from China, Stop that unethical, dishonest, crazy and lier nation..... BOYCOTT CHINA and SAVE WORLD...

    35. Tobiah Leon Michael Toviyah

      Beyond suspect all of this

    36. Blink

      Something I have seen a lot of people report who had it, not sure if it was mild or moderate, but they seem to say you actually feel like your lungs are burning

    37. Antroy Beckford


    38. Martin Holáň



      Made in China...

    40. ArkDiscovery ShroudTurin

      THEY FOUND A CURE !!!! alsel.info/video/video/aouBlZ6hxpWLd5k.html

    41. Tina from New York

      nice presentation! Thanks!!

    42. M.Bee

      So let's say you develop cold like symptoms. Cold symptoms that you have experienced many times before whenever you get a cold. Runny nose, sneezing, mild cough, NO FEVER, mild headache, post nasal drip but NO BODY ACHES OR SHORTNESS OF BREATH, OR LOSS OF SMELL. You pretty much believe you have a cold. I can get through a cold in about 3 days by taking Zinc at the sign of the 1st symptom. Should I still self quarantine for 14 days even if I feel recovered after 3 days?

    43. khadam husain

      Caronavirus se bachne ki dua alsel.info/video/video/saWbZZhu1qaMhdg.html Subscribe my ALsel channel

    44. Beydiddy

      I pray that this virus does not come near you your family. If it has.. trust God! He is a healer. 🌻

    45. Şafak

      I don't want to be unable to sing or breath/breathe problems. It would be disaster if it passes from recovered person. Me and my family are staying at home.

    46. bodoti qwiu

      Now I have a headache, fever, cough, and sore throat after watching this. Didn't you sanitize this video before uploading it?

    47. Supacomputer Revolution

      we're fucked

    48. Barry C

      I remember back in 2002-2003, I caught something that I never want to have again, I coughed so hard I broke a rib! I couldn't sleep for more than 1/2 hr! I'd wake up gasping for air! Lasted about a month! I went later to a pharmacy and when I walked by the perfume section it took my breath away! It was like breathing in icy air! And I rarely get sick! When I do, it's usually gone in a day or two! Antibiotics cured it but I never found out what it was! The weird thing is that when I constantly coughed nothing came up, until the antibiotics kicked in! At the end everything spewed up at once from my lungs!

      1. bodoti qwiu

        I’ve had tightness in my chest for two weeks. I don’t know what to do.

    49. laalaalala lalala

      Im 15 years old. I had muscle pain all over my body for about 3 days and after that..it just vanished.The day after ,i got a headache which was gone after a while. I also vomitted a bit .Then today i coughed 2 times (felt totally normal) and i found myself breathing heavily and i also had a tickling sensation in both my hands. Should i go see a doctor?

    50. Realm Of Chaos

      Now everytime I get sick I'm worried I might have the coronavirus. Getting over a cold right now

    51. Airhawker

      Just wanna remind you that if your feeling ill or a bit under the weather you may not have coronavirus however your anxiety will say otherwise, if your not critically the call to the hospital may not be necessary. Stay safe out there.

    52. Peter Bakker

      Fake,..fake,..and fear making media,....

    53. Muhammad Ali Rao

      Damn you China. You suck!

    54. Yo Lahore

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    55. dhyrbfyty

      2018 and 2019: Were dangerous 2020: Amateurs. 2018 and 2019: Listen here you little shi--

    56. Javi Life

      Thank the chinese

    57. Jeff W

      You didn't mention that one other symptom is when you catch COVID you immediately pack your bags and head to the airport

    58. Rohan K_0_0_

      #Chinalied #covid19

    59. Jon Rickter

      Yes China was so helpful.... China is truly a bad world actor.

    60. Javier Rodrigo

      What absolutely makes not sense is for the whole Humanity to QUARANTINE FOR 2 YEARS (hopefully) until the vaccine is ready. Governments need to understand that confinement will be somehow successful in preventing the number of spreads, but a huge cost, so high that the economy can´t keep up with it for as much as 2 years. This virus spreads so easily that once the contagion curve slows down (or overcomes the famous "peak" everyone's talking about), the social distancing measures WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO WITHDRAW. 1 infected person is enough for the whole world to be infected again once the quarantine is releived. The solution? DIFFERENTIAL CONFINEMENT. This virus is nothing but a flu, except for the elderly (>60 aprox.) and people with previous conditions. They have a much higher fatal risk and the associated need of using the HealthCare systems (which are eventually collapsing worldwide). What if we implemented COMPULSORY confinement ONLY for the elderly, people with previous conditions and the responsibles for taking care of them (let's say, workers in nursing homes and close relatives living with high risk population)? First, we will take out of the equation this high risk population, the number of deaths will reduce a 95% (only 5% of the deaths produced by COVID-19 are under 60 and most of them rather because of the saturation of the HealthCare system than the disease itself). Second, I repeat, CORONAVIRUS IS NOTHING BUT A FLU FOR THE REST OF THE PEOPLE. Taking out of the equation the high risk population (that need the HealthCare system mostly), if the virus spreads among the rest of the population, it will take nothing but Paracetamol and resting for a week at home to overcome it. Moreover, the low share of people that will need the HealthCare system, will be able to do so without the current saturation (in Spain where I am from, doctors are currently deciding who to save due to capacity constraints). Without the risk population exposed, the people in need for HealthCare line will fall again below the national Sanitary limit, receiving adequate treatment and cutting drastically the number of deaths, even among younger population. Finally, it will allow for the economy to resume normally (as most of the active workforce worldwide is below 60) and the threat of massive layoffs will disappear. Unemployment grants will be saved and the budget for clinical research will be much higher. In addition, it will allow for a natural immunization of the whole population. As more and more healthy people overcome the disease, higher shares of the population are immunized and thus, the ways of spread of the virus are cut with the minimal impact to the economy. There's no doubt that the only solution to this pandemic is the vaccine. What I propose is a matter of impact reduction, as the aftermath can be monstruous following the current strategy. It is a virus extremely hard to stop. LET'S KEEP SAFE THOSE WHO SUFFER MOST FROM IT, BUT THE ECONOMY ALIVE BY THE REST OF US!

    61. Irum Yousaf

      Ya test ktny ka hota hy

    62. Mhairi B

      I've just read that article properly...That's even worse! That means NICE have been using the Findings of my Research to basically "kill us" by "preventing us from getting the treatment we need to survive". I knew it was bad, but this "proves" the WHO & those at the Top/ the Medical Profession are planning to use "Draconian"/ Authoritarian/ Dictatorship as a means of "Ethnic/ Disability/ Invisible Illness Cleansing". Boy oh boy is this an Abuse of Power! (Coercive Control) www.disabilitynewsservice.com/coronavirus-anger-over-terrifying-and-discriminating-intensive-care-guidance/ themighty.com/2020/03/hospitals-do-not-resuscitate-covid-19-patients/

    63. Aka Fuzzy

      I’ve had tightness in my chest for two weeks. I don’t know what to do.

      1. Munna Akter Munna

        Same here did you seek doctor .Am 16 I haven't told my parents yet and damn sacred

    64. Rita Cabrera

      Wishing her gods blessings

    65. Sam Rowbotham

      The WHO like the UN are not to be trusted. I have done the research biological viruses do not exist because the germ theory is false. Viruses that do exist are mind viruses we call memes, we are close to the point of hysteria thanks to the media frenzy to hyp this nonsense out of all proportion and having many countries closed down. There is a sinister agenda here and you will see that play out over the next 12 months. Remember this Death by democide is still the biggest killer on this earth I do not see anyone going to war against these tyrannical governments.

    66. YASH Farhan


    67. Mia Marquez

      I swear to god i'm about to cry! I just watched this and for the past 2 1/2 weeks iv'e been sick and i didn't want to believe that i was sick but i have had every symptom of "Moderate Covid-19" and i just started getting better but i didn't get tested or anything and the fact that i blew it off as just a "Common Cold" scares me.

    68. Kittu’s Tube

      I am from India, all the world should be recover, god bless all We are strictly in #stayhome as per govt rule. Making videos with kids for fun... alsel.info/video/video/o7CJhWlwqp5qqMg.html

    69. movie updates

      Guys it's a biological weapon from China

    70. TiVi S "tAZakKA Video Shooting" JATIBOGOR

      semoga Allah SWT membantu para dokter segera menemukan AntiVirusnya

    71. Spongebob0911

      Saying "Don't panic" at the end of a speech usually gets people panicking ...

    72. The Canada First Party

      thank you for posting this video

    73. OP भालु

      Can anyone tell me something I am having cough (but normal) But( Thank god ) I breathe heavily My nose is ok ( thank god) But I m having cough PLZZZZ reply

    74. SKS SKS


    75. Nicholas GQ

      How many just took a deep breath?

    76. Du Su

      My 3 year old wont stop hellaciously dry coughing. 3 years old as in just turned 3. He never had a history of debilitating illnesses or signs of a compromised immune system. Im terrified for him. The stupidity of these comments from college aged kids reflects whats wrong with our society as a whole. As you get older, you will learn life is much more than video games, drinking, and tinder.


      Watch this video for corona precautions in Hindi alsel.info/video/video/g5h8q5WLt4ymeJk.html

    78. FAS A

      So I went to the grocery store yesterday and when I got back home, I sneezed like once and today when u woke up I had a feeling in my chest, just like the feeling I get when I gulp down food and it kind of gets stuck. I’m freaked out to death and I don’t know if I should tell my parents because they’ll just think it’s nothing Anyone know if this is a confirmed symptom of corona

      1. D G

        Sounds like acid reflux.

      2. OP भालु

        Bro I am having cough Sore throat My father says nothing happened Just keep praying

    79. AffiliatePro

      Stop pushing propaganda, and inform the people of truth!!!: alsel.info/video/video/bLCtmaGflW6pf8g.html

    80. Mhairi B

      Repost: "Unfortunately...the ones who are Most Vulnerable (higher risk of developing FATAL complications and dying). Be aware the ones who are Healthy (the Majority, 98%) are safe using *these* measures...but the ones at a Higher Risk (the Minority, 0.5-2%) are NOT. 🙈⚠️ ...See my posts/ page for details 💙🦋" TRUTH Repost: "There are [treatments/ vaccines/ tests/ cures]. But. CAPITALISM. MNCs pharmaceutical companies make MONEY from sick people. But please Empathise with the people of the West, don't get angry or sad or punish or take REVENGE. I understand the Middle East & I empathise. We are One Human Race living on One Planet Earth. We are One Family. Believe it. Law of Attraction. METAPHYSICS. Amen. Namaste. May GOD be with us ALL. NO JUDGEMENTs. & Forgiveness. 💙🦋 UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ."