Westworld | Season 3 - Date Announce | 2020 (HBO)



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    03.15.20 #Westworld

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    1. copy paste

      I wonder if the ecological collapse made it possible for the park owners to buy lots of cheap land around indonesia. Becuase that would be perfect for them if all species died out. Makes sense that flies would still survive such a collapse or come back quickly.

    2. argaen21

      Fuck this racist bitch

    3. Harrison Rowe

      Beware the ides of March...

    4. Special K


    5. 山本言

      now you should add Coronaviruses in this footage

    6. Nita Dani

      0:17 hey, thats my country indonesian 🇮🇩🇮🇩

    7. Natalia Devergenes

      huuum ...?

    8. Insípido

      Me:hyped for the incoming season *sees the name of the city where i live. Starts to doubt about reality

    9. rigoagui

      I'm surprised Bernie made it to 2024.

    10. lans sedrik

      narrator sounds like vincent cassel

    11. Khana Ramey

      Is it "you?" or "you." ? I can't tell.

    12. med spx


    13. Peter Sledz

      Ah, don't make it too simple 😉

    14. youarehere0

      Barely got through the first season. Second one saw half of one episode. They're really making a third season? Lol

      1. youarehere0

        @Mae K Who asked you to ask who asked?

      2. Mae K

        Who asked?

    15. Willow666

      I can’t wait

    16. Chacu

      What does he mean with ''you''?

    17. TOSHIO DS

      2020: Wuhan Virus Outbreak


      a cell?

    19. Ratosphere

      Solid commercial. Never seen the show in my but the design of this add might have just changed that. Nice HBO.

    20. ajmal ar

      I had my expectations for Mr.Robot final season and Sam Esmail exceeded those expectations. Westworld is the next big thing.Fingers crossed

    21. Revenge Sniper


    22. Simon TV

      OH YES! so excited :D

    23. Ante Misura

      I hope this will be a top season. I like futuristic settings

    24. Joe Anderson

      Check your left and right... they might be hosts

    25. Folken

      damn i can't wait...


      Gonna watch this with ma bae Piratebay

    27. Ahhh Media

      Wtf did it just bash trump? Why can't these shows just be shows and not tools. F it. I'm done with this shit

      1. youarehere0

        Yup. Hollywood gonna Hollywood. They're a bunch of uneducated socialists in that part of the country. Dumb as rocks and wholly un-American. Yet the MSM portrays them as something to look up to. Sad days indeed.

    28. Ishan Khera

      "Nolan + Ramin Djawadi" - "The deadly combination". Thank You both for keeping your masterpiece duo alive. (person of interest to westworld, your growth has been phenomenal)

    29. Jonatan Alonso

      De todos los países del mundo le toca a Buenos Aires ????

    30. Sophie Bai

      My favorite show

    31. Brian Agresta

      Could you try to rip off Arrival anymore with this design? Fire whoever made this.

    32. KC LEACH

      Yeah!!! Finally! !!

    33. grandnizargt

      ohh shitt cant waitttttt

    34. Валерий Сычёв

      Даешь раньше выход на русском!

    35. Michelle Mchll

      Westworld is my next “Game of Thrones”

    36. Darren Wade

      1st season was good, 2nd season was a flop, 3rd season will be the last!

    37. Jeff D

      Oh is this show still on?! After being gone for over a year I thought they had been cancelled. Maybe I should wait until 2022 so I can watch 2 seasons at once. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

    38. JC

      When this first popped up on HBO i honestly thought it was a teaser for a new Assassin's Creed series.

    39. michael clark

      0:10 all the Westworld right wing fans hate it now! HAAHA

    40. Saber Chief

      Así que en el futuro, en Buenos Aires se muere el presidente de USA. Hilarante!

    41. Ash Perry

      I just wet myself with excitement 😁

    42. antzman710

      Solomon build .06. FUCK I LOVE THIS SHOW

    43. Feanor

      Thou shalt not make a Machine in the likeness of the Human Mind. December 2020.

    44. Евгений Степанов

      03.19.37 - 2nd russian civil war; does it mean, russians will suffer Putin yet 17 years??? F*ck😒😒😒

    45. Vice TOLUCT

      Why is this shameless ripoff of Fallout in my recommended?

    46. notrabepep

      Looks like we are all in a simulation after all.

    47. poloboss77

      Vincent cassel speaking here !!

    48. Andre van Rooyen

      Dark Souls darksign..... But honestly hyped for this.

    49. brian stcyr

      “We [humans] live in loops as tight and as closed as the hosts do; seldom questioning our choices, content for the most part to be told what to do next.”-Robert Ford Every line in this show has a deeper meaning than we all realize. Think about Dolores' speech to the MIB about how the earth belongs to something that is yet to come....... Ultimately the future scenes with the MIB is about an experiment. The biggest experiment ever to answer the ultimate question- Does free will exist?

      1. SG 008

        The age of AI... The thing elon musk keep warning everyone about... That dude created a whole new company to merge with AI called Nuralink... This show is so realistically futuristic that it's frightening 😱😱😱

      2. cameron Gibbs

        the coming of the singularity

    50. argella1300

      Beware the ides of March

    51. Frank Marcopolos

      This video contained less Thandie Newton than I would have preferred.

    52. min may Ngo

      Omg Hong Kong is mentioned right off the bat, my home God bless Hong Kong

    53. Robert Lundkvist

      "What's it mean?"

    54. Ariel Brener

      This is giving me Asimov's Foundation Series super vibes... Awesome!

      1. Feanor

        Speaking of, what news of Caves of Steel?

    55. holderness muzah

      " it doesnt look like anything to me "

    56. Mark Parkinson

      Does anyone think the circle in the thumbnail of this video is visually similar to the circle used in the film Arrival (2016)?

    57. Leo Mendoza

      Are you kidding me???' I cannot wait any longerrrr

    58. Masako Toda


    59. Jacob A. Williams

      I'll be waiting for season 3's... Arrival.

    60. mwood341

      HELL YES