We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks... **MIND BLOWING** (Part 3)

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    Another life hack video! We tested to see if these tiktok life hacks are real or fake.. The results were so cool!
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    1. FaZe Rug

      150K LIKES FOR PART 4!! LET’S GO

      1. princess lily o

        OMG can I have a shout-out

      2. ron baldwin


      3. White Nibba

        You have to put egg in vinegar to bounce

    2. Brock Denney

      Faze Rug: Apparently you can solve a Rubik’s cube using only two moves! Cubers: 🤦‍♂️

    3. Unicorn Magic17


    4. Elena Angjusheva

      Do another video like this

    5. Thunderz

      3:58 also do that one....

    6. Thunderz

      3:19 I always do that and I didnt get it from yt or tiktok lol

    7. thayer parkington

      The ps4 one is lit

    8. cupcake girl snow

      The controler didn't work on mine😔😥

    9. GG Slowgangsta

      When he says he will give money to us in comments , It doesn’t work

    10. SaxumDraco

      The bouncing egg is with vinegar not coke

    11. Sauryam Sauryam

      Thanks god it was not the Lamborghini that she won on the previous vedio

    12. Lau Christiansen


    13. Vishnu Chirra

      No rug the one with popcorn is. More useful after you microwave it and there are left over kernels

    14. simple friends

      the rubix cube thing works for me


      I Hate 5:18 5:18 5:18 5:18 5:18 5:18 5:18

    16. UhOh Stinky

      HI :0

    17. Tiger Are123

      Life hack#8 worked for me

    18. CodM Legend

      In CoD faze Rug you playin with bots

    19. Ashley Rivera

      But u still a cool youtuber

    20. Ashley Rivera

      Cmon rug ur to late bro on the controller hack

    21. Frankie Pena

      Stream switch games please

    22. Red Wolf


    23. Andria Albanez


    24. Germain guido Pop

      Hiiiiii I love you

    25. Saifee Siddiqui

      That sounds satisfying

    26. Crazy Girl

      Я одна от ЕГОРИКА😂😅

    27. BishyRayeed

      my family used life hack three for most of their lives

    28. Autumn Underwood

      I have the same exact hair straightener /flat iron

    29. Kentha Boss


    30. C00per Pratt


    31. Malik Green

      Hi faze rug

    32. Brianna Dana


    33. nicolemking1

      Dam the egg failed

    34. Moana Newland

      i love you vids i have subed and like

    35. Moisés Joe

      My sister tried solving a Rubix Cube with that method and stayed one Hour doing it and it didnt work

    36. Mel The Gamer 44

      That 1st one was edited

    37. Arlene Javier


    38. UNwoke

      The egg thing works

    39. galaxy gamers

      The controller one didn't work

    40. Ricardo Chambers


    41. The Fort Defenders

      Put the egg in vinegar

    42. Marilyn Crow

      Hey me lol love you

    43. Beau Greene

      You are the best rug

    44. Tamsin Duff

      I love your vids

    45. Jencarlos Romero


    46. Abdoul Rahman

      Dude just collab with Brent. That would be sick

    47. Jackie Emoji


    48. Karens Ks 34

      l subscribe and like faze rug you the best

    49. Antoinette Corby


    50. Antoinette Corby

      Wait what

    51. Kali Ebben


    52. Kathleen Ward

      i want to know how to do controll life hack with xbox 1 controllar

    53. The Smudge Show

      WHY IS IT NOT WORKING 6:53 Me: oh uh maybe because it’s A TIK TOK LIFE HACK

    54. Rishikesh Mallela

      Look at dis faze copying Brennan Taylor 😂🤣

    55. Hafsa Osman

      I knew the controller hack

    56. DC DAN

      He put it in vininger

    57. Nancy Maule

      The egg works with vinager only I tried it

    58. cuteface_ desiree desiree

      It is not going to work

    59. Reyn Johnson