We Made HUMAN SIZED Candy Buttons... How Do They Taste?

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    Today we're scaling up another nostalgic candy. This time we're making giant candy buttons, also known as candy dots. How will they taste?
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    1. AJ Marshall


    2. Agony

      Isn’t a normal sized candy buttons human sized?

    3. J-W mtb

      Make a giant haribo gummy bear

    4. Hayley Barnes


    5. Hitmanbill96

      Make giant mike and Ike’s candy or twizlers

    6. Uwu A Slice of depressed cake uwu

      Rosanna pansana who

    7. Shyla Weeks

      A giant skor bar

    8. Betzy Alonzo


    9. Kaci

      I was thinking that since Easter is coming up, could you make a giant peep or a giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg?

    10. zadiran vlogs

      You shoud do a BIG gummy worm

    11. Luna Nightroad

      Do m&m's

    12. Jacob Jennings

      do junior mints

    13. bill hoelscher

      Wax bottles you know those bottles that are wax with juice inside

    14. asoom

      calli sounds sick

    15. Lena Fischer

      Giant needs or Oreo cookies.

    16. Cookie Monster09

      and pezz or peez sorry I forgot how to spell it

    17. Cookie Monster09

      please do baby bottle pop(from gibblesham) and mike n iks

    18. Gacha _koala

      Can u send all the extra buttons to me!!!😆😆😆🥺🥺🤣😁plz.....

    19. Charly Devlin

      Jolly rancher

    20. Natalie Brieanne

      Try giant pop rocks?!

    21. Bee and Me

      I want to see giant starburst

    22. Tanya bleudragon

      Necco? Didn't they close shop?

    23. Riley Almeida

      You should make sourpatch kids giant ones that'll be awsome

    24. Hannahplayz Roblox

      A gaint twizzler

    25. amir 1

      Pizza I want you to freeze dry a pizza

    26. Caleb Valiant

      So this is where all the eggs at my store went

    27. Devon Goodman

      RED HOTS! Or hot tamalis

    28. deathrage4362

      Giant cherry sours

    29. YT_ Fantom689

      Make a giant jolly rancher (BLUE) plz Like so they can see

    30. Reese D

      Since you do a ton of stuff with jolly ranchers do a jolly rancher

    31. Riley Patterson


    32. Nika Pittenger

      Laffy taffy

    33. Cassie

      Is it just me or does Callie sound different... In the beginning

    34. Haven Wolfgirl

      Make a huge donut or chocolate or chocolate chip cookies/ UwU I luv u!

    35. Anomnimus

      That recipe is pretty expensive since eggs went up by 5 dollars here

    36. Issa Addy

      Make a giant jolly rancher

      1. Cassie


    37. Alexis Harris

      Giant Hershey bar!

    38. Aniyah Taylor

      can you pls make giant twizzlers

    39. Amelia Cox

      can you make giant starbursts

    40. Jeffzgamer YT

      Can you make a giant sour patch kids plz also love ur vids

    41. Dany_YT_


    42. Black Midnight

      Can you make a giant baby bottle pop

    43. Elanas Zemaitis

      Because you guys really like freeze dried skittles. Try to putt giant skittles in freeze drier or make a medium size skittles and putting them in freeze drier !

    44. miya bonnell

      Big Aero bar

    45. AshStorm

      is it just me or does caliey (sry if i bitchered ur name i cant spell verry well) sound sick

    46. Chief Younger

      You should make a massive jolly rancher! Like so TKOR see it.

    47. Kane Drows

      This might sound simple, but I think you guys should make a giant Klondike bar


      Ive... never had a candy button before...

    49. Aa Aa

      Giant sewer heads

    50. Jazmin Shepherd

      Make a giant Neco

    51. Kordell Fierle


    52. Armageddon frost

      Giant Hershey's hug is the white chocolate Hershey's kiss

    53. johanne Normann larsen

      You could have baked it

    54. Legacie Smith

      If you ever wanna redo this or try something similar to these I would fold the batter with a spatula instead of with the KitchenAid it’ll help keep air into the icing and it might hold the shape a little bit more.

    55. Donovan YT Swanepoel

      Make giant kitcat pls pls pls pls pls pls.pls

    56. Choco DaPro

      juicy drop pop MAKE IT PLZ

    57. Little_Lexi

      can you try to make a giant twix or snickers?

    58. Sam Ryerson

      M & M’S or Twizler’s

    59. Nate’s Fishing

      Giant Reesie‘s pieces

    60. Cheesy Gamez

      Please make a gigantic Hershey's kiss

    61. Abby W

      You should make giant dots

    62. Ramir Hodjaev

      Hey, can you dig a giant tunnel or hole in the ground and walk around in it, thanks. 🕳🕳🕳and involve fire 🔥 somehow!

    63. Kallal Kids

      Giant Hershey's kisses

    64. Aurora Sartiano

      You should make a giant jolly rancher

    65. Luca Fragapane

      Please do an entire video on piping tricks

    66. AForey01

      Y’all should do snickers yum

    67. MacKinnon Kids

      make giant mini eggs (edit: since its the month of easter soon)

    68. K Wa

      Peeps, would be cool to see enlarged

    69. Swordsmith25

      Calli are you alright? Your sound unwell.

    70. FightingSum

      I'd love to see you guys make a giant twix bar or a large twizzler

    71. Beccaunmodified Games


    72. Jamie Tong

      video summary: 2 people attempt to make meringues with colors and flavors

    73. Ethan Kellogg


    74. Bella Lau

      You should make a big snickers bar

    75. Yeet

      Giant chocolate .

    76. YouTube Rocky-_-man101

      try and make a giant starbursts and then freeze dry it and a normal one. If you see this like it :)

    77. Shalan Soni

      Do hot oil vs cold water

    78. Dragon Sniper Wolf

      Have you done Twix yet? I would love to see Twix

    79. Sparklecat

      Can you make giant milky ways or Twix

    80. Jodie Hudson

      Maybe Swedish fish