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    1. Paulina Vasquez

      Ok buttt i want to know badly where y’all got your “Love yourself” sweatshirts 😍😍😍

    2. crystaly

      Ok we like a educated queen

    3. fouoii gyhh

      Why was I so interested when bramty was talking about the fish lmao, a little discovery channel moment

    4. Alyssa Valadez

      Omg I loved you guys and your journey with your new fish 🐠 😂😌❤️

    5. Yesenia Mendoza

      I love all the liddo bramfam members their so cute. I love clown fish. U should add shrimp or lobster. Lmao sounds like im talking about food.

    6. Enkh-Ulzii Bayarsaikhan

      bramty picks out the exploring fun fishes luis picks the shy just lazy fishes no offence luis i love the bramfam so much

    7. Carolina Herrera

      Y’all should get Dory next!!! 🤍

    8. Sierra Angulo

      Definitely didn’t think I’d like hearing about fish so much! You guys should really include fish tank updates!! 🐠🐟

    9. Ava Alvarez

      I meant to say more often

    10. karen tiscareno

      I never found fish interesting until this video. Bramty really got me interested in knowing more about all these fish lol 😂

    11. Magdalena Avila

      My favorite fish is the betta fish

    12. Flora Garay

      yes record the dishes give us updates!! I love fishes.

    13. Sophia’s Family

      I like the clown fish

    14. Angie Olguin

      I actually liked watching the fishes 😂 u should get a lot more 😍

    15. Desirai Nez

      I love your fish 🐠. You should call your clown fish nemo and marvin.

    16. Kathy Conley

      Beautiful fish and aquarium!

    17. Dulce Mariana

      My favorite fish so far is the one that Luis picked out. Also, I loved watching Balcom trying to say fish and Bramty being such a supportive parent. ❤️❤️

    18. emma veldhuizen

      i loved this vlog, more fish videos for sure!!!!

    19. Nadia Richards


    20. Limei lomeli

      Hey Bramty loved this video second time watching it lol. I think you should put a emperor fish .

    21. Yahaira’s Life

      Bro I was listen to bramty like if she was my teacher

    22. Lipgloss with Edmarie

      Okay Bramtyyyy she teaching us about fish or whateverrr 😭 , it was so satisfying ngl i hope you teach us more ! Stay safe girly 💕💕!

    23. Naomi Barbosa

      For the into p knows how to keep a beat. Put her in dance or gymnastics

    24. Lupita Ordaz

      I want a fish tank please make more videos like this 😭💓



    26. Rebecca Okebe

      The fish are interesting y'all should vlog them more.✌✌ I like the nemo fishes.

    27. Julianna Miller

      Who else thinks the fish look like there from finding nemo

    28. Paola Michelle

      that fish montage was 🔥😍

    29. Torres R

      Now I want fish😭😭

    30. Aded Avila

      Im so bored all day and i havent gotten my school packet and stay safe Bramty and all ur kids and Family

    31. oopsieitsnathaly ._.

      Ayyyy you guys finally got fish. Hi fishes . I love you guys so much and I'm glad I get to love now fishes

    32. Didi Alberto

      You shoude do more fish clips and pleas do the fish carektors

    33. Damaris Batalla


    34. Melissa Villatoro

      Are u guys going to get a tv for the living room?

    35. Kobe and Gianna Fan

      You look like a Kardashin

    36. Gucci_Girl _Bad_

      In love with your fish tank , always dreamed to have one 🥰🥰 and yess personality & names 😂 🤣🤣 lol.. you also be safe guys 💕 Bless yall

    37. Shiraz C

      I loved the silent recordings of the fishes lol!

    38. Jaelynn Coleman

      You know you a true OG of the Bramfam if you remember when P use to say "mommy and daddy are suckers" Or "kiss my diaper"

      1. Jaelynn Coleman

        @Sakthi Kk you right😂

      2. Sakthi Kk

        Jaelynn Coleman don’t forget "u dirty chicken nugget"

    39. Mia Cruz

      You guys should get a cow fish

    40. Manaia Tekiri

      brampty in the video balcom and levys 1 birthday party balcom sas mama


      Is it just me or Charlie looks like Bramty?

    42. Alina Aguilar

      when the corona virus is over

    43. Alina Aguilar

      Bramty pls do a video of youre family in the golf car plssssssssssssssssssssssss

    44. Audrey Anaya

      love the new pets happy the family is now complete!! cute fish love them really cool ones! 😍

    45. carlie bianca

      I love the fishes omg!!!!🥺

    46. Summer Marié

      The fish Luis picked out is soooo cute

    47. Cipriana Jimenez

      love you been there day 1

    48. Truly Nataly

      Love the sweaters !!

    49. miichell martinez

      Dory nemo and his dad

    50. Cindee Giselle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="436">7:16</a> cosmo and wanda yall aint slick

    51. Sophie Himlin

      Bro I’m so invested in these fish, like wow I’m sure bramty is too especially cause no tjmaxes are open, she’s so cute she was like he oh well she idk, bramty is my online best friend and she doesn’t even know me haha

    52. Life with Kristella_ M.D

      Name the dory marline nemo

    53. Vanessa Ventura

      I felt calm seeing the fish and bramty talking about them

    54. Simply Farmers

      Thank you for sharing you knowledge in fish. I am thinking about getting fish of my own as my kids first pet 😊

    55. Ciera Giffen

      I like the grumpy fish the best because he’s so funny!

    56. Maria Zarate

      Tell me why Bramty and Luis look like cosmo and Wanda with those hoodies😂😂 love you guys 💗🥰

    57. Jennifer Cantu

      Buy more fishes there going lonely

    58. Syasya Mohd

      Get them live coral.. u shouldve put live coral first and then get a fish.. like romanatewood’s tank! Hehe

      1. Syasya Mohd

        Also i cant wait for ur next update about the tank!!

    59. Moonlight Alex Luvs roblox

      Why would you put a enemies fish in the tank

    60. Paula Morales

      I love the fishes

    61. Monika Alexis

      I also enjoyed watching the fish swim around and hearing facts, very relaxing 😴

    62. Faeeza Mota

      Oh she's beautiful 😭

    63. Stephanie Sanchez

      Omgg yes show us more about your fish 🐠 I’ve been wanting to get a pet fish too ❤️

    64. Procreate Queen

      Who else thinks this channel is so underrated this channel is so awesome I love you bramty, luis, Penelope, balcom and levi ❤️

    65. Lo

      dude it was so fun to listen about the fish pls keep doing updates and filming them

    66. Priscilla Carmona

      I love your passion for the fish 💜 it warms my heart and makes me want to give more love foe fish. Please more fish vlogs

    67. Eduardo Ceja

      My sister just had twins. And they are a boy and a girl too. 😭☺️🥺🥺

    68. Ana Mercado

      Bramty I think the fish that is spitting out the sand might be pregnant and she’s just trying to find a place to set in to and have her baby’s

    69. Laura Vazquez

      How come the kids have school during quarantine?

    70. Kimberley Aquino

      I can watch videos like this ALL DAY LONG. I love the fish tank it’s so big and beautiful and Ik you’ll take care of them EXACTLY and they should be taken care of. I’ve been here since you lived in Virginia so Ik exactly what you’re talking about lol, but yes do the personality thing with the fishes it was so funny. My favorite fish the big one because it’s so beautiful like the colors and all of that. I wanna see the tank full of beautiful fish. You guys are my favorite ALselrs and the kids are literally the cutest. I literally think of them as my kids. Love you guys

    71. Veronica Wyninger

    72. Dre Elvira

      Luis' reactions are gold! 😂

    73. Laura Vazquez

      Why did you guys stop doing the questions at the end of each videos I loved those 🥺

    74. CurlyHairedShoota

      I’m going to die from boredom I neeeeed more videooooss

    75. Mary Vargas

      i love your fish omg they’re all so cuteee

    76. Seayra Pacheco

      Love the fish!! I like hearing about them and seeing how their behaviour is!!!

    77. poppyfay derzon

      You guy should get a cow fish they are so cute please get one

    78. Little Robin

      i had a fish but my cousin killed it

    79. Megan Llanas

      Okay I loved the lesson and now I want a ton of fish so they can have a good life in a big tank😆

    80. Lynette Martinez

      Bramty:Alright they are in the tank Me:No there in a bag