tv shows and movies I will NEVER make videos about

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    Riverdale has completely lost its mind...
    To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
    ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
    ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
    Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...
    Victorious was kinda dumb...
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    1. Michael Lynch

      I’d lose my shit if you did one covering the tiger king documentary

    2. J S

      We appreciate you, Alex! 💓💓💓

    3. Esther Dijkman

      Can you do a video about Sharpay's fabulous adventure?😁

    4. katelyn olson

      Alex you should react to time trap on Netflix, it is the strangest movie I've ever seen.

    5. Chantel Dor

      we stan a conscious👏king👏

    6. Cheesy Toast

      could you please react to stranger things! PLEASE

    7. Delia Andreea

      watch "Always a Witch"

    8. Wegig Prasasti

      Still waiting for fifty shades of grey , avatar, and Grey's anatomy

    9. truediva18

      Bride and Prejudice is in English. It has Indian, British, and American actors. He showed a clip of it during talking about Bollywood. They follow the novel pretty well. There are only a few songs in Punjab, but they are easy to understand. The scene he showed the song is in Punjab, but one of the characters is translating to another in English.

    10. Ana Greene

      *2 million and five*

    11. Norah

      have you ever done the good place?? im only asking because ive heard you mention it

    12. thejiddy

      Smart move

    13. Zahra Farhan

      OKAY.... But like, HUNGER GAMES?? This still doesn't still explain why you didn't do that!!

    14. bivirex 3

      React to harry potter and the goblet of fire

    15. bivirex 3

      React to harry potter and the goblet of fire

    16. bivirex 3

      React to harry potter and the goblet of fire

    17. suyash Kumar

      You should react to "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind". I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

    18. floccinaucinihilipilification


    19. Emmer Joy

      Would you do Big Little Lies?

    20. Xoile Zulu

      Point of correction @Alex your my favorite ALselr...

    21. SQUIRRELS 709

      Can you do no good nick

    22. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set in Wakanda before they discovered vibranium

    23. YiKeS lol


    24. charmx_17

      I don't really comment on videos but I just wanna congratulate you for reaching 2M subs!! Been watching you since 2018 when you were at a couple hundred thousand, and I'm so glad to see you're getting the audience you deserve. Still really enjoy your videos, keep it up!!

    25. A J

      My suggestion: The Blue Lagoon

    26. Anne degreengables

      My fist language is spanish and I still watch and understand your videos, why wouldn't you do a videa about Elite with subtitles??

    27. FutureSelf 2810

      What about The Rookie?

    28. Naveera Tahir

      You should do the Netflix original show she

    29. Olivia Nony

      You should do when calls the heart

    30. Ameesha Hall

      Boys over flowers!!

    31. Regan Sprich

      Can you review Star Girl?, it's on Disney plus and pretty much ridiculous in my opinion

    32. Amy Q

      Can you do A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish?

    33. Agne Povilaityte

      Can u please do birds of prey

    34. Meghan O’Connor

      The walking dead? Please?

    35. Mayeesha Enam

      I love your videos!!! Please never change 😂

    36. drttyu liqm

      I don’t know all of you, but I love his voice, I mean like the sound of his voice?, idk something that pass in my mind 🤷‍♀️😌

    37. zjzr08

      Sad with no K-Dramas, I mean it would nice if it would have a bit more awareness. ._.

    38. Akanksha .P

      I legit searched for “Alex Meyers take elite is so dumb” and got recommended this video after refreshing my feed 😂

    39. Erica Welch

      Congratulations on 2 million subs! You deserve a break 🤗

      1. drttyu liqm


    40. Evelyn Hamilton

      can you do the movie 'bratz' very cringe and worth a video

    41. Ajamii Dhaba

      Like or reply if you think he should do Kickin' It

    42. Sayoora

      Alex, you do not ever have to explain yourself for the choices you make on YOUR ALsel CHANNEL. It's your content you can do whatever the fuck you want. Your content is brilliant and unique anyway, 2 million of us adore it and for anyone who doesn't, they don't have to watch it. Just keep doing what you want, it's working brilliantly.

    43. Vinnie Capaldi


    44. Drawing Frenzy

      May I point out, that in making this video... You have made a video about the TV movies and shows that you said you would never make a video out of... *the irony*

    45. TJ

      Pleeeeeease do Siren and Roswell, New Mexico!

    46. Eddie Bleakley

      “Uk culture” *shows map of Australia*

    47. Sumedha

      So I'm just binge watching your videos, especially the old ones, and I'm not sure if you're already done it or not but can you please do The Circle?!!! It's only one season. Also Orphan Black! I'm rewatching it right now and it has SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR JOKES, like, I snort every few minutes. It'll be great.

    48. emily

      i was expecting this to be a rant about how iNseNsItIvE brooklyn nine nine is but you make many good points. thank u for not attacking the show :) found an article not long ago about how Amy talking about sexual assault in season 6, was a disrespectful episode and all that shit for when she said literally every woman she knows has been assaulted… they really quoted her and left out some of the sentence and mentioned amy saying “literally every woman” instead of “literally every woman *she knows*”, thats like 4 women? not *every* anyways im angy

    49. Cagla

      I fucking love Élite 🥺😍

    50. Atena Ale Ebrahim

      Ok, but watch Elite yourself. it's a nice show

    51. Lauren Dukes

      CONGRATS on reaching 2MIL subscribers!!!! I love the "angry baby man" character. You've put so much thought/care in your videos. They really brighten days. THANK YOU!!!

    52. NoobMaster 69

      React to avatar the last airbender i personally love it

    53. Zuva Nissi

      ALEX MEYERS PLEASE DO REVVIEW ON THE SOUND OF MUSIC. it wd be great to have something done on a classic

    54. Meep Meep


    55. M Guerrero

      What about dark crystal aor

    56. Moosedraw

      Talk about shameless lmao

    57. Anita Tomatoes

      Titanic?? It doesn’t make sense but cmon it’s a CLASSICCCCC 🥺🥺

    58. Pera

      Ok Alex, now do a video about that new Netflix show Love is Blind! PUHLEEEEEEEEZE.

    59. Ayala Giveon

      I'm still waiting for a Teen Beach Movie video ://

    60. Buggie Basi

      Do all american

    61. Suhani Sanskriti

      I didn't knew he also got recommendations for Miraculous. I got so happy!! I understand why you cannot make a vdo on it, but the thing is I still want one video because its not the storyline of the show- like all epis are kinda montonous and similar, its just the characters. Like Adrien's 'She's just a friend', Chat Noir's flirting and puns, Chloe's 'My daddy wouldn't like it' and all the characters overall. We are not much concerned about Hawkmoth or villian we just want our ship to sail😂 (i mean its been three seasons ppl). So I don't want a reaction video to a particular episode but your overall thought of the characters in the show. I will keep wishing that someday that type of video comes from you, cuz I love watching your videos❤❤

    62. Finn Sanders

      Alex mayers overthinks for 8 minutes straight. jk i actually undestand and appriciate these explenations

    63. k. e.

      Do Orphan Black!!!

    64. Maddy Hayen

      Please, Alex, can you do The Greenhouse Academy?

    65. neila aaa

      omg i cannot believe my fellow indians asked you to do indian tv show please don't do them you are hilarious

    66. F L M

      Can you do IT chapter 1 and or 2

    67. Lucid Smack

      But.. but.. you kinda did a video on these shows? Like, right now😨

    68. Ethar elzain

      you should make a video of the movie swiped

    69. Vera 369

      i will be a loyal subscriber until you do a video about f.r.i.e.n.d.s. . If you do, it means War. Sleep with one eye open...

    70. Joshua Marriott

      Do it's always sunny anyway...

    71. Love 5386

      Yo u should really do DYNASTY the show is so ridiculous

    72. Carlos Garcia

      Brooklyn nine nine too good to hate on

    73. Michelle

      can you do a video about atypical or Dirk gently's holistic detective agency?

    74. perfectly imperfect23

      "Maybe some of you are just big old dum dums" 😂

    75. Maddie

      although im bummed, it makes sense. some shows you could potentially try: (sorry if i mention some you may have done already that im not aware of) 1. I Am Not Okay With This 2. Good Girls 3. American Horror Story 4. Jessica Jones 5. Bad Education 6. Alias Grace 7. The Haunting of Hill House

    76. Shagun Sharma


    77. Caitlin Redman

      do rocket man plz

    78. laskin riubn

      Ok, I believe that you need to review a movie called “Little Women”

      1. SillyLuvification

        laskin riubn No

    79. Refu

      React to secret obsession pls

    80. MERCY _721

      GO KARTS