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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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    1. Jeremy Castillo

      Latina breakfast

    2. Hannah Young

      Ouuuh I see my boy Brian with the dance moves

    3. badboytv

      I love oj and oreos.

    4. lgeiger18


    5. Lyn Blue

      LOL F

    6. Leah Sweeney

      Wen u put the pickle and cream in ur mouth 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. Leah Sweeney

      I have a weird combo red apple slices and peanut butter

    8. Xx_natalie_xX 1

      Try dinamitas with butter next plss you just dip the dinamitas in.the butter

    9. Nysa and cooper

      omg just get back together aready 😂

    10. Shamin Sayyed

      Don't do that it will effect to your health

    11. lady geeene

      that kissing scene freaked me out!!! hahahaha i love you both ❤️‼️

    12. CB_ DURAZ0-_-

      Um did Jackie get whiter

    13. Eduardo Robles

      Brackie is back!!

    14. SMK frosty

      Brandon: You guys are weird thats nasty. Also Brandon: Hey, Hey we don’t judge.

    15. Judith Pasillas

      Now I want to try it

    16. Jets Secret Twin

      9:15 "I swear I didn't think you were going to do that" But was ready to kiss him anyways...

    17. Raquel Montes

      The one with Bread and the sprinkles is a dessert

    18. Christina Gordon

      F in the chat for Papa rug's cholesterol after drinking the soy sauce and butter

    19. Brian Shurlow

      Name of the song at the end ?

    20. Porkchop

      Brandon kisses Jackie

    21. Alexia Rios

      Anthony’s laugh at 11:00 is the best 😂

    22. Steven Alfaro

      CEO of not closing there mouth when eating🤢

    23. Isioma Precious Memeh

      Me: Playing Fortnite and watching this vid sees Brandon and Jackie kiss goes so crazy I shut down my ps4

    24. Valerie Chung

      When Papa Rug stuffed all those marshmallows in his mouth i died laughing😂😂


      Hopefully the Mexican gets paid for every video and doesn’t have to work smh

    26. Stephanie Gutierrez

      Yeah lobe Brandon but him n Jackie are annoying asf

    27. Dawn Meyer

      you should do popcorn and oj. :> its really good acally \

    28. Fg juiceman69

      Jackie had her lips out!

    29. Daniel

      Yall should get back together fr

    30. Dally Shem


    31. Lydia

      Brooo Brandon c’mon you cant tease us like that 😂

    32. Apollo EB


    33. Monica Yamileth

      The video is so hilarious I couldn't stop rewinding the funny parts and that cheetos with peanut butter too

    34. Kyle Tv

      yoo bro better try to dip fries on pineapple juice haha. i swear u love it

    35. Young Gamer

      Jackie new he was going to kiss him cuz she was ready u can tell

    36. Gabriela Padilla Esperanza

      Omg my tummy hurts ahahah

    37. Alicia Garcia

      I just want to say 2 thing and 2 things only. 1, I was not expecting Brandon to kiss Jackie in a video like this and 2, Brandon clearly wants to get back together with Jackie like Brian and Kaylen did

    38. Adriana Ramires

      My dad likes eating water and cereal

    39. Max Max

      Muro video kiss Jakie😘

    40. Andy Feghali

      How many time they said f in the chat is how many likes

    41. Nicole Velasco

      This Is Probably The Funniest Video I’ve Seen Brandon Make In A Long Time !! 😂😂

    42. Mr. Diamond

      I wonder what happens off camera

    43. Olxsion

      When papa rug sticking all those marshmallows in his mouth and Anthony laughing had me dying bruh 😭😂😂

    44. Micah Bradburn

      This is why he is sick

    45. Abdul Ajaj

      When brawadis kissed Jackie I chucked the phone

    46. G staxxx

      Bro u act more of a female than your girl not even hating just saying what's real #growsomeballs

    47. ady-B David

      Don't drop a like if u think it's going to be lit... Just drop a like for our boy... We watch his video because we love him! Keep doing what u do... And get well soon

    48. Gacha_397 LL

      9:13 anthony sounds constapated

    49. Alena Acosta-Mesa

      Yo i did not see that kiss coming

    50. Alena Acosta-Mesa

      Brian and Jackie acting like normal ppl for the first two Brandon acting like he’s dying 😂😂😂and then for the third one Brandon is fine and Brian and Jackie are dying

    51. Ramon Jimenez

      I liked because they kissed

    52. Yvette Garcia

      Brian: dancing to tiktok dances the whole video Me: omg he’s a tiktoker now!😂

    53. Marcos got games

      Commercial:my cause death and severe injury People in the commercial: 7:53

    54. Rodrigo

      Next time try apple with tajin!

      1. Ptao Tom

        Sprinkles on bread is Aussie we call it fairy bread and it’s really yummy

    55. Teshani Persaud

      Brandon and Jackie are the cutest why can’t y’all get back together you kissed🥰🥰😩

      1. Ptao Tom

        This made me not want to eat until I turn 27

    56. Kkayla /latina

      I love apples with just salt and oranges with salt

    57. Brian Anguiano

      11:54 The way brandon screams😂😂

    58. CSRz_Blxrry

      I did the hot Cheeto and milk one with hot Doritos 😂😂

      1. soinhu foitu

        19:15 that last one almost put papa rug to sleep

    59. gavin witucki

      F for grade f

      1. soinhu foitu

        I love how Jackie went in with the kiss

    60. Robert Villezcas

      11:12-11:16 is lowkey a cool transfer