trying to deep fry ice cream

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    1. Frostofthecwsw

      Jenna saying "Absolutely fuck you for that" made the video even more worth it

    2. Burgers and Braids

      Love it. Great content. You’ve make me hungry and also interested in becoming vegan. Only constructive criticism: use some nose spray before you film. Your nose is whistling right into the mic the ENTIRE time.

    3. FlowerChild Vee

      *wait, no one writes cheques* lolol

    4. Mahnoor Qadri

      He looks like Super Mario, in a nice way, of course.

    5. • Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •

      Where I live, we can have stuff like frosted flakes, and fruity pebbles, and fruit loops as a topping usually offered wherever were eating at

    6. Stellar Celeste

      Julien dedicates his channel to cooking and yet, I feel as if, he truly has no idea how to do some said cooking correctly.... I mean, wouldn’t all of you smart folk out there realize that crushing the corn flakes up way smaller is the answer? Julien: adds more liquid egg substitute stuff. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Jules, we love you, and yet I don’t know how these things seem to pass you by, buddy.

    7. robbie smith

      why not just cover it in corn flakes and skip the rest it would taste almost the same whilst being much easier

    8. Rachel Nguyen

      deep fry tofu in corn flakes!! SOOOOO good

    9. Rachel Nguyen

      rice krispies and ice cream! granola and ice cream!

    10. CraZed

      Mexican Restaurants on your birthday: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

    11. Antonio Sustaita

      Julien you should definitely let the ice cream balls freeze overnight. That makes them a lot easier to deal with. You could form a better layer of corn flakes with finer ground flakes. I recommend using frosted flakes instead for the built in sugar. Fried ice cream is also usually covered in some form of a batter and not just the flakes. this will make them easier to fry without letting your ice-cream fall apart.

    12. Karina Solano

      You should make pancakes 🥞

    13. Ellie.

      not the brightest but wholesome content

    14. Christina Craven

      crush the cornflakes more because the ice cream ball needs to be completely sealed in and then maybe put them back in the freezer for a minute to firm up again!

    15. Nikki Oclair

      Jenna!!!! Put fruity pebbles on your icecream... it’s delicious.

    16. Nikki Oclair

      Every time julian is in the kitchen im wondering jenna where are youuuu?

    17. Finley McKee

      hello there

    18. Hayley bourgault

      You should scoop I've cream day before and put tray of scooped ice cream in freezer, then dip in cake batter then deep fry, sounds good

    19. Kaitlynn Woods

      Cornflakes breaded chicken is the best

    20. beth sull

      Fried ice cream is a dessert made from a breaded scoop of ice cream that is quickly deep-fried, creating a warm, crispy shell around the still-cold ice cream. There are conflicting stories about the dessert's origin. Some claim that it was first served during the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, where the ice cream sundae was also invented.[1] Though in 1894, a Philadelphia company was given credit for its invention describing: "A small, solid [cake] of the ice cream is enveloped in a thin sheet of pie crust and then dipped into boiling lard or butter to cook the outside to a crisp. Served immediately, the ice cream is found to be as solidly frozen as it was first prepared."[2][3] A third claim, beginning in the 1960s proposes that fried ice cream was invented by Japanese tempura restaurants.[4] In the United States, fried ice cream is strongly associated with Mexican cuisine, in large part due to national chain Chi-Chi's adopting a fried ice cream made with tortillas and cinnamon as its "signature dessert" when it opened in the early 1980s.[5] The connection with Asian cuisine is also reflected in Australia. In Australia, fried ice cream is strongly associated with Australian Chinese cuisine.[6]

    21. Amber Roark

      My fave ice cream place has a cone that’s vanilla ice cream covered in marshmallow cream and rolled in Rice Krispies. 👌 🤤

    22. fluff talk

      Julian cooking a gluten free vegan meal reminds me of me in a childhood when i was "cooking" "meals" in a sand box... this dirt gonna be a base of a cake aaand this mud gonna be a chocolate cream, and finally, a dirty snow gonna be an icing LOL

    23. Eva Purenina

      Earth signs: "I can't watch this".

    24. Brianna Elfe

      U and Jenna are my heroes. 🍦 💕

    25. K

      I love you so much 🥺

    26. Diana Andrade

      I love fried ice cream 😍 my favorite dessert. I have only seen it in Mexican restaurants.

    27. Angel Turner

      I want that Cure shirt!!!!!!!

    28. Jon C

      Why is everyone talking about aries

    29. KRO 222

      Jenna wandering in in her e-girl makeup and faux fur hat 😹

    30. Doris Sudduth

      Whisk the aqua fava to stiff peaks like meringue to insulate the ice cream!

    31. Mike Gadz

      looks like he works at taco bell 10

    32. vallraiene


    33. Sidney Lives

      It's way easier if you make a thin pancake batter and use that instead of aquafaba and do two coatings freezing again in between the layers. You can keep the battered and coated balls in the freezer and fry them up when you want.

    34. Jennifer Adams

      Bro fruity pebbles on vanilla ice cream ok lol

    35. N Molina

      Julian why didnt you use the deep fryer man? that would have been better.

    36. Roz Martinez

      Ps u did it right

    37. Roz Martinez

      I hate extra crispy

    38. iamsky

      Nails be poppin tho

    39. Angie LeWeeb

      69k likes... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

    40. TheInfected

      Excuse me is that a la creuset pot?? Yooo

    41. Shark Leonard

      Julian: between the size of a baseball and a softball Me *an English person*: ???

    42. Will Solace

      THE CALL OF THE ARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. keylin j

      julien: *heavy breathing*

    44. Sammie G

      Omg u talk too much lolol

    45. Adrenaline

      *2 am* Me: hmm i should get some sleep ALsel: wouldnt you like some deep fried ice cream?

    46. Tygafttf

      Yall shud try plain noodles in soup

    47. A.C. Hawley

      Please shave the mustache. It's time to say goodbye.

    48. Nastassia Moon

      I love Julian Vibes man it's so refreshing.

    49. Nastassia Moon

      You can use cornflakes to fry meat products or even TOFU. Heck ya try tofu chicken nuggets Julian. Sounds bomb.

      1. Nastassia Moon

        Crush the flakes up more and freeze the ice cream over night if you try this again!

    50. Nastassia Moon

      I love your polish Julian. I can't imagine your fingers without it now. I can, they were lame before polish lol

    51. Kaitlynne Harris

      Julien: “shape this with your hand” Saran wrap: *cries in unused*

    52. KaylaG4153

      My mom made fried ice cream once and I believe you’re supposed to coat the ice cream balls in the corn flake mixture and then freeze them solid, like overnight, before frying them.

    53. Merp Merp

      Ok but can you please grow a like mustache mustache, you know those with a swirl at the end (I’m not “bullying” your current one cuz it’s *chef kiss*)

    54. Kristen 4real

      You can put the ice cream in plastic wrap and shape it that way! To make it easier and less sticky

    55. Taylor Jade

      * gets new cornflakes cuz they're wet * * soaks new cornflakes cuz he's double-dipping * 😂

    56. Jenna Schievink

      11:32 dopest shot ever

    57. funky0485

      When I worked in a Mexican restaurant we formed the ice cream in to a ball then rolled in corn flakes then put back to set in freezer then fried drizzled with honey whipped cream and chocolate syrup so good !!

    58. Josh Bishop

      Has Julien made his own ice cream from scratch? Cause I believe he should do it to us.

    59. Angela Belle

      Cornflake chicken is bomb!

    60. Hamilton Anderson