Trump and coronavirus task force brief from White House | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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    Watch live coverage as President Trump and the coronavirus task force give an update on the response effort from the White House.
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    Publikuar 2 muaj më parë


    1. dan gabriel

      Very funny about reporters siiting in each others lap :-))))

    2. Tim Borch

      Trump took early action. Jan 31 Flights banned from Whuhan Feb 4 all China flights by United Airlines canceled voluntarily. Other airlines follow Feb 3 All flights medically screened tested and quarantined at Travis Air Force Base Proof Democrats accused Trump of racism for banning flights Feb 24th Pelosi criticises Trump for banning flights and calling out virus as Chinese. March 7 there are no deaths in USA, 60 victims. The 40,000 who entered were all medically screened and quarantined

    3. rip torn

      we live in bizzaro land....where truth is all but gone!!!!

    4. Jackie Beckham

      Most of the comments here are so stupid, totally partisan and ridiculous. America has done so well at trying to control this, including the citizens who have been very cooperative. People love to play Monday morning quarterbacking all the time. Hind sight is always 2020, it’s affecting the whole world, enough with the nasty comments, we have to stick together and so listening to all the other stupidity out there. If he wasn’t providing daily reports everyone would be criticizing and upset, if he is providing them they’re still critical and upset, so tiresome and revolting after a while.

    5. Seldom Seen

      People have asked the question generation after generation, how did it happen, WWII and all that ugliness. Well, watching Trump the Clown, Trump the Con Man, and listening to people who support him, I now understand.

    6. Nat King


    7. Alex


    8. Renee

      This deception is so great! The strong delusion is in full play.

    9. Alex

      We are losing this Battle to COVID 19, and the Greatest Nation on Earth Can't mitigage or Supply our hospitals with much needed to supplies to keep you alive. We need New and Effective Leadership. Thank You Mr. Trump.. Thank you for NOTHING.

    10. Jose Miranda

      Guys you should show the people who do the questions otherwise people may think that you are hiding something just for clearance.

    11. Mr J B

      You can touch your f****** face. As long as you wash your hands and keep yourself clean.

    12. Flash Gordon

      The government is BUYING AND NATIONALIZING large swathes of the STOCK MARKET. All under COMMUNISTS calling themselves TRUMP/HILLARY supporters with RED MAGA hats..

    13. Charles Summers

      Trump I recomend u stop bringing up the economy everytime u talk about the virus. But I think we need to mirror what they did and shut down everything for two weeks unless we got a vaccine.. China saved themselves alot of time by jumping into highest priority against virus by everyone staying home everything closed everyone wearing masks gloves create a system with I D cards showing where the sick are and where the healthy are .

    14. Burr Anderson

      Blah..blah...blah........Where's my check?


      I feel so sorry for him, he sounds desperate because he knows that this is bigger then him...he was shown that he doesn't run the coutry and that he was powerless ..Mister Trump now gets it..


      Allah help

    17. Conservatism is Counterculture

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2694">44:54</a> !! LOL !!

    18. JIK

      I pray this is over soon, I am praying for those affected and those working hard to fight this pandemic in the health care fields and those government officials who have to make some not so easy decisions. We have the physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and respiratory therapists, nurse aides, paramedics, EMT and police officers at the forefront of this battle against this pandemic working as one unit, all sacrificing their lives knowing that there is a probability that they might get it but duty and a call is pushing them forward. I hope everyone is empathetic and really search their hearts on how best to help, it's not real until it's in your background to some. Be safe everyone. God bless.

    19. Bill Williams


    20. Zoltán K.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a>:35 - he's looking to the right side for a moment = he is not telling the truth...

    21. Marjo Savard

      il ment pour s approprier tout...afin de declarer publiquement que c est LUI qui a tout fait..Quand un president est menteur a ce point...go out ...(narcisisme)

    22. Debs B

      Why do I feel like I'm watching a kid giving an ill-prepared school presentation?

      1. Burr Anderson

        Because you are.

    23. Babyface0603

      It’s because of Trump’s late response is why the virus spread like wildfire. Trump’s late response

    24. 265petsar

      Trump and his usual Tremendous, Amazing, Terrific Crap that no one listens too. This halfwit must be losing brain cells at a Tremendous, Amazing, Terrific rate to be this stupid. The Orange Clown is an embarrassment to our country, every time he opens his mouth it is just uneducated garbage coming out.

    25. M A

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2697">44:57</a> I just came to watch this part

    26. Shenoski Travoski

      Wishful thinking

    27. Nico's Fam

      Did really bring up car accidents? 🙄

    28. Mirta Valdez


    29. sergio gabriel cerezo

      03/26/2020 Argentina Bs.As For Mr. President Fernandez Treatment for Coronavirus Apparently it is a toxin called Botulinum that has mutated and transformed into a virus, but due to its characteristics it must be a derivative of the toxin and it is necessary to do tests under the microscope and with infected rodents and see its reaction to the next one. treatment. May God enlighten us with his divine forgiveness. • Firstly, trivalent antitoxin a and b should be administered intravenously • The Coronavirus have hemagglutin and neuroaminidase that covers their leather and that helps their multiplication and to avoid these characteristics, the following drugs, Inh. From Hemagglutinin and Inh. Of the polymerase or also with vinegar the Inh. From neuraminidase. • Ending the current treatment that they are trying and that has not given results to the scientific gentlemen of the world with the administration of Lopinavir + Ritonavir, Interferon, not oseltatamivir or amantadine. Let's get to work and not lose faith, if it is possible to achieve it. Higher Cardiology Technician Sergio Gabriel Cerezo Cel .: 11-62843332 whatsapp

    30. Barry L

      Oh! I know! Let's ask HILLARY if she has a Computer that will DELETE CORONA-ONA-VIRUS

    31. Pattie McDonald

      It's easy. He's not transparent.

    32. Ed Bruder

      His reading has improved greatly in the last month. Maybe he would have been better prepared to react to the coronavirus if he'd only learned to read properly earlier in life.Still hoarding chloroquine though.

    33. Alex

      64,180 Confirmed cases in U.S. 897 Deaths in U.S.

    34. Susan 119

      1. If we all had access to masks - we could go out more. That’s what Asian countries have done and always do. They’ve been through this before and they know - this is not their first rodeo. People in the Czech Republic are wearing masks now despite being mocked by other European countries. 2. The only reason the virus is invisible is that we have t tested enough. If we tested and tracked the virus like other countries we would know where it is and could adjust accordingly. We need enough masks for everyone and a lot more testing.

    35. J

      politicians are psychopaths there is a video of them planning this whole thing from october called event 201 before hand and how they are gonna get the 'resources' from the money printer and vaccines and profit and then take that money and invest it in buying 3rd world infrastructure

    36. Exquisite Eva Grywalsky

      How can anyone listen to this word salad. Its the same limited vocabulary as always. This man is pure moron. #FlushTheTurdNovember3rd

    37. Exquisite Eva Grywalsky

      What a SPAZ!!!

    38. ctixbwi

      Read: My economy must rebound very quickly

    39. owah uwo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2687">44:47</a>


      *John Lennon is the subliminal poster child for the NWO*

    41. D e x

      Has anyone made Coronavirus Briefing Bingo sheets yet? If only our president could read at at least a third grade level. I know, I'm a dirty socialist for expecting too much. Why don't we ever hear "dirty Communist" any more? Oh, it';s not nice to say the presidents bankers and loan backers are "dirty". So, Trumps new party, the RINOs, when they pick an animal, what will it be? GOP has Elephant. Dems have Mule. RINOs will have what? Skunk? I think it needs to be a Bear, with a Soviet Red Background.

    42. alexinioh7

      hiding a secret about sarin gas that is spreading around the world and this is the cause of human death and not coronavirus

    43. anarko insurrezionalista

      aahhahahah trump is crazy sorry for american people !!!

    44. Su Su

      President Trump go find Eva Sapi

    45. cali a

      LMFAOOO <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2696">44:56</a> trump said aight imma head out

    46. Jazz man

      Hats off to the unstable genius, who keeps preaching mass ignorance, fake cures, trickle-down fraudonomics and plain ol’ BS.

    47. Mar Lin

      "The bill is much better than the one that was introduced..." -Chuck Schumer That's code for "The republicans tried to give Trump a trillion dollar slush fund to dictate which companies die and which get to live." Destroy the republican party and their corporate owners.

    48. Felicia Johnson

      All of them on the podium look like they just crawled out of a ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️🤦☠️🤣🤣🤣Trump is a virius!🤦🏼‍♀️ Can't find a cure for him either 🙆🤷

    49. Nell m

      is she blinking sos

    50. Nell m

      Hes the worst just let the Doctors speak. We let South Korea Kick or butt on this . While you were out calling it a hoax most of these deaths are on your head .

    51. i

      where is the presidential seal on the podium. did drumpf remove it

    52. Christine Newland

      Challenge???? What challenge??? Didn;t he say the virus was all a hoax???

    53. Matt Nettles

      Reading all this comments makes me feel how manipulated people are, and that this crisis is not just a Dem or Rep US problem, because if the US goes down, then we all are facing a future of Chinese Economical and Technological domination: Im not American or Trump supporter, but i can clearly see the media manipulation to destroy him. iI am living in Madrid and in quarantine now, and regarding current data; what Trump and his team are advising here makes total sense. Because you may be sick, but if you are sick and have no money, no jobs, no business, then thats the end of it, And now its make or break, keep the key or hand it over to china for next 50-100 years. What do you want?

    54. connected online

      Made in China by batman

    55. Ramesh Lahoti

      When is this Orangutan going to shut his mouth and stop the lies he is spitting out. He should stop otherwise he shall be infecting most of America.

    56. Brown Hermit

      I hope you all know that Nancy Pelosi is toast ... career over, and just for her greed.

    57. Somali Lion TV

      who else here cuz they spend hours on their video and get 5 views lol

    58. Google Account

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2690">44:50</a> 😂

    59. J

      Guy on left ..I'm just gonna leave this here: 1300 22 4636 Beyond Blue Hotline

    60. luvanna91

      Asian Americans love "OUR" country? He's talking about asian AMERICANS but its somehow our country, not theirs?

      1. Sandra John

        @luvanna91 Yes but he seems to shoot himself in the foot most of the time. So, there's hope in that. Is he quite stable? I think not.

      2. luvanna91

        @Sandra John Yes, he was distancing himself while still managing to get in a jab. Semantics are the weapon of choice for racists and narcissists alike.

      3. Sandra John

        @luvanna91 Yes, can't disagree with that, "their country", would probably have been better, but I think he was trying to be inclusive, not genuinely, but because he was trying to distance himself from his earlier racist remarks.

      4. luvanna91

        @Sandra John He was less than sincere alright. His racism is obvious. He's either too stupid to cover that up or he's dog whistling. I'm surprised I'm the only one I've seen comment on it. The statement in and of itself is flawed but if he's going to make it, at least say Asian Americans love their country. Since it is indeed, THEIR country not somebody else's.

      5. Sandra John

        I think he was less than entirely sincere and was trying to excuse his earlier comments re the Chinese and the, "chinese virus", but I think that's not quite right. He said that asian Americans "LOVE our country", not that they, "love OUR country", to be fair, there is a difference.

    61. zkimy

      chinese present swallow it

    62. Jane Li

      the goal should be stop the virus not just flatten the curve. As long one person has the virus, it can quickly spread out to the community; You cannot just follow the virus, you need to predict the situation and adopt measures in advance to control it. For example don't tell people who left NY to do self quarantine after they left already, you should be able to predict this situation and tell people do this in advance before they left. Don't tell young that the high risk people is the old people, this is not about which group will be impact the most, it is about stop the virus completely. everybody should work together and keep social distancing. the key of this is to do the test widely and quickly and keep all the positive people to be isolated. please do this quickly!!!

    63. Daniel Schifferli

      Korrupt Women standing near Trump! Look on her face!

    64. m beginization

      His talking way too much, the media are getting him worried about what they say about him.

    65. Angry Mango

      Trump is an imbecile

    66. Diegox25

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2688">44:48</a> what you came for

    67. Happy Everyday

      China has a lot of medical masks and ventilators. Why doesn't the US government buy them?

    68. Sergi Medina

      It's curious how people is... They want to shut down everything. Yet they will complain and lament when everything is going down and many many people are and will be fired and hungry... There are other ways to control the virus and avoid deaths other than destroying the economy and therefore the present and the future, you know? MANY MORE people will suffer because of this recession than for the virus itself... WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

    69. Prevoir Succes

      America have TWO DEADLY VIRUS RIGHT NOW!! CORONA VIRUS and The T-VIRUS. PS : The T-VIRUS is not the one in the Resident Evil series by the way,i am talking about the elected T-VIRUS!!!

    70. PowerToTheTubers

      By 2122? 😱

    71. Ramatu Brimah

      He himself and his children already hoarded for his businesss Won't take anything pass him

    72. Akino Luniverse

      Who is Protecting us. ??? 50 Thousands Americans are now infected with this Virus... Rich, Poor, Mom's, Dad's, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, cousins, grandmas, grandpas... Please Protect your EYES... Please Protect your MOUTH... Please Protect your NOSE... They are all Vulnerable Openings... Please, cover yourselves accordingly... We are already 90 days late dealing with this pandemic... Already,. We desperately need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the public... No test, No Containment possible... We desperately need HOSPITAL SUPPLIES... We desperately need HOSPITAL WORKERS... We need FULL FACE MASKS (SHIELD) for the Hospitals...We need a REAL WORKING VACCINE for the Virus... We need to Protect our Doctors Nurses and First Responders... Let's wake up already TRUMPORONA

    73. BaySideTV

      "coming all over there world" lmao that went over some peoples heads.

    74. animals are love and happiness

      Dr. Gauci is divinely chosen. It may be out trumpschands. God is a lot bigger and stronger than a liar.

    75. John Williams

      Lies and slanders against China cannot make U.S. great! And please United States to contribute more to your people!

    76. jinxie47

      So proud of our President Donald Trump

    77. Rick Kolesar

      WTF ? This guy is a clueless moron. Why would anyone listen to him?

    78. Jeff Stewart

      Trump can't just impose draconian solutions like communist China can, nor is our culture even willing to accept the same measures imposed in South and I might be, but others won't in America and many Western cultures. Those are facts the medical professionals and CNN don't ever discuss in detail and ignore. Facts are, the mortality rate is also much much lower here in the US than in China, Italy, and Spain. We have approved medications and treatments that are in clinical trials, and have warm weather approaching that can hopefully mitigate concerns over overwhelming our hospitals . We have a personal freedom loving society that so far has shown that many won't voluntarily submit fully to the measures that So. Korean and China implemented to stop the spread of CV19. That is a fact and makes killing our economy not worth it when measures put in place would still be ineffective. If you aren't aware, there is a vast difference in what S. Korea and China have done vs the US and I don't think US citizens would do it too unless we faced a much higher death rate. Trump is very smart and recognizes all these facts, along with the potential for a complete collapse of our markets and potential for much worse mental depression, bankruptcies, and deaths from suicide to just ignore that there may be a solution for the U.S. to social distance and take other preventive measures to work our way through this pandemic and minimize the deaths while keeping the economy alive. I think he is doing a fantastic job and trust his efforts and judgement of all the facts in the matter, not just medical experts who miss all the other relevant facts like what impact the complete destruction of an economy would do to lives. Each country is different for many reasons and the solution can be different.

    79. Kamn

      Trump's mental disorder will get Americans killed. Simple as that. He's already directly caused someone's death by suggesting the wrong medication.

    80. john parsons

      Watched the BBC Reporting on this yesterday. Watched this, this morning. All I can say to the BBC is "Thank God I've stopped paying my license, and I won't be paying it any time soon. Your reporting is shoddy and biased at best and dangerous and corrupt at worst".