The Try Guys Learn Tai Chi

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    1. Space Cat

      ^^ this is great, i tried following along with the video for a bit and that alone felt good ^^

    2. Danny Boyd

      Eugene is in Brooklyn nine nine

    3. Rokaya Ahmed

      I'm really annoyed with Eugene. He went in with almost red aura because his focus was mainly on his presentation. Throughout the whole session he focused on being good at it by mimicking the posture of the man and being serious instead of focusing on the actual purpose of the session, which is healing and letting go. That's why his aura was even more red when he measured it again. I just wish that soon he will start dropping that presentation of himself that he uses as a wall and actually start doing things that will heal him more often.

    4. Miranda Carter

      Please try beat saber

    5. Kannan Ruby

      No captions Huh

    6. Hollily Pip


    7. soinu foig

      Zach: mental cleansing Proceeds to floss brain

    8. Hubery Lachesis

      Are u guys legally able to make night in vs night out with Ned and Ariel again? Loves those

    9. Eva Maine Sheppard moulds

      Please please do gymnastics or acrobatics gymnastics 🤸🏼‍♀️

    10. XxGamer_ BooxX

      Hopefully Eugene see's this cuz this was one of my wierd dreams. This was my first dream a ALselr. So it was in my house and Eugene was there and he was like doing a taking care of 3 children challenge IDK anymore becuase their was no cameras and no one else but Eugene and surprisingly he didn't drink any alcohol. So he made me and my siblings food but like we ate it but we didn't at the same time and my mum came down stairs and was like "omg is dat Eugene" when he was about to go but didn't at the same time. And it was all just wierd. Hopfully Eugene sees this cuz it was wierd

      1. soinu foig

        Grilled thai cheese 😂

    11. Miriam Marsh

      PLEASE do a video about you all learning about your Enneagram number! 🙏☺️

    12. Gabriela Cristina

      They should do this for a whole month and then show results

    13. Mango Cake

      Gosh, as if I needed more reasons to HATE NED. "Yoga sucks" Shut up NED. Why are you so obnoxious. Do you want people to hate you?

    14. Ricardo Iribe

      Hide your iPhones! _Before we start Tai Chi, thanks to Google Play..._

    15. Mariah Ellis

      Am I the only one who wants to see them try getting piercings?

    16. Alli Kate

      Next year I need to see "Try guys try the rodeo" *ahem* in Houston Texas

    17. Zoe Catherine

      Anyone know when the merch will restock ?

    18. ll pp

      try some filipino food when the situation is better

    19. Backstage Central

      No one: Ned: BYE FELICIA

    20. Ella Maack

      one of zach's health problems was listed as "vin diesel obsession" and it seems only fitting that the day after this went out he watched all of fast and furious five on an instagram live

    21. Eva's World

      Does anyone like the seven deadly sins too!

    22. Ishita Mathur

      Ned needs a new yoga instructor smh

    23. Aidenn Craig

      Anyone noticed that’s he’s in Brooklyn 99 omg

    24. Feisty

      You guys should do try guys draw for a week/ 3 weeks/ 5 weeks/a month because its something that you can see change in and do at home yourself also its not expensive all you need is a pencil rubber or paper or if you wanna go all out i pad pro

    25. Clarissa Nitihardjo

      Grilled thai cheese 😂

    26. [devilish_tea]


    27. Siani Tripp

      Try guys out here bending the best element 🌊

    28. JJ P

      Try guys you should all follow the same bob ross painting and see who can nail it!!! Good for social isolation...and painting is very soothing!

    29. Fawnn Yoon

      Try guys try Waterbending c:

    30. Brianna Barrows

      Are you guys still quarantined

    31. Antony Blair

      Brooklin nine nine!!!!!!

      1. Antony Blair

        Eugene was in brooklin nine nine

    32. Yun Park

      Zach: I'm kinda stoned

    33. Joh McConchie

      What da fxxx are you doing Zach it’s super Saiyan god now

    34. Joh McConchie

      Oh shit seven deadly sins ad wwwwwhhhhhhhaaaAt

    35. chengminglevy

      try guys do couples challenges?

    36. Oreo Cake

      You guys should try horse riding!

    37. Jennifer Cusumano

      One of my fave things I've seen you try! Loved the tarot try wives episode, and the accupuncture episode, and the medium readings episode! I'd like to see you guys try the Wim Hoff method, and try having Reiki Healing sessions, and try a sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls or crystal singing bowls! Intuitive pairing would be neat too. Also would be cool to see you guys try circus trapeze! And ziplining, and maybe swimming with Dolphins!

    38. audra pinto

      DO A VIDEO WITH THE GAME GRUMPS!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    39. Manuel Burgos

      I wish I could edit out zach

    40. Jessica

      Keith looked like an Airbender

    41. Alex

      Ive been subconsciously tapping my head/face when I'm stressed and now I'm slightly creeped out.

    42. Mikayla Ejeh

      TRY Chi...... Yeah I'll leave...

    43. Karate Ladybug

      Nobody: Nobody: Ned: BYE FELICIA!

    44. Kristen Medina

      *loved how Eugene is suddenly dancing*

    45. chezamau

      Are there any good Tai Chi classes on youtube, though? I want to try....

    46. J Simental

      They last words Zack Kornfield said, you are adorable!

    47. Kryssy Wang

      thank you so much, try guys. i have been so anxious through this chaotic experience, and when it seems too much, i just watch a video or listen to a podcast. the try guys might be more helpful than the stimulus package 😂 so thank you thank you thank you ♥️

    48. Eva Viloria


    49. Melissa Scafidi

      This is amazing! Proud to say I'm a current Body & Brain member

    50. Megan Culhane

      My rheumatologist actually just recommended I start Tai chi! I was diagnosed with a rare blood autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia. I've been doing yoga my whole life, but now I'm really interested in starting this too as part of my regime. My therapist actually taught my tapping, and my chiropractor also does it. It's very cool! It helps anxiety for sure

    51. Luke

      What dog breed is pesto?

    52. Breanna Moxley

      I’m so confused I thought they were on lock down what are they doing together instead of working from home so they don’t get Covid-19?

    53. Zoey Barner

      Try guys should try Bit Life

    54. Belle Overstreet

      i guess you could call it a ~ foura ~

    55. AprilDawn Bennett

      Zach starts tapping into his chi: turns into a giggly kid 😂

    56. Pandora Moonshire

      I LOOOVEEE Michelle it’s adorable 😂

    57. Caitriona McCloskey

      When all the quarantine is over the try guys should try and play hurling (an Irish sport). I am from Ireland and it’s such a fun sport.

    58. SpacePenguin 21

      Video idea for after the quarantine (because food pickings are slim) Try guys try the 7 day vegan challenge

    59. Laura Lolin Miskovic

      I feel like the try guys should try professional singing

    60. Maliah

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="570">9:30</a> eugene: no pillow *Asian intensifies*

    61. Brad Fortin

      Should've tried Tai Chi while sipping on some Chai Tea.

    62. Moni Q

      Eww Neds Nekkid face 🤦🏾

    63. koolio koolaid

      can try guys try become kpop idols or kpop trainees

    64. pinkish

      could the try guys try figure skating, pls???

    65. Alexa Gunnell

      This whole video is just Zach and his ADHD

    66. Amberly Sutton

      They should try to chi for a week! It would be so cool to see the change.

    67. MissPicasso

      I think Ned is slowly entering the bad dad jokes area

    68. Keelin McCafferty

      Eugene should do a Rank King Episode where he ranks Anime

    69. Chase Wolfe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> he's 0 for 4 Zach! He's not in a park either! xD ♥

    70. Leilani Puerto

      lollll that's hilarious. Michelle moon 💙✨ she's amazing! Shout out to Body and Brain!!

    71. Schr0edener

      This guy sounds like an extra in Ipman

    72. Lydia Arnett

      Can we meet eugenes boyfriend

    73. Jasper Yap

      Can we get an update on their aura if they ever do it a few more times?

    74. starcherish8

      Hold on....please do not tell me the Try Guys are going to start putting ads in their actual videos? I pay for ALsel so I don’t have ads. I love the TryGuys and have been following for years, but that is honestly annoying.

      1. S T

        Yes but you can skip that part? It's just one click... And they have these ad companies as their sponsors so that they can get some money out of it... Many other ALselrs do it too.

    75. Hey_its raniii

      chi in my language means poop so when they said “i’m chiing” i’m likes he’s pooping

    76. Marnu Kachelhoffer

      I hear it could be used as a fighting technic No one: Also no one: But me: lets kill some peopel😲😲😲😠

    77. Your Average Sad Art Child HaHa

      I want that freaking game you sponsored but my phone SuCkS. Also this was a funny video like every video.

    78. Aamaria Mason

      Ned stop shaving your beard

    79. Mimi Moo


    80. John

      Matt Watson from SuperMega??