The TRUE Identity of Ghost? (Modern Warfare Story)



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    Since the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, we have been wondering the True Identitiy of Simon Ghost Riley. In this video we answer the question Who is Ghost? Is it Alex, Simon oor someone totally different? Hope you enjoy!


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    1. heratige op

      Alex is nicto

    2. ZeusxD 1

      lol alex still alive :v

    3. Shreve Weaver

      Damn. You went full MatPat on this one.

    4. carter hestand

      lol season 3 lol lol lol

    5. Kevin Gonzalez

      Didn't ghost died burned by General Sheperd???

    6. wowitseligh

      Me when I hear mw2019 could be linked to ghosts: 😒

    7. Bobot

      This video did not age well.

    8. Jonathan M

      Alex’s character wears a mask in warzone in the legendary outfit

    9. ReeceJP

      Can Activison just create an anonymous character without people speculating?🤣

    10. gdxgod caption

      Soo what happened to logan

    11. Paradoxpizza

      This video aged like milk.

    12. Remberto Preciado

      Wasn't gaz ,ghost?

    13. ゲーマードラコイアント

      I hope in this new timeline we can save All and kill that asshole

    14. Korbin Wangler

      Ok so Ghost from the MW 2019 is Simon Riley. who is Simon Riley? And who is Ghost from the other MW games? And if the ghosts are good and are supposed to hide their faces while protecting us why are some of the Alliegance ghosts since the Alliegance are the bad guys in MW 2019?

    15. Midnite

      that could be the main character from ghosts because he got captured

    16. Kaela Wood

      I didn't read all the comments but Ghost died in MW2 so why did he show up in the warzone trailers? I'm so confused.

    17. Simon Ghost Riley

      He’s not black ghost is white

    18. Simon Ghost Riley

      I don’t sound anything like Alex

    19. Simon Ghost Riley

      We’re not allowed to say

    20. kaan suleyman

      But now Alex is I’m the game

    21. Oreo Savage

      Lmao that explosion fucked up Alex so bad he got a British accent and everything

    22. Tom Sandell

      Alex cannot be ghost as ghost is British sas where are Alex was a marine in the US army

    23. osama bin laden

      But what if ghost character is actually just ghost he doesn't specifically have to be Simon Riley

    24. IIQwesyz

      Alex is from the USA while ghost is brit so that already confirms it

    25. GamerKing96

      Ok but what about hesh, and Logan, hhmm they were the main characters of cod ghost's, no one is Questioning why hesh hasn't made an appearance, after RORKE who kidnapped Logan and was gonna destroy ghosts together

    26. MelMel REN'EE GarySancheZ

      If you played the game then maybe you would have realized that ghost is Simon Riley then you would not have to make this video.

    27. jhonrednie guerrero

      Dude play call of duty ghost you will see it

    28. jhonrednie guerrero

      Soup is dead right

    29. Noah Wengren

      In ghosts, Ajax was tortured as well as Nikto so I am concluding in my opinion, may not be true but I believe Nikto is Ajax. Also I haven't looked into it but I believe Keegen might have a very, very slim chance to be Mace.

    30. Uglyaboi 97

      This was shut down as soon as season 3 dropped

    31. Teresa Okelley

      HUGH GHOSTS FAN,,,,,,,,,

    32. Inveeus

      Modern Warfare 2019 is a reboot. It basically takes place before the events of the original modern warfare because it’s before those missions even happen. The other games are not connected to this game.

    33. Jaywan Lodewyk

      I thought that Simon"Ghost"Riley was Alex Brother.😂

    34. Gamer Lācis

      This theory sucks. First of all ghosts actor and voice actor is the old ghosts actor, cant remember the name. And the actor all ready said he will do the part in the next games, so the face will be hes.

    35. Ashley Hickman

      Logan Walker is ghost ???

    36. Not Ghost

      No ghost is caption price

    37. Rogue SHD

      I really think Alex is private Allen his codename was Alexi when he worked with Makarov

    38. Isaac Lockett

      Ghost is from the UK and Alex is from the Us

    39. Isaac Lockett

      I think Alex is Alex and ghost is Simon riley

    40. jalpha

      After season 3 theory is dead

    41. Xeno Rebel

      When you realize Modern Warfare isn’t connected at all to the Modern warfare 2...

    42. NameIs Jeff

      In the first warzone lobby u cld sumtimes see ghost come up to u i then go back

    43. No one Gg

      So Alex is faking a British accent?

    44. Rally 184

      Alex is American where as ghost is in the uk tho

    45. Gak R

      This shit happens every time there’s a guy with no true identity

    46. Nah 465

      Umm I don’t think he realises that ghost is British and Alex is American

    47. Redbrine9

      Ghost is actually hesh and mace is logan from cod ghosts

    48. nathan ducharme

      What if it’s Logan or heash

    49. UnknownGamer 47

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="269">4:29</a> tell that to Han in fast and furious

    50. UnknownGamer

      Or could mw 2019 be teasing ghosts 2 cause that would be awesome.

    51. Leoh Ribeiro

      Before this game came out, there was a theory that Gaz became ghost after, Call of Duty 4...

    52. Henry Mead

      Hotel, trivago

    53. Henry Mead

      Coincident, I think not

    54. Henry Mead

      *the dog in ghosts is called riley*

    55. Juhani Williams

      It could also be a secret squad

    56. Juhani Williams

      Maybe ghost is a mantle like black panther or Ronan in comics

    57. Michael Games

      Alex is American, ghost is from the UK, sooo why woulf alex be ghost??

    58. Connor Caney

      Ghost is british, alex is american so how tf can they be the same people 🤣 stupid pointless

    59. Kmartin Panteah

      He has blue eyes

    60. Yung Ben098

      Alex could’ve been a former ghost.

    61. Smokey Julius Hazard

      all this talk about alternate timelines and universes didn't age well lol.

    62. Trash Star

      alex don’t have a british accent mate

    63. George Clark

      Says he's givingi his final verdict on who Ghost is, spends literally the entire video talking about Alex again.

    64. George Clark

      Ghost is English, that ends the Alex theory lol

    65. Ray&Yolla Makroro

      In season three ghost saw alex

    66. JoshMC2000

      Ghost is Just Ghost, Simon Reilly is his real name its not a fake name or anything. His Just a returning character from the old trilogy

    67. Agustin Miguelez

      Alex is american. Ghost is british. Period.

    68. wasim khan

      ghost recon or call of duty ghost or alex is a ghost

    69. Fudgeler Squad

      Ghost is not Alex the cutscene shows for season 2

    70. Mo boys Tazi

      Yo ghost is Logan from cod ghost even though Logan is American it’s a cover up

    71. Mo boys Tazi

      Dude ghost is such a cool special forces in modern warfare

    72. Tariq Ayadi

      Guys Ghost Clearly wears a BRITISH flag patch so how is he Alex an American

    73. tristrisX

      This theory doesnt work because of the season 2 trailer 🤣

    74. quinnmad Gaming 5

      This makes so much sense

    75. me name sean

      Guys I can't believe Alex is ghost Later in season 3 ALEX THE FUCK U DOING HERE

    76. Francis Garcia


    77. Connor Prince

      Forgot the missing leg bro

    78. ELK gamer

      I still haven't gotten over the ghost death in mw2

      1. Otoniel Rico

        Me too man I respect him

    79. lowghost5

      Alex couldn't be Ghost because Ghost is a brit and Alex is american.. plus Ghost never truly dies, no ghost does.

    80. pennywise 633

      It's not true Alex is not ghost because if u see the video for season 3 it shows Alex and Ghost so it's not true