The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Trevor Noah, DJ D-Nice)

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    Jimmy Fallon shouts out a new charity with Trevor Noah via video chat in another Tonight Show home edition. Tonight, Jimmy invites D-Nice to his #stayhome festivities fresh off the DJ's own epic virtual dance parties and tells coronavirus to Go On, Git.
    Jimmy is highlighting a different charity each night that you can donate to and help those in need. Tonight's charity, No Kid Hungry, is providing critical assistance to schools and community groups across the country to help feed the 22 million children who are losing access to the free school meals they rely on as the coronavirus closes schools nationwide. To donate directly to No Kid Hungry, visit
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    The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Trevor Noah, DJ D-Nice)


    1. chandler al

      Love the git skit!

    2. Kimberly Weber

      Props to Gloria for her joke!!

    3. ChrisFan

      Your shoes are undone

    4. Marianna Theron

      DO not walk the dog! Stay home!!

    5. Elan Hunter

      Jimmy have you seen this

    6. Grace M

      I always knew Jimmy is a big kid😂😂😂😂cool indoor slide👍🏽

    7. Morgan Evanoff

      thank you youtube dot com

    8. Ruthie Anderson

      I love the GO ON GIT!!! 😂😂😂

    9. Ruthie Anderson


    10. A.T. Nelson

      Awesome episode!!!! You guys are amazing for doing the show from home. Best guests ever! Thank you for the laughs!!!

    11. Chase Morissette

      Trust me there are zombies, I stopped selling drugs 8 years ago and I can hear the zombies in the streets the first day shit got serious.

    12. madyjules

      ✌🏼thanks Jimmy 🤣


      Jimmy says a joke: *Cricket noises* Me: well I guess the music matters.

    14. Donald Helsel

      After watching this and listening to Trevor I must add that it's not just the kids I drive Uber in Pittsburgh everydayand since this is started I have noticed a sharp increase in the amount of people begging or panhandling for any help whatsoever. But as I drive aroundI also recognized that even though my income has dropped dramatically I am still blessed to be able to work and provide for my family

    15. Lisa Coleman

      Go on Git, was definitely funnier than the monologue. That Russian HS reunion joke. (Groan)

    16. Lisa Coleman

      Yeh, the organic peanut butter was the only peanut butter left at my Costco. Ha, ha. Good thing that my regular brand.

    17. neejoy sola

      I love that Jimmy’s wife is dead pan silent and never laughs.

    18. CHIGGA

      Trevor fr said schools gives nutritious meal , lmao . Not here in Cali

    19. Kimberly DelaCruz

      So true! I hate watching the news so when I want to know what needs to be known I watch Trevor Noah and jimmys monologue

    20. CHIGGA

      What are they using to call?

      1. CHIGGA

        @neejoy sola btw u kinda ugly ...and fake

      2. CHIGGA

        @neejoy sola ? U gud?

      3. neejoy sola

        Trevor, Jimmy, thank you!!!! Love you guys, please know that WE ALL are so grateful for you. And ya, Trevor, I need a break from news 24/7 and You are my way of getting the

    21. CHIGGA

      His wife is Turkish ?

    22. Vagrant Vegan Show

      Ok so can jimmy not remember a single line. It been two weeks and this poor sap has completely given up wtf is happening? I’m never getting this time back, I’m gonna rewatch kimmel.

    23. CHIGGA

      Everybody just been copying Trevor Noah

    24. Nick D

      Hmm, if what troubles Trevor Noah the most is how the economic disruption hits the poor the hardest, the most. You'd think Trevor would then put 2 & 2 together & more vociferously support Bernie. But OfC, He couldn't sell his show thru advertisers, which includes insurance companies, weapons manufacturers, oil magnates..... Cuz don't we all know Bernie is the 20/20 visionary with full enuf clarity to win the presidency and most deservedly too. He's only now standing out cuz he's always been outstanding, but the times are bad enuf for his support of he American people is showing clear

    25. Michele H

      Not that you are not hilarious Jimmy, but I'm so distracted by your amazing house...I can't concentrate on what you are saying...🤣🤣🤣 your house looks like an amazing playground for your sweet littles..just beautiful 😊

    26. glazgogirl

      I feel the need for more COWBELL!!!

    27. Joselyn P

      Trevor Noah comes out at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="613">10:13</a>

    28. rprasad5

      Can we zoom in for the monologue?

    29. Niki Shavon

      GO ON GIT!! 🤠👋

    30. Darrell Cole

      Never have watched Jimmy Fallon before. i try to watch Trevor every day, if i can. Trevor gives such a good twist on what is happening and being funny at the same time. That is talent. no beating around the bush on that. Even w/o an audience I think he is still funny, IMHO

    31. Trap Jesus

      but I really like the stir up peanut butter! Adams for LYFE!!!

    32. Kicki Free


    33. shopgirldaisy

      BEST SO FAR!!! I actually peed my pants at “go on get” segment!!!

    34. Tammera Freno

      Dj! You are so sweet! I have look up your tribute to Kenny Rogers! My mummy loved him, soo I grew up listening to him. 🥰 thank you

    35. Tammera Freno

      OhMeGosh! The slide ending is the best! Needs to be the ending on the show..when things go back to normal??? Ya know, kinda the the end of the Carol Burnett show!😉

    36. Tammera Freno

      Trevor, Jimmy, thank you!!!! Love you guys, please know that WE ALL are so grateful for you. And ya, Trevor, I need a break from news 24/7 and You are my way of getting the necessities, for years! John Ollie, Seth M, Esteban Colbert! Thank you for not abandoning us! 😉

    37. Bultu Hirpa

      Intermittent fasting

    38. Morgan Brandy

      Damn, Trevor is far funnier than JF. Maybe it's in the genes!

    39. Natonia Wilson


    40. Justmemyownself

      Might I suggest setting up that teleprompter closer to the camera?

    41. MaryAnn Burman

      I was laughing out loud during your monologue and only wished you could hear the laughter from all of us enjoying your show. You're a gem!

    42. its personal

      Go on git. 🦠😂🤣😂🤣

    43. Jo Storm

      I listen to you guys to keep my blood pressure low and live. Chump trump makes my blood boil.

    44. Jo Storm

      Not toilet paper. We would stock pile on bullets and guns. Die zombies. Hope no rising from the dead from COVID19.

    45. Jo Storm

      Property Brothers can help you redecorate that room, or help with a better option. This is wonderful and funny.

    46. Mary Tipton

      I say hi 👋

    47. DeGolyer Films

      racist and trump h8ters on its circus side show of of h8 that never has any republicans on discimination

    48. DeGolyer Films

      the waste of space is the stupidest thing ever (knowing) there are child predators out there jackin off to its underage daughters

    49. Kate H

      I think it’s just an in general thing 😂 cause the first toilet paper video I saw was people in Australia having physical fights over toilet paper 😂


      Love the interview!!


      Jimmy Fallon either jokes not funny or I didn't just get it. Hope the interview was much more fun

    52. Im Right U’re Wrong

      Home edition rocks. No fake laughs. Also Jimmy has the most hideous interior! Yikes.

    53. lenaznap

      I sense a need for some rim shot app while there is no live audience

    54. Cheryl Shea

      Jimmy seems you are finding your rhythm and getting in the groove. Thank you so much to you and all your team. This feels kinda special and homey in the best way.

    55. Kate H

      My god every part of Jimmy’s house is so cool every new room we see is just the coolest and I love how always includes his daughters and I love how no one believes that’s his house 😂

    56. Saralie Pulliam

      The house is so kid friendly. Jimmy and Nancy are the biggest kids living there. Love it!

    57. lidya tsige

      God...what the hell

    58. Linda Lopez

      Go on get 😂😂😂😂ok I take my hat 🎩 of to you

    59. creep tho

      Jimmy be channeling his Rocky Raccoon

    60. Rilanglin Kharpuri

      All these talk show hosts doing their best to make us laugh.. thank you.. you will not be forgotten ❤️❤️❤️ The teleprompter thing was just too funny😆😆😆

    61. Sonja Breker

      Jimmy Fallon needs to do a full house tour. Right now I'm convinced he lives in a playhouses for kids with themed rooms.

    62. Sir Deadpool

      If Corona virus turned people into zombies,I bet he's a gamer

    63. Mimi YuYu

      Haha. I wondered the same thing when I get phone calls from my own phone number!! It might be me from the future... or me from the past... 🤯

    64. Brenda Ryan

      Awesome show! Great job Fallon Family!

    65. Lola Jovanovic

      This video was really refreshing to see you guys just so down to your home' your usual clothes..I will see you guys in a new light now.. although you always seemed nice but this is just another level..btw Trevor...I love that you are like me when it comes to being home-bodies...I love being home too... going out is like a chore lol

    66. Sofie


    67. Liza Sontheim

      It’s ridiculous that Jimmy has to read everything off a paper. As if he’d never learnt the basic principles of presenting content. Look at your audience, man! And learn your jokes before you make a show. Don’t be shit at your job just cause you’re already famous

    68. Leanne Sampson Bowden

      Jimmy is much better and not entertaining at home alone than on his regular show this ya great

    69. Pearl Douglas

      The BAND .... Hillarious.... Go on Get!

      1. Pearl Douglas

        Seasonal allergies!!!!! LoL

    70. Prima Murdock

      He seems much more comfortable doing this now. His first couple of these 'at home' videos showed him being anxious & were even awkward to watch. It was weird to me, b/c I'm just the opposite. I don't do well in front of an audience, but a natural ham in private w/fam & friends. Glad he is finding his comfort zone b/c it's becoming more entertaining!

    71. GiftEm

      Go on git, seasonal allergies. 😂😂😂

    72. David Hall

      maybe it's me, but it's funnier when no one laughs....

    73. Sue Donaldson

      I love Jimmys house: slide, wallpaper, decor - everything! Unique and original What fun to live there...

    74. Prima Murdock

      Are you paying your new band & crew? You may have to hire them permanently after this is all over b/c I was just thinking how they've been improving with each episode. 😄

    75. brightbite

      ... or as it's known in Russia Trump and Putin going on a date

    76. Sharon DeMedeiros

      Are you wearing your wife's clothes?

    77. Michael Catalano

      Trump will win you fuckin liberal Obama bastards

    78. Peter Cann

      Trevaah, he da man.

    79. nick

      please do more go on git, sooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!

    80. nick

      Jimmy thank-u for doing this to help life be better during this time and for sharing a bit of your life in self-isolation.