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    Discover what you can do for the world in The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!* Sustainable living starts with reducing, reusing, and recycling, but it goes far beyond that. Learn more here:
    Every choice you make affects your community-and their choices affect you too! From the power sources you rely on to how you design your home to the Neighborhood Action Plans you vote for, even the smallest changes can have a huge impact. Will you go green or embrace the swarms of flies?
    Available June 5, 2020, on PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4.
    Learn more about this Expansion Pack:
    Preorder now for PC, Mac, and Xbox One:

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    1. Bu494

      Next dlc: the sims 4 the coronavirus live

    2. Igor Horváth

      Can't they keep politicics out of entertainment industry?

    3. Papaya

      Neighborhood looks so small. Are these the gameplay overall? If so, the gameplay is so short and boring. I don't like this.

    4. Le Grand Jo-Jo mipinza Likobokatazuku

      i bet they can cure Covid-19

    5. Molteaser

      It would be mint if they made a were wolf expansion pack please like if you agree.

      1. Joanna

        should clean the real world. I know you put a lot of effort but It’s too stupid. There’s no use being a environment activist in game. We should do it irl.

    6. Ιωαννάκι Μικρό Λακτάκι

      Rumor has it this will be worse than My First Pet stuff

      1. The Gay Agenda

        Rumor has it this will be as good as seasons

    7. CometandFlyProductions 11

      At first I was kinda unsure, but looking at the EA Gamechanger's CAS reviews and such, Im kinda excited!

      1. CometandFlyProductions 11

        @Joanna ....Its just my opinion.

      2. Joanna

        I don’t wanna buy air pollution pay over 50$ for my sims world. I already got plenty of it in my real life. Who wants to clean the environment in game. If there’s someone like tha

    8. Duy Linh Chu Ha

      To me, The Sims is the successor of the type of game that Will pioneered, the simulation game. Like Cities Skylines, Truck simulators, Planet Coaster and the myriad of sport games, the goal of the game is to do something that you can't do in real life. It's a toy box for adults. It's not about the experience, it's about making your own fun. Setting your own goal and overcoming your own challenge is satisfying in a different way than seeing a movie. This kind of expansions are the kind that defeats that purpose. It's very designed, specific and laid out in ways that you as a player can't deviate much. One of the hidden well received feature is the Get Together's club system, where they introduce a small feature that can be messed around with and plenty of fun ensued. Other expansions that just stoke the creativity fire is like adding new piece of toys to the box like Seasons or Island Paradise, paradise and not living because paradise was much better, with the addition of seasons to enrich the experience and paradise introduce house boat which increase the variety of strange things you can create is just wonderful. Eco Lifestyle feels like it shouldn't be an expansion, it's quite limited in its scope and should have been a small pack, attached to island living perhaps with the zero waste nonsense when trashes just disappear out of sight anyway, same with wardrobe and household items. It's not an exciting patch, it feels like the Sims team have ran out of ideas. At t his point, I just want them to get on with it and announce they are working on the Sims 5 with this as the last patch. I think we have had enough. If you are making the Sim 5, please make an SDK for the modders, so they can mess with everything and make it so they can detect conflicts. The Sims is running on the back of the modders at this point who clean up after Maxis just like Skyrim and Bethesda.

      1. soinu foig

        When is this coming out

    9. Tequila Mockingbird

      If you need more Sims content, check out

    10. __

      well... EA does love recycling...

    11. J F

      Please update the weather in game to include temperatures, fronts, ice pellets, more severe storms that can cause damage and knock out the power

    12. txag07


    13. Elisa Setyawati

      I just wish everytime sims travel didn't have to get that loading screen just like the sims 3 (except going out of the city) sucks when you want to go to near lot and you have to wait for the I rarely went to many places. just ride that yellow cab you know.....well idk maybe thats just me

    14. Shayne Licayan

      Omg I'm already loving this pack. Super excited

    15. Ava patey

      I feel as though they could of used this in the tiny living pack, and just make tiny living a full on expanshion, beacuse Tiny homes are used to go green and stuff like that, and it fit perfictely into eco living, But insted if you want both of these packs you have to pay around 70$ just to use eco freindly things and build tiny homes.

    16. עידו אלי

      I hope the new map will have more then 10 lots

      1. The Gay Agenda

        It has 15

    17. Illidril

      I could not care less I really couldn't...

    18. claire b

      anyone else feels like it should be a game pack instead of an expansion pack

      1. claire b

        Ryleigh Y alright then just me

      2. Ryleigh Y


    19. Killer Valentine

      Sooo I'm late to the party for saying this, but eating bugs is not vegetarian or vegan, bugs and honey is still consider to be animal and animal products. My sim, personally to reflect my own lifestyle has been like actively avoiding all of the eggs and dairy products that other Sims players have been doing and custom restaurants and diners and retail stores. I mean a small counter argument to myself now that there's like plentiful amounts of vegan dairy products and Vegan egg products oh, I could just simply pretend as much as I pretend eating all this stuff and thinking that it tastes just like eggs and just like milk. But I'm not going to try out the insect Buffet, I most likely will use the console command to cheat in that aspiration

    20. Alex

      This is why l can't wait for paralives

    21. k jenny

      I don’t wanna buy air pollution pay over 50$ for my sims world. I already got plenty of it in my real life. Who wants to clean the environment in game. If there’s someone like that, should clean the real world. I know you put a lot of effort but It’s too stupid. There’s no use being a environment activist in game. We should do it irl.

    22. H

      Oh come on, still no cars?

    23. That one guy in the comments

      When is this coming out Edit: Never mind, it’s 40 dollars

      1. Facu Filippini

        next friday, june 5

    24. Diala Alkaderi

      When it will be?!!

      1. Facu Filippini

        next fridayy

    25. Ashley

      I’m leaving 😷

    26. Oblivionaire

      Maggie will save us

    27. CJ Grinchy


    28. Cali 0102

      Sims: *can now woohoo in trash* Well Kelly Impiccishmay is going to have a fun time as matriarch...

    29. mimimurlough

      Uuuuh, advertising woohoo in a kids game? Risqué EA

      1. Ryleigh Y

        It’s been in the sims for long time so who cares

    30. Tigran Karapetyan

      I remember when the sims was exciting. That's right, I wrote that in the past tense - it's not exciting anymore.

    31. Lovely Touch

      Instead of focusing on more fun and entertaining expansion packs,they bring this to us?!?Its a waste and a trash probably made for the money taking.Shame on them!

    32. baby boomer

      Literally love how 90% of the comments are of people trashing on EA

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        expansion trailer I have ever seen for the sims, I get it if you put this as a game pack but as an expansion? (YES, I STILL WANT TO RUN MY OWN HOTEL)

    33. Cookie Leetro

      I started play the sims when I was 7 god.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Is this an expansion, what? Like, I'm a green thumb and love gardening and love doing things for the environment, I EVEN RECYCLE. But this must have been the worst

    34. Isaac Weaver

      This looks awesome. I can't wait

    35. hana choi

      looks boring 😕

    36. Saraii On The Daily

      EA please create a super market game pack PLEASE.Ideas:the sims can buy foods that the sims are only able to eat.In order to make a dish the sims must buy the ingredients for the dish in order to make it.Sims can also own a supermarket and hire employees the usual like what’s already in the game but it’s a supermarket and sims can also work there.And would be able to check out and get ringed up like a real life super market.After sims are finished shopping the items the sims have purchased will be in the refrigerator.AGAIN PLEASE EA

    37. Сергей

      And when will it be released? I'm just curious?

      1. The Gay Agenda

        June 5th

    38. Ptao Tom

      Honestly, I'm so proud of us as a community for coming together and trashing EA.

    39. Owen Wilson

      *knox looks like a simp*

    40. Doggo101

      The sims make everything look perfect! While My sims are a disaster

    41. jeff Skelley


      1. Ptao Tom

        At this point, they’re just throwing stuff together and releasing it. Won’t get my money!

    42. jeff Skelley


    43. Etheral101

      I love this ladies voice. I actually like this trailer. Cant wait for this dlc.

    44. Agung Prastistha Surya

      I'll just pretend this expansion never existed.

    45. Fp Mo

      Male a corona one 😭

      1. Fp Mo


    46. Self Game Player

      I really wonder what were they thinking about while creating woohoo thing in the garbage 🤔🤔

    47. YejiFanboy

      This doesn't seem fun at all

    48. Fergus

      The sims 5 is coming in a year (give or take) and they’re still making expansion packs

    49. Matthias Sneyers

      Is this an expansion, what? Like, I'm a green thumb and love gardening and love doing things for the environment, I EVEN RECYCLE. But this must have been the worst expansion trailer I have ever seen for the sims, I get it if you put this as a game pack but as an expansion? (YES, I STILL WANT TO RUN MY OWN HOTEL)

    50. Jennyfer Hatala


    51. Jamie Roberson

      The absolute worst part that ever made if I wanted to clean trash I would just put a bunch of ghosts in my house

    52. AnnaBanana 55

      So I sent my sim to university and she got kicked out because her grades were poor. I don’t get it though. She always did her home work, she made her presentations perfect and I still got F’s. What and I doing wrong??

    53. Brenda x

      lol there really is no way to avoid political propaganda, even in video games. this is totally climate change propaganda and the sad part is we have to pay for it. next up abortion expansion pack, oh even better pandemic expansion pack !

    54. Beck Desouza

      Damn people rly love telling EA how much they hate everything they do

    55. zijuiy wttuy

      now they do.

    56. Alexa Ruffin

      At this point, they’re just throwing stuff together and releasing it. Won’t get my money!

    57. Aurionne Gaston

      As much as everyone is mad about this but you all are putting too much faith and pressure on a game you havent even played yet and/or never been released yet. (Paralives)

    58. fat belly boy


      1. zijuiy wttuy


    59. Bet y

      Why there is still no car in the game ?

    60. Shyron Mccullen

      I love this I love all your game the sims 4 and it is amazing I can't wait for it to come out

    61. SeekersLegacy

      I’m literally just sitting here laughing at all these commenters who somehow think Sims 4 sucks. In what fictional reality? Sims 4 is an amazing, well made game and it’s not the worst game in the series by any means. I’m sorry. It’s not. Maybe some of you just have bad taste. I mean, you could just accept that Sims 4 is actually legitimately good instead of inventing things to complain about.

      1. Jamie Roberson

        they're not saying the Sims 4 sucks I absolutely love this game but I hate how he is treating us and I hate this pack it's absolutely terrible but love the game

    62. AnalDash

      Damn, the American Sims community is ruthless.

    63. Spilled_Ink 0917

      Maybe it’s just because the sims 4 was my first sims game (and before anyone makes assumptions I’m 16) and I’m very selective with which packs I buy- but I actually really like the new expansion? Like tiny living made me write stories for sims that could interact together- that’s what helped my game feel more alive. Story progression would be amazing, but if I’m in control- why not make stories I love? This is going to be the perfect pack for the eco-inclined florist I made. The build items look cool, there’s some story and substance here, and you get to choose what and where gets affected. Hell that means even Myshuno could be polluted (which could definitely be kind of neat). I didn’t understand why some people said the fandom was toxic before (I usually don’t interact with communities around games I play- just talk about it with other fans of the game that I know irl) but gods, this comment section is very.. mob like to me. It seems like everyone who sees even a single person liking the pack becomes so aggressive.

    64. mjakeli6

      How can insects be an alternative to meat? Insects ARE meat 👏👏👏

    65. Guardian Of The Duat

      Wtf is this virtue signaling hippie bullshit?

    66. oh noes

      Nobody asked, nobody wanted. We don’t even cause any

      1. Spilled_Ink 0917

        We literally voted for this a few years ago

    67. Marckel of Mars

      This ain’t Simlish

    68. xXCharlieRiverXx

      I’m sure Jim’s Pickens will love the having the bug harvester and the vertical gardens added to his dungeon

    69. _Gabiqqq _

      I have a question wether this house with solar panel will be placed in the gallery or in the city in The Sims 4? Is very fine.

    70. Mr.Who

      I seriously hate how they represent their game so Idiotic and childish... Like WTF!? They lituarly want destroy the Sims for us...

    71. Sophie_CL

      Hatte letztens in sims4 nen verbuggten sim... also so wie die in sims3 werde wohl nd mehr sims spielen weil ich iwie Angst vor diesen bug habe , Bzw es sieht mega creepy aus :(

    72. Laurentiu Mihai


    73. Hello

      This is so cringy and reflects how bad sims 4 is. They completely ruined the series im so sad! Screw EA! its meant to be an open ended game what is going on!!!!!?


      I’m shocked they left the comments on💀😂

    75. Creepy Spooker

      I'm getting this pack SOLELY because of the fact that they finally added facial piercings and stretched ears

    76. Kalyani_h_

      Next can you please make a pack where sims can have disability's?

      1. Spilled_Ink 0917

        That’s such a cool idea. I think the only problem is that they wouldn’t be able to represent them all. I’d like it if you could choose how a sims body was affected (like if they need a wheel chair some or all of the time) like if you could choose symptoms you know? So if a player wants a sim to have a certain disability (I can see many people doing this for their self sims) they can recreate it or get at least somewhat close

    77. Carlo B.

      I can't believe that all the youtube simmers Spoiled everything😪

    78. Ease Livers

      I want to The Sims Facebook version. I am dying for it.

    79. Cassie

      This is so cringeworthy. You can hear the actual pain in her voice.

    80. Crystal Hannah

      I’m literally so irritated by these comments, ya’ll are the most ungrateful bunch I’ve ever seen in my life. Watch lilsimsie’s review on this pack and then tell me what you think. Also people were saying this should’ve been a game pack before the trailer even came out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The game isn’t even OUT YET! This is SO annoying. Also Paralives isn’t even out yet and ya’ll are comparing it to the Sims 4? Ya’ll make me sick!!! You don’t even know what paralives is like yet!! Also they can’t have cars without open world and for open world they would have to reprogram every single pack, and everything about the Sims 4. If you want cars, be patient until The Sims 5 ok? Also sorry the Sims wants you to be good people! Seems like you just want polluting cars while you litter up the streets.

      1. Spilled_Ink 0917

        THANK YOU!