The Night My Heart Stopped Beating

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    Top 5 scariest moments of my life. Buckle up buckaroo, i'm bout to take you for a ride.
    The Night My Heart Stopped Beating - Animated by Young Don The Sauce God
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    1. Young Don The Sauce God

      Thank you for watching, I hope this video made your lock down a little more enjoyable, and when you're done, don't forget to check out my friends at Pham Jam animations:

      1. x CallMeWill x

        So that 🐱 was to die for 😂

      2. Fused Gogeta

        Young If see this: I love your videos I look up to you. You truly have the Sauce

      3. Dave the god

        Ye mon dis video definitely made quarantine better for me hope u staying me General 🤣

      4. Scott Vincent Tales

        Seth Vice Wow, I’m glad you are doing well now

      5. Aldre Wauchope

        i know u still remember that "specific sentence"..🙌

    2. Bruno Rocha Morales

      hey dude! just wanted to tell you, I think someone is directly and blatantly ripping off your videos.. the channel is called Tru.. so i hope you can check it out..

    3. asioe kiou

      The doctor said I had blood clots But I ain't Jamaican, man... - Yeezy | College Dropout (2004)

      1. asioe kiou

        That phrase was "I'm having chest pains"

    4. Matt

      Don what are your thoughts on the Minneapolis Riots??

    5. Belandy Joseph

      The night I stopped beating. Didn’t see the actual title until I clicked

    6. YBN_JESUSツ

      Don:My heart stopped working Doctors:Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?

    7. YungTyler209

      Man should of looked it up on Google they would of told him that he just has cancer

    8. mellyy mels

      Yo the same thing happened to me except Ima virgin. I almost DIED TOO

    9. Rajeev Raymond

      Shows nileseyys beat: Me: WHY YOU DISSIN MY MAN LIKE THAT HU! HU! HUUUUUUU!

    10. Baby Girl

      “Yo shock me nigga SHOCK ME!” Dude I’m DEAD😂💀

    11. Kimberley Norris


    12. Soul_User1 ,

      Alternat title: P**sy so good I almost died

    13. Tyler

      Shawty so good put my nigga in a trans....

    14. Alexander Andre

      Had a same experience... Kingston hospitals are EXPENSIVE THO MY G! 🇯🇲 big fan.. keep up the good work...

    15. X_ AT25_X

      I actauly think i have this

    16. Makii Beats

      Yo Don.. what's your email bro?

    17. wxlf

      *this man cheated death.*

    18. LÉ_thni girL

      Was it bc of vaping u got this Afib?

    19. Jayden Marieta

      Bro i cant believe this you have growed so much just from like 200k subs bro ure a real legend u inspire me As a african american man ty u make 2020 be a good year so please please dont stop uploading❤❤❤

    20. Dvine Slim

      That phrase was "I'm having chest pains"

    21. Mahlia's World

      Hey are you jamaican

    22. Kenneth smith

      i watched this elevated and brooooooooooooooo wtf A one Box lmao im crine real tears lol

    23. Gadas Don

      Why are u so inconsistent? :(

    24. KGthebeast

      Who remembers clout is everything an original cartoon series... a where is episode 2

    25. Gucha_kiayh697 ?

      Him:shock me nigga shock me! Me:doesn’t shock him and his dies Him now:telling the story 😂😂😂😂😂 also me:made most of this up 😂😂😂😂

    26. Cy

      Does he draw these by himself, or does he have someone else do it for him

    27. Bre_YT twitch

      He was about to bites the dust

    28. Rio Kirky

      Jeez that must have been terrible

    29. PTEREX

      ✨Please god make his heart stop beating again 🙏✨

    30. Teon Bigbee

      The nesly niles edit 😂😂😂

    31. Teon Bigbee

      “So of coarse I panicked“😂😂😂

    32. Xavier fairley

      goofy as shit 😂

      1. Xavier fairley


      2. Xavier fairley


    33. SKRT GANG

      How TF this man get that vocabulary

    34. GalaxaStar

      Omg That's is scary and crazy.I'm glad you made it through it though. It is weird for someone young to go through that. I would have been crying.


      Kimmie D no disrespect everybody has a Time


      Remember that girl Don did a collaboration with he left her in the dust bro

    37. Tyler B

      You’re the best animator, I appreciate your videos, never stop making them, I love you (no homo)

    38. jshine williams

      if your heart stop you have been dead by now

    39. Joseph Njoroge

      Stop the cap stop the cap

    40. Marquez Moore

      That one moment when don dose "it" too hard

    41. Nezuko Chan

      At least she really cared for you

    42. **

      *Mama bear*

    43. Xavier Brooks

      Why have you say this at this time instead of 4 ovlock

    44. Keen x Design

      only fans @bean_baby

    45. puffy pizza

      This was so funnyyyy 🤣

    46. Ph4ntomg Fadoju

      Who else started breathing weird while watching this vid 0_0

    47. Phoenix SatoV

      " SHOCK ME N******* SHOCK ME"

    48. Toxic Cxrtz

      Coochie was so good it almost killed don💀💀💀

    49. JustAWeeb

      Where the story of your mom making a manager cry at?

    50. Pro_ NOOB

      triniboi passing

    51. Linel Jenkins

      does he have coronavirus

    52. The Alex 43

      R.i.p don

    53. Jay Santos

      “Shock me nigga shock me” LMAO😭

    54. Reezy

      Bianca was an SS tier threat

    55. Reezy

      Bianca was an SS tier threat

    56. Vuyo Makhwelo

      Ask me about the anesthesia 😂 I've had alot of those in this lifetime

    57. Vuyo Makhwelo

      The clear thing 😂

    58. Alexander Jackson

      Your stupid

    59. Squidwards Nose


    60. Shyne Williams

      So after all of that you didn't go on the show "sex sent me to the ER"

    61. T. H.


    62. T. H.

      I thought he was going to be diagnosed with covid-19, honestly I'm glad that he wasn't.

      1. Charles Lusk

        This was a few years ago

    63. Anthony Norra

      Fun storytime of my own in 2014 i got stabbed multible times in the ribs and in the stomach died in the ambulance and was then ressucitaded in the ambulance dont fuck around in the streets

    64. farus kiflom

      Mama bear is real one ☝🏼💯

    65. Brandz

      Shortys kitty sent him to hospital

    66. played pieces

      Good lol

    67. Skade

      My man was having too much fun

    68. The BigBrainShow

      Pussy was to good😂😂

    69. Blocks_bucks Games

      When I walked in I would've said um my hart is not beating

    70. Daylen Hugan

      I’m just glad your ok.

    71. iceynike3

      A Healthy heart rate is a trap beat

    72. Lord of Skag

      his heart stopped for like a split second when they shocked him tight

    73. Rocierra Green

      Man that's one honest doctor and well were all glad your here and healthy.

    74. MoneyV

      My last name Hines too

    75. Slice Dice

      This sounds like an episode of house.

    76. lora rosario

      I think I have the same thing

      1. lora rosario

        I'm only 10

      2. lora rosario

        I'm not kidding 😨😰

    77. Unkill Larry012

      🥺 RIP

    78. King Zzz

      I have afib

    79. KDY Family

      Forever my fav young don video

    80. Thunder_strike_4

      Bruh I love these also I like this kinda animation