The Netherlands Is Letting People Get Sick to Beat Coronavirus



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    As most of the world practices social distancing, the Dutch are trying a different strategy to protect the vulnerable from the coronavirus: They’re aiming for so-called “herd immunity,” or what happens when enough people have survived the illness to effectively slow its spread.
    “As we wait for a vaccine or medicine, we can slow down the virus spreading and at the same time build up herd immunity in a controlled manner,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said last week during an update on COVID-19, the contagious respiratory illness caused by the coronvirus.
    Like a lot of other world leaders, Rutte is now in the business of calming his citizens down. But he’s also a pragmatist.
    “The reality is also that in the coming period a large part of the population will be infected with the virus," he added.
    So unlike the Italians or the French, the Dutch are not on lockdown. Schools and restaurants have been told to close, but strict social distancing hasn’t been imposed. People are still hanging out in parks. Even the coffee shops that sell weed are open, though now only for to-go orders.
    The owner of one coffee shop in Tilburg, who goes by his nickname Meuk, told VICE News that in times like these, establishments like his are vital because they help people keep calm. But Meuk is still taking precautions.
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    1. VICE News

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      1. Zbriu

        Don't watch anything in this channel. It's all sensationalism. This video is complete BS and most likely other videos in this channel are no different. While the Dutch Prime Minister is kind of the European Donald Trump, i don't think they would just suicide. Dutch Prime Minister only talks BS but this video is no different.

      2. Oki

        This is some real mis information shit. It's on the edge of being fake news. Remove this plz.

      3. Andypirate

        This is the best choise, so your economy wont collapse like the Italian one

      4. Javier Fernandez

        Like you never ate a bat. Stfu

      5. Mr Bains productions

        Most news is fake ... you been programmed like a robot open your mind be free and beat the system that you a slave too

    2. Sabrina W.


    3. Kimberly Cox

      😱😱😱😱😱 Oh My....What is there left to say?!?!?!

    4. Trufax

      this pandemic really showcased the idiocy of some countries

    5. Jelles

      This item is totally misleading and not what is happening here. We do practice social distancing and have a lock-down .

    6. Charles Wundt

      Commie news site ! Run away !!!

    7. toolittoquit

      This seems sort of disingenuous.. It really doesn't sounds any different than the state I live in. Liquor stores and dispensaries are all open. So are other vital stores (gas stations, banks, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.)

    8. J K

      coffeeshop vital part my ass!! damn junkies...

    9. Sonny Everywhere

      BULLSHIT, that's not the strategy! We are having an intellectual lockdown, lots of measures also taken and the herd-immunity is just an extra... this is a miscommunication! This is old! This is the old measures, it's way stronger now so the video is bullshit. You CANNOT upload this, because now we are almost in a lockdown too! It changes everyday. Old news, wrong perspective.

    10. The Us


    11. rozi hanafi

      are they really high? no social distance, no lockdown, smoking weed......LOL

    12. K Mohan

      Having top position of health system does not matter if virus spread very fast they wouldn't enough beds and medical professionals we can see that in other countries.

    13. Untimely Demise

      The Headline - Not true - NL is plotting a path very similar to UK. Gradual infection to prevent the overwhelm of healthcare (how optimistic!), with Population Immunity to be resurrected in a few months as part of the Lockdown Exit Strategy...Personally I think that all persons under 40 who live in households with only persons same age or younger need to all go back to work in a few weeks, then gradually increase the age bracket until only over 65 are self-isolating...

    14. GuildMaster DutchyMon

      The whole thing is completely overblown, all governments are tortuously interfering with market based liberty

    15. inaciocook

      Vice news... No news at all... More and more misleading everyday... Unsubscribing! WTF with this title! Total hoax!

    16. Andrew Martel

      Everyone is gangster until the virus mutates slightly and then everyone is back up for a reinfection

    17. Flower Bee

      Why this PM don't apply his plan on himself first

    18. Rauderce

      The Netherlands will be remembered as the country that gave up.

    19. Michael Erasmus

      Russia 5G for military use only , little to no infections , North Korea little to no infections , Europe high 5G rollout ,high density populations ,high infection rates , 5G TEN TIMES HIGHER FREQUENCY THAN 4G , Biological Cell Disruption , patients on a little oxygen , then suddenly 90 percent of lungs filled with fluid from burst blood cells and body fluid, PATIENTS UNABLE TO BREATH requiring ventilators catching medical staff unawares. 21 million cell phones off in China since January , not everyone as a result of death . 5 G Frequency just below the level of a weapon's classification , herd immunity so that we can adapt and acclimatise to the frequency of the internet of THINGS / MACHINES. Whats a few hundred million deaths in the march of progress ??!! 5G because mobile phones are increasingly used in buildings ,subways ,remote areas etc , your motor vehicle needs to tell your house that you are nearly home ,to switch on the TV , air conditioning ,kettle , its no longer just a phone . BUT the human body is not ready to deal with high frequency disruption at a cellular level , that's why this is not just a flu , that's why it affects everyone young or old and why some get it twice with no immunity built up from the first time they were infected .

    20. Solomon Gabert

      Still doing more than Idaho.

    21. David Morales

      They dip their french fries in mayo and live to talk about it so, it might work.

    22. Ronald Hinton

      Google Chinese Firewall kept Virus a secret for months while Chinese tourists infected 37 countries. Chinese Internet Firewall kept Virus Secret for months

    23. Atom M

      What the hell is this Vice, I see you still keep misleading people.

    24. annie Bell

      Please preface this with they have a decent healthcare system ,not every country has this luxury places like Africa will lose millions of people because of lack of semi decent health care systems

    25. howo357

      That looks like controlled her immunity that every country is doing right now. The point of locked down is to not overwhelm the healthcare system. This is very different than the traditional sense of herd immunity or the one UK suggested.

    26. Jon Bateman

      Typical stupid vice Remember why I don’t watch this crap

    27. KhmerD0g

      herd immunity More like swamp the hospitals to the breaking point. LOL

    28. Donald Grant

      The Spanish Flu lasted 2 years. !0 years in some places. Are you willing to stay home for 2 years? Who's going to get food for you for 2 years. So at this point we have to decide if we are going to except the loses and get the virus or are we going hide from it for 2 years and probably still get it. Now I'm a 63 year old man who vapes, probably won't make it, but being lock up for 2 years isn't in my DNA. But you guys decide. I vote let's get it and get it over with.

    29. Ian Graham

      Is it just me or is the Netherlands just better than the US in every single way!

    30. gjs67

      The only way to deal with this is to let it spread, it's going to anyway. It's like any other flu virus. The seasonal flu doesn't overwhelm the healthcare system. The number of deaths from this so far is no where near the number of deaths from the flu. Old people die, you shouldn't be shocked by that. People have very unrealistic expectations of the healthcare system. Wash your hands, pretty simple , there is no high tech cure, no number respirators will save us. Be thankful it doesn't seem to effect children, who are our future. But then I guess most people don't have childre.

    31. Car Lea

      "Dutch coronavirus cases pass 10,000: health authorities" (Reuters)

    32. Jason Hartley

      China has the biggest herd in the world bar India . Hasn't work there has it ?

    33. Dean Stangherlin

      Well your bloody wrong .how many people have to die before the world understands whats happening .from italy. act now not to cry later

    34. hot Asian

      Wearing a mask is an effective way to avoid the virus, because the virus can spread through saliva.



    36. mevin thomas

      Herd immunity is only viable if you have vaccine . Before taking such huge risk we need to make sure that country has enough life support systems and medical staff. If there is lockdown you will distroy the economy but what point in having healthy economy if you witness thousands of dead bodies .

    37. Default User

      This is a real stupid idea

    38. juniel93

      If they don't have the answer why to put in danger the population its absurd

    39. Mark Peacock

      If your healthy, isn’t it better to contract the corona virus and have your immune system build up antibodies to combat it? This strain will probably mutate every year and there will be a problem with it every season, but if your immune system has already fought it, it has the blueprint of this virus ( which is a strain of common influenza) and can combat it every time you are exposed and the symptoms will get less and less every year. The vast majority of people exposed already have built up immunity (from contracting other similar strains of influenza in the past) and have mild symptoms or don't even get sick. If this wasn't true there would be millions dead already. Sooner or later you will be exposed to it and if your immune system isn't ready, you could have real problems as the virus mutates beyond the original strain and your body has no blueprint to fight it. People, stop the fear mongering please.

    40. Bendu Nemesis

      Italy is now at 0,1 % and have 800-900 deaths everyday. Still 59,9% to go. Great theory.

    41. H. Anthony Ribadeneira

      "Herd immunity???" In the us, a 60% infection rate and a 2% mortality rate would mean 5,000,000 dead.... DEAD. MORE AMERICANS THAN ALL WARS COMBINED... EVER

    42. H. Anthony Ribadeneira

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> that's not 20 seconds.. literally 9 seconds.

    43. Frank Barone

      I love this. Keeping people calm with weed. Who wants to go anywhere when your paranoid anyway. Great Idea. Now I gotta twist one. 💋🤏Time to bake some brownies for grandma too.

    44. mehedi haque

      This is just a dumb person ignoring an educate scientist research

    45. Hein Verschure

      Absolutely bullshit, I'm Dutch, and everybody is inside, see other Dutch reactions below

    46. Jose Maganinho

      the smartest people in europe killing their own people and ending EU. so sad..

    47. NightOwl

      smoking weed is beneficial for the lungs right ?

    48. aruna singh

      Those who hit bongs are least vunrable to Corona it's a medicine mentioned in the oldest Indian medican

    49. Emma Winberg

      I worry that the Dutch will have an overstretched healthcare system with this strategy. Yes herd immunity is needed, but the point of isolation is to ensure not everyone gets sick at once. Also, not smart to be promoting smoking weed at this time - in fact now would be a very wise time to quit smoking any tabacoo product altogether since the risk of lung complications including pneumonia more than quadruples in smokers with the virus

    50. François Dion

      It's an interesting concept. Since children seem to be under represented in this pandemic and the elderly are over represented, perhaps a selective lockdown would be more appropriate. Something in between.

    51. Amendus

      Weed is addictive, that's why the coffee shops could not stay closed. 😂

    52. Heath Huston

      I feel a lot of people with smoking , COPD , related conditions won’t get through this pandemic .

    53. Juja JJ

      Sick, devil kind of people, no values, no respect for human lives. Killers. You have no evidence that this will work.

    54. Shashank Srivastava

      Only when u are confident about your health infrastructure. Risky if demography is tilted in favour of old.

    55. Iron King

      Only the strong will survive....

    56. Jam Idaw

      There is a plan by Masons to kill 2/3 of the planet by the end of 2100

    57. Omy Kris

      From the UK ... good bless Holland 💙 stay safe keep fighting.

    58. Trevor Weaver

      The guy didnt wash his hands properly, if he had the virus when he turned off the faucet his hand would touch the infected handle. Thus, making his whole routine null.

    59. johan day

      Why would the Such do such a thing ? Letting the people get sick is criminal.

    60. Barbara Lindhjem

      The worst possible way to deal with this virus. Community spread will be exponential and overwhelm the health care system. Test, test, test....masks, social distancing, home isolation. You can achieve herd immunity... SLOWLY.

    61. Weird World

      "Herd immunity" never heard it before, I wasn't in Spain in 1918.

    62. 霜田修

      1549year. Enprers Old frend Think. Now Hayama is HighScoler Men WW after Sward One This Gate.

    63. noble_eagle

      Not sure about herd immunity. We don't know yet if a person will become immune to the virus once she/he has already been infected

    64. Hugh Jass

      Irresponsible and dangerous, treating people like Guinea pigs or worse, collateral damage...

    65. Frank S

      With a conservative death rate of 1.5% this will mean over 150,000 persons in the Netherlands will die.

    66. Saturian Khazard

      UK: Heard-immunity? That's gonna kill a lot of people! Africa: Right...

    67. maanvol

      Euthanasia is their forte, and corona is their new ally in the conquest! Many junkies and gays come here to defend the herd contamination, because it suits them well -- they are the policymakers in the Netherlands!

    68. kaglioster

      UK tried it too. Bye Neanderthals...

    69. Cogito ergo sum

      17k people put their thumbs up for this video? You bunch of misled imbeciles!

    70. Pipboy Approved

      This "herd immunity" experiment is basically a mass human experiment on the scale of whole country population. Which WILL cause mass deaths. Even if the virus won't mutate to something much more sinister. Bear in mind that it doesn't only violate basic human right for life, but considering that the pathogen is novel, is extremely risky, thus careless, if not mad, adventure. The people, that are promoting this idea and the descision makers who heed to these ideas should be arrested and forced to face responsibility for their direct actions that will lead to massive loss of life. Just ask yourself, which one of your friends or close ones are you willing to sacrifice for that kind of experiment? I guess even most notorious WWII leaders wouldn't have tested something like that on their own citizens.

    71. johnhagebeuk8

      Please people wake the f up. This is all about selling vaccines and create a 100% vaccinated population so it can be redused. The people who get sick are the vaccinated once who got the flu shot late 2019

    72. Eduard Stancu

      After the herd immunity they will bring people from Africa to replace the dead ones.

    73. Michaela Francis

      Ah!... coffee shop weed sellers touting themselves as vital for the mental stability of the state! You've just got to love the Dutch!

      1. Untimely Demise

        I wonder of smoking that rough old weed in a big cigarette paper joint with some shag tobacco and no filter would in any way compromise the lungs? Even using a little pipe is still smoking? At a time when healthy lungs are a real bonus? just askin'

    74. God Emperor Trump

      The perfect type of immunity for the herds of sheeple

    75. el karpour

      Completely misleading video, please don't rely on VICE for actual news, use credible news sources instead.

    76. D E

      You guys are high. That is not the strategy at all. I live there. We’re in semi lockdown. Stores and companies are closed except food stores and you can only get in 1 at the time with a max of 4 in the store.

      1. D E

        maanvol Nope. The reason is that when they close you ensure street trade. Which is not desired.

      2. maanvol

        Coffee shops are open as well, for they have been declared 'primary necessity of life'!

    77. Neron

      Black Rock is walking around.

    78. The CCP Virus

      I wonder if there is actually a possibility getting it the 2nd time...

    79. Darrell Ray Hunt

      AMAZING Talk about lack of care for its own people currently they are 8 most deaths and 37 per million are dead USA is 7 deaths per million so who is in control in the Netherlands is it a dictatorship? need to overthrow the government soon , but let me guess they have socialized Bernie Sanders healthcare so they cannot afford to care for its people. Still want healthcare for all? I never will!! Trump 2020!!!!!!

    80. Jenny klarke

      This could work if mist the population cooperates. Also, those with compromised immune systems, respiratory or heart illnesses would need to isolate.