The Morons Of Coronavirus

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    1. Nokia

      Starts doing main channel videos again cuz u cant get guests rn to your podcast and your personality is too boring and disgusting to carry it. so you upload a main channel video to get some sort of cash. What a bunch of Jews.

    2. Sammuel Hayden

      They didnt care until it bursts

    3. T V

      Where have you been ethun

    4. Travo The Wavo

      Longtime lover of the series, but I just keep noticing the agendas that Ethan are trying to push and it irks me, ff you know, you know. I think it's because of his podcast.

    5. Rupam Saikia

      Ethan had Corona all this time

    6. TheNarf11

      *Old titanic lady voice* *ive been waiting for 60 long years*

    7. Neniu

      Les États-Unis me répugnent.

    8. unicorn skullcrusher

      Wow a normal video

    9. Christopher G

      Maybe the boomers were right about our generation.

    10. Moldygreenbean

      Wait... what is this ?

    11. battlegate

      Dude doesn’t have his storage unit of hand sanitizer anymore because antifa tracked his ass down and the state seized it



    13. Grant McDonald

      Thus isn't the same Ethan I know. He looks different...


      I know how to make that silver stuff at home

    15. Graham McAlindin

      The Jesus guy looks like a ventriloquist puppet actually became a person

    16. Ben O’Neill

      If someone says “like” every 3 seconds then chances are they’re a dumbass

    17. miim

      Wait ethan made a video without saying the n-word? Nice...

    18. gornes

      Fyi, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneyWorld closed very early, as soon as the outbreak began in Japan

    19. Alessandro Bogoni

      Musk will save is all

    20. KillerSpike 25

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="338">5:38</a> Actually the world would be better without you kasey

    21. Actesta

      9 fucking months .

    22. KillerSpike 25

      that "fuck the corona virus" was cringe asf

    23. moddest


    24. Tyler Mendez

      Right before the nashville is undefeated video there was a massive tornado that recked it so that could have been what they were refering to

    25. Fedor Djogani

      Itally wanted to take the spot as the least responsible nation but we all knew no one can beat America baby! Let's go (among other people)

    26. Justin Ward

      So my mom's immuno compromised atm so she's very high risk so like I could lose her if I caught it and shit my dad too it's very dangerous but the real question is what's the next step

    27. EddieGavidia

      I’ve lost almost all respect for you I’m unsubscribing

    28. lunita thinks

      ethan we missed u man, but i only want hila and u to be happy with teddy truly. papa bless

    29. Anu

      It also affects babies, you know? Not just old people. 🤦‍♀️

    30. rageface memeaholic

      To be fair even old people have pretty high survival rates. I think its like 76% or something of that nature, so its not guaranteed to kill even old people. We still want to limit the amount of people who catch it, but I feel like we are overreacting.

    31. HorrorAesthetic Cosplay

      Ethan reacting to 3 different people in one interview I went to school with I couldn’t stand? Today’s a good day.

    32. anbuazz12

      that minister is a fucking DEMON!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    33. Немања Богданов

      I hate supid people and you are slowly moving in that group with this vid

    34. RDS dragnn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="269">4:29</a> kill me

    35. anbuazz12

      i hope all these people get corona , those idiots scare me alot with the level of ignorance they are showing .... what fucking fools!!!!! nice vid H3H3

    36. Daniel Bentley

      My dad put a rectal thermometer in me.. I didn’t look but it was massive. Hurt a lot

    37. Almost Human

      Kinda wanna mail a bag of dookie to the TV preacher man

    38. oKay_

      vanessa hudgens made me so uncomfortable

    39. Laura Bell

      You're fucking killing me dude 😂😂😂

    40. ImAdo

      +100k and still going

    41. Charkie

      Oh look, a new video. Didn't think I'd see the day

    42. Comp Comp

      This took alot of time but i regret nothing

    43. Da Pro

      Ethan: "Do not breathe." Me,a good samaritan who follows the church of vape nation:"I will do whatever master senpai says."

    44. Wacko Jacko

      What did cassy tron say without the censorship

    45. BLITZ

      Kaceytron is a satire twitch account, but she took it too far this time

    46. kazuchandayo

      Wow Ethan. Great effort you put into this since forever. Keep it up. Proud of you.

    47. RareBear

      That Copeland guy's eyes look like they are possessed by the devil.

    48. Hugh Jass

      Proof if any was needed these tele evangelists arent motivated by jesus but by pure, immoral greed. He literally just said he doesnt give a single shit if you cant afford to feed your family, you make sure you still feed his. Satan's setting them a place at his dinner table.

    49. Noah Brown

      Yung Immunistic here to drop a papa bless y'all

    50. Casimir40K Solomon

      that is liverpool though, brittish people and liverpool people are two distinct entities

    51. Tipp Digital

      Upload weekly?

    52. Hugh Jass

      About damn time

    53. The Stunt Runner

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="376">6:16</a> 🎤We’re all in this together except all the c***’s that that have respiratoryyyy problems 💃🏽🕺🏽🎼

    54. CREEPY smile

      In my country a 13 years old boy had a corona virus

    55. wnnalis cioov

      H3h3productions uploads: Everyone: Wait that’s illegal

    56. Alexandra de la Cruz

      grewat vudei

    57. Matt Ruttan

      Papa John warned us with the day of reckoning. Ethan prepared for this and that's why he's proud of him.

    58. ivannaattention

      i needed this so fucking bad

    59. Zero Nebula

      old people dropped dead every minute before the corona virus was in its daddies nut sack

    60. Kenny Hooning

      Whats up with that room ethan? White wall white couch no furniture ass?

    61. naters pataters

      The time of reckoning is upon us

    62. minkjohnson

      um Lizzo?? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="282">4:42</a>

    63. Just trying to see how many Kids I can anger

      Thank god I don't live in America, everybody there is so stupid it's unbelievable. Do you ever see Austrailians acting like that?

    64. Aswin Krishna


    65. Jannika Jimenez


    66. Aswin Krishna

      Hey the liberal shill has returned

    67. Garret.Caldwell

      This is an iconic piece in documenting the virus of 2020

    68. Spencer Jacobs


    69. GamerDoesGames

      @h3h3 give some credit to someordinarygamers for using his video

    70. Osama Bin Laden

      wey ho

    71. Godgamer 102020

      TBH Kenneth looks creepy af

    72. Keenan J

      A rectal thermometer is good for getting the core temperature of the body. Terrible for the person getting it. But great results.

    73. ImThatDood

      Missed you guys so much

    74. Julio Von Matterhorn

      Are you filming in Kim K's house?

    75. lorenzo caterisano

      That preachers face ist strait devil dang Ethan make more vids here aha

    76. Tyrannical Simmo

      Yo is it me or does that preacher sound like Captain Saulding?

    77. SoLongSidekick


    78. Frederick Stuart

      Rapper furry

    79. cholorockabilly

      Eh its not the same anymore... Ethan already looks like the spoiled entitled scumbag not even the classic intro can change my mind... Go back to your lame podcast and working on your mental issues Long time subscriber Out