1,6 mln shikime17

    I just wanted to send out a quick thank you video to everyone.


    1. Buğra Karakaya

      You are welcome dad!

    2. memebang

      but..but look at the like to dislike ratio he’s a legend

    3. Tamarah Alchalabi

      You are amazing!!! Such a kind heart :)

    4. D D

      This is a channel that actually deserves all of the hype ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. Arin Almahmood


    6. D O G

      I’m came here from a girl on tik tok she showed me your ALsel and I subbed 😁 you deserved it!

    7. 1fyou0nlyknew

      I just think what you are doing is so amazing. You are an exemplary human being and we need more unselfish loving people like you.

    8. Rod Reimer

      Love the content, in a complicated world it is so refreshing to see such a powerful message delivered in a uncomplicated way. The simplicity of the message "you are worthy so I will share" speaks volumes to those who never felt that. I am a divorced man to 4 kids, watching these videos is a daily reminder to no matter what I always need to be there for them and teach them the things many take for granted. You are powerful and I am humbled that in a world filled with confusion and anger you provide the voice that guides the hurting through this complicated journey called life. All the respect internet Dad!

    9. maisie campbell

      i have a dad but i still love this man

    10. Robert Neal

      thank god that we have someone as you

    11. 임현정

      Thank you dad

    12. Emily An

      As a young man with a disabled father who couldn't show me how to do a lot of things in life. I look forward to seeing more of your videos. I appreciate your mission.

    13. Linzzz Linzzz

      This man thanked us but we thanked him for the helpful videos

    14. K O

      I needed to hear this today

    15. kaliah f .

      your like the dad figure I have never had

      1. Emily An

        My father has died just when I was in grade 2

    16. Tiffany Curtis

      The first video I watch I subscribed❤❤

    17. RFK

      2.14 million subs in 1 month is incredible

    18. MaryKate Collins

      Thank you rob!!! You’re an amazing person, these videos mean the world to me!!

    19. f e r r e t s

      Omg ur amazing:,(

    20. Aryana Hallan

      who are the 358 people who dislike let's have a conversation you are ether that one person who dislikes everything OR you are salty because you whent to the grocery store to get milk and never came back btw 2,000,000 people disagree with you

    21. ItsDJoseph -Roblox&More

      Youre amazing

    22. Christy TV

      He literally deserves the world

    23. james brown

      wow 1.5 mil subs in 12 days? is this a new record?

    24. RonaldMcDonald

      Your a great dad man

    25. Kendra Shelton

      Holy shit! 2 million subs, FUCK YEAH!!! I'm so fucking happy this happened.

    26. Juza Delle Nuvole

      Thank you! Love this channel. You’re truly a good person. My dad has 6 kids and he walked away from all of us to dedicate his life to Scientology. We haven’t heard from him in a long time.


      He has more subs than he has views on his most viewed video

    28. Екатерина Позняк

      Thank you, dad. Sending love to you and your family (and our internet family) from Russia❤

    29. Amber

      Love that celina shares your story and now you have millions of followers!

    30. Remote Penguin

      My father has died just when I was in grade 2

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        :') eres un héroe

    31. JustRavi

      *20 may 2020: 400k subs* *31 may 2020 : 2.13M+ subs* Dad, how did you.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        we love you we love you we love you we love you we love you we love you

    32. christy atkinson

      Thank you!! Clearly filling a need :) I bawled just at hearing the concept. Thank you.

    33. Willian Rodrigues

      I'd like to say "great job" from Brazil, my friend! Very good job!

    34. Chobias

      My father passed in 2007, who I worked with everyday for many, many years. He wasn't just my Dad, but also my boss, my mentor, my teacher and my friend. He had a love of teaching & helping others. I really like what this Dad is doing, reminds me of my Dad!

    35. Willow Hills

      I'm calling him my dad now

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      الى جاى من علامات الاستفهام يجى جنيى هنا لايك

    38. justein da potato

      he has more subscribers than views

    39. Parwaz

      The fact that he messed up the dad jokes just makes it more of a dad joke lmao

    40. AssiStar Chaos

      Best internet Dad!

    41. lily johnson

      we all love you. your amazing and your helping the kids that need it. you deserve everything. keep your family safe and keep yourself safe, godbless you :)

    42. Aydin •

      I have a dad who stays away and loves me and i have a dad who teaches that i don't know❤

    43. Alaina Nicole

      i love him🥺

    44. karla malcolm

      You are such a sweetie, thanks for taking your time and reaching out to all of us. You are doing just the right thing and you are appreciated beyond measure.

      1. niduoe stre

        i love you dad

    45. Bayblade Bayblade

      we love you we love you we love you we love you we love you we love you

      1. niduoe stre

        Dislikes are from the “dads” that ran away from their kids and now they are jealous of him

    46. Alan Cazares

      :') eres un héroe

    47. E M

      I just found your channel. You mentioned Switchfoot - are you a fellow Christian? :-)

    48. [GD] AshDash

      I don’t have problems with my dad, but I still watch this guy because he’s amazing

    49. natalie sullivan

      i’m literally crying right now u are such a good man😉 keep doing what you’re doing we need people like this in our world

    50. JackTannehillPromoter

      400,000...¿ I see 2.1 million. You can now retire. 😊

    51. Alexander Tobin

      Wtf disliked, like cmon. This man deserves the up most respect for what he’s doing

    52. LudoPlays

      Thank you so soo SOOOO MUCH! You are amazing for doing this my father was completely uninvolved in helping me through life and was nothing but abusive to myself my mother and my sister. When we finally broke free I was relieved but then depressed I would never have a true father figure and male role model, you’ve been a beacon of hope for me and light! Thank you these tears are of pure joy

    53. Liz Leary

      You are a lovely lovely man. Dads are amazing. Men be proud of yourselves

    54. Aislinn Cazallis

      I wish ALsel had a love ❤️ He is literally the best, thank you for all you do❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    55. Ovi Haliuc

      Thanks dad 👍

    56. Adam French

      Your one of the most loveable and down to earth people I've ever seen I really appreciate you

    57. Kal El

      Check out this awesome article on Rob kenny

    58. sebastian cif

      Dislikes are from the “dads” that ran away from their kids and now they are jealous of him

    59. Rachel Anaste

      i love you dad

    60. Alma Rask

      the dislikes are the dads that left their kids

    61. Michael

      The internet can be toxic, we have all seen it. But I haven't seen one negative comment on your content. I am sure that speaks volumes to what you are doing and the positivity you are putting into people's lives. Great job dad, be proud of what you are doing.

    62. Yerboi Keeevin

      Can you believe this channel is on the same platform as Morgz and all those other crappy ALselrs?

    63. Ze Queen Kathy Ko


    64. Kay Kim

      I can really feel his sincerity! God Bless him and his family . Thank you for the helpful videos .

    65. sweettingles

      Hi dad! How do I avoid drilling into an electric cable? Thank you for being here

    66. Spiritpyro 2

      I was lucky enough to have a dad but you weren’t and you took that and made something epic. You deserve an award for all you have done for some people

    67. Guilherme Ribeiro

      You are amazing, hugs from Brasil

    68. Caimar Salizi

      Thanks for adopting us Dad

    69. Rice bun

      Hey I'm Alice, I have a very bad connection with my dad . Just watching your video makes me feel better about myself. I love you ❤❤

    70. Michael Ray Gasta

      My Dad died over 2 weeks ago. And it still hurts. And I just found your channel, really helpful because my Dad used to do all things for us. Thank you so much for this. Im so emotional right now.

    71. carla cook

      Thank you ❤

    72. Hailey McCamant

      omg now he has over 2 million 🥺


      (internet) Dad, you really need a medal. Thanks 4 doing what you do.

    74. Jane Doe

      Switchfoot rocks!

    75. David Hall

      When I lost my Dad in 2015 the biggest question that my mind kept demanding was “what am I gonna do now when I need advice?” There’s no easy answer, but this is brilliant. Thank you for this.

    76. Shannel Marabong

      I miss my dad🥺

    77. Đeep Ending

      ok either he got over 2 mil subs in a month because i can only see a video that was a month ago as his oldest

    78. Agne Dragunaite

      I know he isnt my father, we are not delusional, but it is nice to see a good man being a father figure because my relationship with my father is chaotic. This man is doing really good, great job and I am all the way here for it. Im sure he isnt a perfect person as nobody is, but what we see is totally what a lot of us need. Thank you.



    80. xNestle_

      Video is 4.20min long :)