Teaching Future Wifey How To Grill

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    Yeah. Haley and I got engaged. We filmed this before this weekend so this is essentially me teaching my unsuspecting girlfriend how to grill. Proposal updates coming soon!
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    1. Ryan Trahan

      Filmed this before I proposed... vid coming soon :)

      1. Sean Elitz

        Ryan Trahan mate you need to clarify You do want to have YT as a career

      2. Caddywampuosly

        LifeWithBach stop spamming your shit channel

      3. B R U H B R U H

        Jackson Stephens You’ll need my name.

      4. Bacon Studios

        SIMP S I M P

      5. JustANoob

        Bruh Your a Legend Ryan

    2. Houda Souied

      i love my new gfx

    3. KohaiJohn

      Ryan is gonna be that white dad at the grill parties with those dad jokes... yup

    4. Peachy1MD


    5. Harper Simpson

      Alturnitive title, trayphamily vibes for <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a> seconds

    6. Andrew Nguyen

      I haven’t been happy since I was 11

    7. Kendall Exon

      Please do another video reacting to Morgz. They are SO funny! 😂❤️

    8. monika laosi

      I like how she’s wearing a cow dress. What an icon

      1. aola wili

        Very good😂😍

    9. Caroline Karnay

      The national pork board will sponsor the video but won't pay 7$ for the pork meal

      1. aola wili

        wait. are those crocs?

    10. legend way

      love the crocks

      1. legend way


      2. monika laosi


    11. Maddie Bee


    12. Klustro Fluge

      Buy some land outside of Big Bend and make Ryan Trahland

    13. Baboon Time

      "Future" Wifey. Don't think so

    14. Khaled shaheen The wolf

      Were on earth do u live do u live in Australia or somthing

    15. Frederick Lightfoot

      Wat are kayotes?

    16. AtomicStormZ

      What was the third one lol

    17. Tala Khaled

      This is confuseing me. When I google idk Google says i don't know but google knows everything

    18. miguel rubicon’s Moreira

      i love you man

    19. Small Rxse シ

      Imagine if he turns the land into a whole Minecraft world lol

    20. Maxim Ciobanu

      And we never found out the 3rd meaning of life

    21. Viktor Antonyuk

      Your commentary vids were insane

    22. dumbliing

      He should have used the wood he got from the highballing video

    23. sienna victoria

      wait. are those crocs?

    24. Reinis strods

      i like your new content more

    25. Zena


    26. Anabelle Sanchez

      little ryan trahan looks like he'd be on beyond scared straight

    27. Anabelle Sanchez


    28. edie brannon

      it’s kind of funny how yerrow just hangs around with them like he has no life

    29. Chloe Riser

      Does anyone remember when Haley went on that hollister trip and went to pig island and she was like I don’t want to eat pigs anymore

    30. Marie Theis

      that's a great video btw please stop cutting and preparing meat on wood boards, it can be so dangerous

    31. Anna Wall

      I've always thought I might move to Texas one day. Never mind.

    32. Ch_rry edits

      This is a guilt trip. @Ryan Trahan if you respond sub to me so I blowwww up

    33. Mal Dam

      anyone talking abt the fact that he put the cooked meat on the board that had the raw meat on it? lol

    34. Little Drummer Girl

      I'm confused why there's so many animals

    35. Elizabeth._.Equestrian


    36. BigBoySamich

      Still to this day I dont know the 3rd Meaning of life

    37. Samantha Fagiana

      A wasp carrying a scorpion is just weird to imagine 😂 and the way your moving with the Channel is all part of Gods plan!!❤️ much love. I thought the propose was fake lol jokes on me. I’m happy for you guys 😁💜

    38. Millie Lach

      This is like middle class love story type crap and I love it

    39. 999 Karma

      I like your money grind videos

    40. Lily Malone

      Guess we’ll never know the third meaning of life😔

    41. G-fuel. Addiction

      Do a vid on cooking ribs

    42. DimmerIce Games

      I don’t know if y’all noticed but I’m on my fitness grind rn Me:holy shit his arm Also me:oh wait it’s an edit

    43. aola wili

      Legend says nobody will ever know what the third meaning of life is.

    44. Sinai Delorisses

      Wait! What was the third meaning of life!!

    45. María Ignacia Rodríguez

      this is honestly my favorite kind of content. The fact that I see you guys eating outside enjoying life, like regular humans makes me feel part of the conversation, and it´s just great you know. Congrats on the engagement

      1. aola wili


    46. Alondra Gutiérrez

      This is the first video I ever watch on a ALsel where I just feel like I am next to them, you know just vibing, planning or the future. Dang what a chill vibe

    47. Who needs guys when you have Cats

      meat is gross

    48. natalie


    49. Tristan Hellberg

      Sorry but I feel like you should all get a lesson from me and my boets on how to braai. All the way from South Africa

    50. Julia K

      he just put a ring on it cuz haley doesn't wanna have premarital 😶👉🏻👈🏻

    51. []soup[] []soup[]

      ahh such a cute couplee

    52. The Star Wars Gamer

      Wow that was a crazy day

    53. Jacob blue

      He could have added and extra 43 seconds to this video and he would have been able to make more money. But he didnt. Because THAT is what heroes do. Make the content that was meant to be madr.

    54. Hot Cheeto


    55. bilias hour

      Legend says nobody will ever know what the third meaning of life is.

    56. Colton Pittsenbarger

      Who else is still waiting for the third meaning of life

    57. sophia_sanchezz 13

      he never told us the third meaning of life this is so suspenseful

      1. bilias hour


    58. Kaelyn Painter


    59. Jaffa

      Bruh, did he use a wooden cutting board for freaking raw meat, Then put the cooked meat BACK on the contaminated board!?!?!?!?You can get Trichinosis (food poisoning) from traces of raw pork. Wooden boards are bad for raw meat because the juice soaks in. Plastic boards are good for raw meat, wooden boards are good for vegetables and non-perishable things. Also, can u guys maybe consider subscribing to me, thanks!

    60. Tristen Who has no name


    61. Reilly Doller

      “OH MY GOD, it got ‘im”😆 🐁 🐭

    62. Sour Lemon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> the whole set up, the fire, food, comfy clothes, friends, and sunset is literally the most calming thing to watch :)

    63. Kim Neal

      Can you do reacting videos again like Morgan because your hilarious

    64. ThatGirl999 Yes

      You put the cooked meat where the raw meat was 🥺

    65. CoatedDolphin

      Ryan lives in an animals hunger games

    66. Shai Malka


    67. Shmuel Wind


    68. alisuo toko

      ,,Ryan literally saw a wasp carrying a scorpion“ texas baby😂

    69. Football and Basketball

      What’s number 3?

    70. Just Vibey

      Dislikes=muslims lol

      1. alisuo toko

        We never get to know wat number 3 is🤣😢

    71. Hannah Herode

      omg the fact that they're using crash Adams music in the end makes me want to cry. I love them so much and have been listening to Caroline on repeat!!

    72. Fiona Gollub


    73. Chloe Schultz

      that’s texas for y’all

    74. Emily Santiago

      Wait u finished college? I thought u were in high school

    75. Ameline Dryland

      the 400 people that disliked are the still-triggered loren gray fans

    76. Nermine Morri

      They r perfect together, I wish them the best ❤️

    77. Logan PD

      I can’t take yerrow seriously with that hat on

    78. Maria Pershaug

      The mouse scene was legendary

    79. Vanessa Magalhaes

      For some reason I wasn't subscribed to you not traphamily but I'm very sure I was, like VERY SURE

    80. alyssa

      yerrow wearing the chefs hat and just standing there watching ryan do the cooking and also wearing it while eating casually is all i needed lmao