SWEETEST Puppy Love Moments from Dance Moms (Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime



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    Celebrate Valentine's Day the Abby way in this flashback compilation featuring the cutest crushworthy moments from Dance Moms and Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. #DanceMoms
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    1. Lifetime

      Love Dance Moms? Stay up to date on all of your favorite Lifetime shows at mylifetime.com/schedule.

      1. Jazzy Lopez

        Lifetime yasssssss

      2. David Stewart

        I love you 🌹🌹

      3. Odella Anderson

        Alvin Ailey is the best

      4. Charlotte Jeffers

        Call Abby

      5. faith shipman

        Me to

    2. John Vaughan

      No boys ! but 1 million boys involved in this . I wonder if they actually do this in other dance companies

      1. John Vaughan

        Do they actually do this in other dance companies

    3. Felicia Salazar


    4. hi it’s aj

      omg baby jojo lol

    5. alyssaxgrandma

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> the poor boys face..

    6. Sofija Pal

      Gieno had a happy smile when he kissed maddi

    7. Chetana Ramesh Rao

      In the why not me dance one of the judges was clapping for them

    8. Jake Frood

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="327">5:27</a> Hawkins lab (Stranger things)

    9. Glitchgirl555

      the face gino made- i feel that Kiddo

    10. Alexander Wood

      "when is say cemestery what does that me Brandon says have emotion and Brooke says nothing" wth the poor boy😬😬😂😂

    11. Maricela Esteban

      Aiv or min👙

    12. ii_bxbbles._ii

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> I fill bad for that dude

    13. sheldih


    14. sheldih


    15. Banana Voghan

      Jojo: I'm LoOkiNg At TrAviS aNd He'S SoOpA KyOoT Kendall: BuT hE's sHorTeR tHaN mE sO iT wOuLd NeVeR wOrK oUt *that's literally me lol*

    16. Georgest144

      "nO I jUsT clEAneD oUT mY cAR" I love Kelly 😂😂😂

    17. Tanya Garay

      Is it just me or does Kevin look like Gino?

    18. Anumari Sipp

      ok the date at the cake place they clerasly like eachother

    19. Love4Justice

      Jojo: “I’m just looking at Travis and he is sooo cute” Me: I wish I can say my crush on camera like that

    20. ForEva Gaming

      Why does Jill look like kris Jenner

    21. Marie Benefiel

      I would like To KISS Gino Hey Is Cute

    22. Donalee Tauber

      To me snapshot isnt an ALDC dance

    23. Zonne Wateler

      i feel like brooke was send on a date every time they were dancing with a boy

    24. Maisie Langston

      Can you see where she’s coming from? Nope.. 👁👄👁 💧 FRIENDZONED.

    25. Eugeniu Daud

      Noooo nooo noooo boys in aldc

    26. Eugeniu Daud

      Omg it’s sweet but I hate

    27. Emma Thomas

      kevin: *throws cake at brooke* kelly: AHHH I JUST CLEANED OUT MY CAR!!!!!! brooke: i'Ll DeFiNiTy Do A dUeT wItH kEvIn

    28. Marleena Arman

      "Your gonna eat all of that?" "I'm a grown man..." MOOD KEVIN JUST MOOD

    29. Miriam Alkis Pureliani

      I love him he its super cute Jajajaja memeori

    30. Emily_Ginger Legend

      Was it just me or did Kelly look like she was gonna cry when Kevin asked Brooke out?

    31. Shiyann WORLD

      I thought the boy said all I wanna do is kiss 😘

    32. R O B L O X Girl


    33. Katelyn Welch

      bruh Pressly is red because she's embarrassed

    34. Sophie Parvin

      7.11 omg

    35. Amelia

      brandon looks like cato from the hunger games movies.

    36. Angry grandpa Green

      I would love kendell

    37. Abimbola Akintan

      Brooke is a total mood 😂😂😂😂😂

    38. Lilypad hi

      I hate when people ask if you like someone and you blush and they are like ooooooh u like them, ya cause ur embarrassing me

    39. MaddieAndAdoptMe

      “He is soOoPer kYoOt” - JoJo

    40. Uzu Matcha

      Did I just heard nani....

    41. l h

      he is sEwPeR cute

    42. James Wa TVrburton

      I love you Maddie ❤️ and I love dance moms

    43. bags, booby bags

      i mean you can kinda see where shes coming from right? *no.* i have never seen a dude bomb so hard

    44. Ana Braha

      I think that Abby liked Brooke alot thats why she tried to make her a better dancer and plus she never really critiqued Brooke that much

    45. Ema Love

      If it was Zac Efron I would kiss him -words of Maddie

    46. Gretell Kaulitz

      Abby modo cupido ajjsjsjss

    47. Kenleigh Alyse

      Who else thinks all the senior girls want to truck was dancing with Kevin they were a little jealous because they’ve been dancing for a while and then she just comes in and swoops up the guy

    48. YueQi Sam

      Hi Brook

    49. Nick99

      Brady is definitely going to come out at some point.

    50. Jen Is Weird

      I love the 2 girls going to prom together 💞 (Not them actually being a thing, I just like how Abby showed she doesn’t care who others love)

    51. Leila Torres

      If Zack effron saw this Lol

    52. ❁︎french•fleur❁︎

      Presely: friends friends but i like him friends feiends just friends Brendon: we be just friends shes amazing just friends Man: u lying

    53. ❁︎french•fleur❁︎

      Kids: Nuuuu! Moms: OoOoO! Angry mom: NO Kid on date: ummmm.... ok Abby: I am the new dance cupid

    54. Kamile Sidabre

      At school

    55. Kamile Sidabre

      I had my first kiss it was acward😳

    56. Lacy Hicks

      Sarah and Hannah have a devious plan at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="486">8:06</a>

    57. Kacey Lewis

      Aww jojo has a crush on a boy haha 🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭

    58. Mahoney Family

      Good job I love this

    59. rodrigo canoza


    60. Accounts LF Sign Group

      i think all of them that went on a date liked each other but not maddie

    61. Jasmine Chavez

      Meh ship Brooke and kevin

    62. Wolfy_Gachas

      Abbie always sending people on dates

    63. layla •

      brooke got sent on a date with ginos brother hahh

    64. layla •

      i felt so bad for gino 🥺❤️

    65. Morgan Draws

      A lot of these girls are pretty young and they’re already talking to boys. I’m 13 and both boys and girls never notice me!

    66. Unicorn Girl101

      Poor geno

    67. emilia grandell

      Chloe's reaction to Maddie's first kiss is just so my friends 😂

    68. Lauren Wiggan

      Brook is shuipid

    69. Crabby Stabby

      Brooke’s the best

    70. derick devera

      Presselys smile is so cute

    71. TOH _QUEEN

      Brandon was so creepy and reminded me of 43 year old pedophiles from discord

    72. Allise L Fava

      those poor boys just got shot downXD

    73. Lili Mustard

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="426">7:06</a>

    74. Meg Gan

      I actually thought this was about puppies

    75. Aishath Inasha

      bressely is the most cutest ship everrrrr

    76. Khianna Caingin

      Wow i never knew jojo like a boy before

    77. Luna Playz

      What is the name of that song? "I got u and u got me"

    78. Gianna Arauz

      This is sooooo weird to watch!!!

    79. Yesenia Villagran

      Jojo super cute cringey😏

    80. Ellie

      it actually broke my heart when you saw the look on maddie's duet partner's face when she ran off. i feel for him :(