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    World class hit maker (Galantis) and worldwide popular singer (Charli XCX) collaborated to create the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ music video!
    World’s first ever SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ area opens at Universal Studios Japan this summer! #USJ #Nintendo

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    1. Daniel Castañeda

      Un parque en Japón. Está genial la animación cgi pero la canción es regular y aburrida, mínimo debió ser en japonés no? Es un anuncio para ese país LOL.

    2. DEF BIGL

      😁👍 need better thumbnail 👏👋✌️👐

    3. Mackenzie Wachter

      This should have a mashup with Crab Rave by Noisestorm.

    4. DemetraPhaedraAurora

      Cool video !

    5. Gwen 54

      Also im pretty sure i saw the girl who played daisy in that one movie? Is she? Cuz thatd be a cool easter egg.

    6. TrespassinNo Main

      One of those songs that are better without a vocal.

    7. Elias Mourad

      When are we getting Waluigi world

    8. Red Reality

      Imagine bringing your switch to space

    9. Wadson Italo

      Disponibiliza esta música nos serviços de streaming, Dona Nintendo. Nunca te pedi nada :)

    10. Emiliano Garcia

      And the leyend of zelda un real life?

    11. iker_esker

      Quiero ir pero soy pobre para ir a japan desde mexico

    12. Paul 0504

      I have to go there before I die :)

    13. D.M. Proudoctions

      I Hope It Looks Like This In Real Life :)

    14. Fred Colleman


    15. Adi kitoko

      It's Charli baby✨

    16. Marionic90

      More like... "Super MARIO World" am I right? ... I'll see myself out.

    17. Jordan Smith

      Me: Visits new super nintendo world Also Me: Gets shot by a rocket approximately 10 times my size upon arrival

    18. Jordan Smith

      Me: Visits new super nintendo world Also Me: Gets blown up by a walking bomb with feet on arrival....

    19. Jordan Smith

      Me: Visits new super nintendo world Also Me: Gets eaten by a 15 foot piranha plant on arrival

    20. Iam_Carlos YT

      good job

    21. Jordan Smith

      Overall a great day out, but my daughter was turned to pulp by a thwomp. 8/10 would reccommend to anyone with children

    22. ALAN GAMEX

      Soundtrack of super mario bros the movie :V

    23. E

      The animation is clean

    24. 민규김

      Wow Radioactivity Studio

    25. Othmane


    26. Osmar Gamer

      Melhor combinação ... Arrepiou tudo

    27. elex400YT de estudios zinner

      como me gustaría uno en españa

    28. Alexander Barrow

      Just want to give a shoutout to Cap Lou and the legendary Satoru Iwata R.I.P for paving the way for Mario to be as iconic as he is. Wonder if they ever thought what they did would ever reach this level! Oh and also that landlord named Mario who sweated Nintendo for rent money back in the day!!!

    29. IsYouShore

      Let us stream this, Nintendo. It's a BOP.

    30. Shawn

      Charli really feeding the gaymers huh

    31. pikachu fan

      Nintendo music

    32. Jetfox967

      This song needs to be on Spotify

    33. CXNNXR

      Why is this song not on Spotify and Apple music

    34. Bentber

      Please god Miyamoto, make a real Hyrule park.

    35. Peachy Gaming

      Holy crap 0_0

    36. pyrobison2002

      The Asian girl with the long hair steals my heart

    37. TheSuperMarioGamer 2020

      Can we get this in the 2022 Super Mario movie?

    38. Jason Rivera

      Wow esto me hiso llorar y acordarme cuando jugaba mucho mario


      I bet my coins this ad costed more than ac am amiibo festival, tennis ultra smash, and chibo robo zip lash es

    40. Eric Simon Zeltser

      I am going to raid it with all my Nintendo nerd friends on opening day

    41. Lenny HYPER

      Zelda BOTW 2 ok Smash with 6 new characters ok Metroid prime 4 ok Super Nintendo World *YES*

    42. Radioli

      There’s a reason they didn’t call it Super ‘Nintendo Land’.

    43. Sharky469

      This looks like super Mario bros 2 remake😂😂 coins every where!

    44. Arthur Morgan

      The song makes me want to vomit blood out of my ears

    45. ゴリラ


    46. arijaal firdaus

      Not stream in spotify🥺🥺🥺🥺

    47. Epicmcmonster76 Gaming

      Ngl this song is the Best song of 2020 so far

    48. はやと たきざわ

      If this was an Amusement park i would definitely go

      1. はやと たきざわ

        or a race course

    49. 汪汪真甜


    50. Jairo Matias

      The most beautiful and beloved masterpiece Nintendo has ever made

    51. Leucotea

      Where can i buy/stream this?

    52. TheKirbyShow

      I heard this is the new heaven

    53. Paul Montero

      They are half-way to dying from thwomps and they are happy..... I like it

    54. Benny

      I love the song

    55. Lucy Ducy

      Love this Song ❤️👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️😹😹😹🤗🥰😘🤣

    56. Itzia Padilla ふわ

      I cried

    57. Pacho 1581

      This is amazing!!

    58. TherlPhantomYT

      never expected this lol

    59. Amalfi Killa

      I'm just thinking how many people didn't survive the thwomp area now haha

    60. SucariaGaming

      im so going to japan!