South Park Characters: Good to Evil

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    South Park Characters: Good to Evil

    South Park. That little town in Colorado where everything crazy seems to happen. Really, it’s a brilliant fictional place that’s meant to represent a normalcy we’re all used to. Typical residents you’d see in any town, rewritten to be over-the-top and thrown into ridiculous and satirical situations. And with such a huge cast of characters who are responsible for some of the craziest stuff we’ve ever seen from an adult animated show… The morality is all over the place. Which is why we had to give it an extra in-depth Good to Evil treatment.


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    Script Written by Angela Markovic
    Video Edited by Md Asad Al Hossain
    Media Gathered by Kristijan Vukovic & Luka Lalosevic
    Media Gathered by Trixia Salonga
    Produced by Kyle J. Beauregard


    1. WickedBinge

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      1. Kyle Broflovski

        Well, I can't disagree with this. I'm saying you SHOULD send something to them, but I dunno if they would look at it or read it, because since this is a VERY, VERY, VERY, popular show. Now, I know that I'M on the show, but I also know that they get a LOT (Emphasis on A LOT) of fan mail. But it's still cool. You do what you want, and I won't be judging you, wherever you are. 😊

      2. Andreas Xirtus

        yo kyle love your work, hope you know you are a great inspiration to many of us. I made an interesting metaphysical guide to south park, I hope you have time to check it out, it might blow your mind.

      3. Nat Knutson

        Personally I think PC principal has been redeeming himself lately. Ever since he found out he was a pawn in someone else's game, he has calmed down a lot. He is an entirely new man. And his standing up against that muscle-mass pretending to be trans is a testament to character growth. He is learning there is more to the world than pure pc.

      4. Jonny King

        Do south park monsters pls.

      5. Fernelle Leo

        Butters: :c

    2. Rachael Neiberger

      what about the the goth kids trying to raise Kuthulu

    3. Rachael Neiberger

      Did he forget about sexual harassment panda and skank hunt for Gerald

    4. Opinunate ted

      Cartman's "mom" is actually the weirdest and implausible character on South Park. Yes, she is depicted as an overindulgent and spoiling mother. But she was also depicted as a crack addict. Unlike combination. Crack addicts don't spoil their children, they neglect them. She is highly promiscuous and is revealed to be intersexed i.e. a hermaphrodite. The kind of hermaphrodite she does not actually exist, He is capable of having sex with and impregnating women. He can also have sex with and be impregnated by men. She has done a lot of both, so she is clearly bisexual. She is, in fact, not Cartman's mother, but his father. The real mother's identity remains unknown. Despite her doting mother personality, in one episode she is seen sleeping her way up the political ladder all the way to the president, in order to get permission to have her six-year-old child (cartman) aborted, then changes her mind. She is even stranger than the second weirdest character, who, in addition to having been in every letter of GBLT identity before becoming a (probably bi) cis male again, he also somehow because president, basically became Donald Trump. Come to think of it, that alone should make him the evilest character on the show.

    5. Revolver Ocelot

      Butters is pure evil beneath the surface. He's probably going to grow up and become a nazi

    6. Kyle Gregory

      Kyles dad should have been more evil cause of skankhunt42

    7. kanał na którego nazwę nie mam pomusłu xD

      Most good is Butters and Kyle

    8. GSO Mac

      me: waiting for cartman

    9. Jan Koral

      Butters......................... Have you seen season 20

    10. Indigo Sharp

      80% is right

    11. uwu owo

      butters sometimes is an asshole though.

    12. Cloudjumper The Dragon

      Oh my god... A social justice warrior who came to her senses, and returned to reality! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I forgive you!

    13. Brayden Handel

      WEEEELLLLL Kyles moms a bitch shes the biggest bitch in the whole wide world

    14. ICGvids

      I think you nailed the most good and most evil but several characters in between I would have ranked way differently.

    15. Bailey Lynn

      Mostly good list, but Tuong Liu Kim is NOT a good person

    16. syndicator

      the devil should be on the good side for helping out the kids

    17. Gav Jarman

      Butters also would be a cool best friend

    18. Gav Jarman

      Butters is my fav

    19. Sarah Blakeney

      Didn't Gerald troll a woman until she committed suicide...? And thought it was funny...?

    20. PSI Miami

      Didn’t Mr Hankey beat his wife

    21. Eriks Pukke music

      No scott tennermen and Trent boyett

    22. CONKER MAV

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="713">11:53</a>

    23. NemFX

      I'd make the argument that Butters isn't all that GOOD he's just pretty inept at being EVIL. As for characters that are good? Pip and Satan would probably top my list.

    24. Erica Neil

      ... 🤦‍♀️

    25. Jaxon Reynolds

      Lol Clyde is definitely susceptible to peer pressure

    26. James Martinez

      Cartman MOST evil

    27. Fries Master

      Kyle : Gerald is reliable Me : Season 20 Anyone

    28. Дмитрий Иванов

      At the begining i really hated PC principal, but i really feltsorry for him when he became a victim of his PC.

    29. _tkis_

      tweek and craig are the cutest coupleee

    30. Дмитрий Иванов

      Honestly, i don't think Garrison ever was worthy of mister Slave

    31. Eriks Pukke music

      South Park monsters:evil to most evil

    32. FanksCast

      I always thought kyle was the moral center of the show, stan is neutral and cart man was evil. They were all equally ass holes in the first couple of seasons

    33. Angelo Galo Sosa

      You forgot Scott trenmen

    34. Mr Random

      The scene where officer barbrady got fired broke me

    35. Серёга Шишкин

      Что за херня?!! Почему Стивен Стотч так низко в рейтинге злодеев?!! Он должен быть как минимум на третьем месте. Причём вместе с Линдой. А вот в остальном - более-менее согласен.

    36. L-Jay

      Professor Chaos: Tried to drown the entire world Wicked Binge: Yeah butters is the nicest character

      1. Deshawn Edwards

        It should've been Pip.

    37. brian early

      I really don't agree with this list. I think you got the two most evil and the two most good in the right order. But Stan's uncle and Ned are just parodies of hunters for the most part. Neutral at worst. Personally, they belong on the good side, imo. Stan's ex girlfriend, is a better example of goodness than Stan. Every character has their moment where comedy took priority to realistic character portrayel. Shooting the substitute teacher to the moon was an evil one off. Have you forgotten those early episodes where Stan and Kyle were just cruel to Cartman? The character's evolved over time . Stand and Kyle are far more likable now, where as Cartman became a full blown psychopath. And come on... Gerald was turned into a troll a few seasons ago. A complete dick, just cause... Good? My ass. PC Principal, Strong Woman? Gray at worst. I get that you may not like the PC culture. Trey and Matt clearly are poking fun at everything, but again those character's evolved. They are clearly on the good side when you put them against Stan's, Kyle's, Butter's, Cartman's, Kenny's; pretty much better parental role models than all of the kids in the city of South Park's parents.

    38. Tylon The Ninja

      Mr. Mackey literally threw a child under a bus and was verbally abusive towards a group a kids over a school play Also Gerald is Skankhunt and manipulated the whole town into suing each other so he could make more money. He should be in the evil category

    39. T Bone

      Was expecting a DnD alignment system... disappointed sorry.

    40. cagethelonewolf

      trying to show butters as being good by showing butters being a pimp weilding a fire arm and presona is chaos evil

    41. Colton Hines

      Jerry cyberbullied multipled people to suicide if I remember correctly. He should definitely be considered evil.

    42. Adam Mordkowitz

      Where’s ms.chockesondick

    43. Malakai Ramirez

      Episode: scott tenormen must die, Eric cartam makes a kid eat his own parents

      1. south park nerd ngl

        He made his half brother eat his dad

    44. Malakai Ramirez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1419">23:39</a> What seems to be the officer problem?

    45. White Trash

      Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but i don't think strong woman and Pc principal deserve to be so low... I think they are more grey than bad. Like yeah, they are bad, but they have good intentions, i wouldn't put them that low.

    46. I love Dragonball

      You forgot Gerald trolling women online

    47. Vampyres graveyard

      Wendy should be in the evil side goth kids should be in the neutral side there is a difference between getting someone killed and shipping someone to somewhere not pleasant.

    48. Master KIKE.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1597">26:37</a> this mean that he is mormón ???????

    49. Vampyres graveyard

      Eric cartman shouldn't be in evil list Eric cartman should have his own list Eric cartman is beyond evil in south park.

    50. Aiden Savickas

      The description of Butters is my description

    51. Dillon Taylor

      you lost all credibility by ignoring Gerlad's skankhunt activity

    52. Michelle Searcy

      I am a big south park fan, tysm for making this video, Kyle 🤣 lol like Kyle Brofloski

    53. Maureen Colleen

      What about the PC baby

    54. hunterslime8888

      you forgot nathan and mimsy

    55. Betty M.

      What about the special ed kid who wears the pink tinted glasses?

    56. Zelnyair

      In The Fractured But Whole game, Harrison Yates also had all the black people in South Park arrested just so they could be fed/sacrificed to the Lovecraftian deity, Shub Niggurath, who apparently only likes the taste of black people.

    57. Michael Agyepong

      Name of background song during the description of Lian cartman throught to wendy testaburger

    58. Jodgers

      I mean, you used footage of the same episode series of it but didn’t say about Gerald being the troll?

    59. O C

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="700">11:40</a> WRONG!! Token was apart of Faith+1

    60. King Solomon

      Saddam deserved a spot on the evil side!

    61. Ragosto8

      South Park video

    62. Matthew Fofi

      I think Wendy coulda been the best if she didn't have the teacher killed, besides that she's always moral

    63. aaron bedson

      Get it right....... god damn mongorians

    64. Zaneudkd1044 Sollberger122pkk

      How is cart man not the worst he made someone eat his own parents

    65. heavenlymarsh

      Butters is growing up to be a mob boss change my mind

    66. Stefan Albrecht

      mrs cartman is nr2 say what u want

    67. Zaneudkd1044 Sollberger122pkk

      Cart man is the reincarnation of Hitler

    68. Emilee Cash

      Thank you for putting Butter's dad and mom on the bad area, like that man and his wife needs to go to parenting classes because they sometimes punish butters for example for the silly picture that look exactly fine to everyone except his parents and that's just very wrong to do they should've learned from their mistakes by going to therapy and improving on how to be better parents and not punishing butters for stupid reasons. 👍

    69. Taboop for realz


    70. jacobhunter2005

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="275">4:35</a> while Kenny is flippin' the bird?


      Kenny has died 126 times. Fun fact

    72. Mr. Anderson

      I honestly thought Gerald would be one of the most evil

    73. Gluttonous Illusion

      Already saw Cartman as the most evil on this list.

    74. fuzzballzz36

      "Sa-Tan." There is a t in there.

    75. Luis Mejia

      I can't believe my mom let me watch South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. I was 9 years old. 👍

    76. IceMan jr.

      Not surprised Butter was the first one

    77. Hugo Downs

      Butter’s grandmother.

    78. rock m

      south park is the best

    79. KC MetaHuman

      I think I would have done adults and kids in a separate episode too.

    80. Kyle Broflovski