Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Go Outside (Official Video)

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    Listen to the single "I Wanna Go Outside". Out now!
    Video directed by: Dah Dah (@TheRealDahDah)
    Produced by: Soopafly (@SoopaflyDPGC)
    Talkbox: Battlecat (@DJBattlecat)
    Guitar: Fredwreck (@Fredwreck)
    #SnoopDogg #Soopafly #IWannaGoOutside

    Official music video by Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Go Outside © 2020 Doggystyle Records / EMPIRE

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    1. zer0c00l

      now everyone George Floyd

    2. NickTheToxic -_-

      Wow snoop is using autotune never thougjt i would see that

    3. Redpaper Beatiful

      Dancing one and dancing two yeah

    4. taplish

      drop its like its hot

    5. You Need Jesus

      The hook of this song reminds of my punishments as a kid. Watching all the kids play outside while I had to stay in my room with no TV or Games.

    6. Paranormal One

      It’s like being grounded lol

    7. mimik


    8. Donna Burke

      Have a break have a kit kat you have had freedom money sex and still want more you selfish man

    9. Maeko

      Gombao33 koks

    10. schabu ss

    11. theQUSS

      mordo odpowiedz kurwa na nominacje hot16challenge2


      1. okow tina


    13. Catherine Trancess

      I love you to death Snoop!❤

      1. okow tina

        GOMBAO 33

    14. Lachiman Kabalaster

      I don't understand how people can't have fun in their houses. I really don't! Smh... i mean my house be comfortable AF lol

    15. The dark side of Gacha life

      I can’t live without this man

    16. William Angelle

      What did you say can you speak up

    17. chuntzu santana




        17 minutes of real sasquatch from the 831

    19. OG Loc

      Snoop is destroying DMX on Madden💪🏻😏

    20. King Mahmud

      Snoop Dogg is just or fully like the GTA SA character CJ!!!

    21. Marcel Rydz


    22. Froax

      Kiedy hot16?

    23. Shaun Kirwan

      #Greater then

    24. Shaun Kirwan

      Not his best but still greeting then any of the new youth youngest should be ashamed.grandad put all of u to shame.most of u new artist are absolutely shit.

    25. JD VIC ONE Official

      I do not understand why you are shooting tekashi 6ix9ine, he is not a rat, on the contrary, he defended himself because you throw so much

    26. Marcin

      GOMBAO 33



    28. Omar Gardner

      This beat is ight, but the lyrics is straight bullshit. What's gangsta about this music? I'd rather be listening to some Pop Smoke.

    29. HAU NEBU

      Komischen Lied Mr.Dogg zu Durcheinander als würden 3 Songs gleichzeitig laufen 🌪 😆

    30. _pajx_ 091

      doog to dzieci w Polsce mówią na policję

    31. _pajx_ 091

      Mata <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:0</a>

    32. _pajx_ 091


    33. Official SuperStar AR

      That dunk though

    34. Filip Banek


    35. jan nowak

      l love snoopdogg

    36. Alwaysbeenmad

      You soft snoop

    37. Geoffrey Embasa

      What happened to the beat producers in America? Something sounds like a retrogression in their part, especially when someone knows the hits these legends had earlier produced

    38. Nielsu

      Man u better answer rapper “mata”

    39. BIG Panda

      I love it how snoops just wearing lakers 24 for a fallen mate

    40. PASTER ヅ

      ty ruro bardaszana

    41. Carlton Ingram Jr

      DOPE !!!

    42. Trupek Jimmy


    43. Aaron Gray

      Aaron as Joesph shared on FB

    44. monika laosi

      Mata <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:0</a> Snoop

    45. Lisnix

      I hope Snoop Dogg becomes a GTA 6 character

    46. PussySlayer69

      I'm still waiting for your hot16challenge

    47. HOT WIKI69

      Mata cię zdisował zjebsles sprawę byczku

      1. NedRip Games


    48. menelix fiu fiu

      W Polsce lepił byś pierogi

      1. monika laosi

        Lepiej pisz już tam odpowiedź Chyba że się cykasz

    49. zikoblaster mc

      Nagraj hot16challenge2

    50. Franky Bob

      Like: I wanna go outside snoop dogg comment: Gooba 6ix9ine

    51. KaRoLeeK Heh

      Mata <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:0</a> Snoop

      1. NedRip Games

        Plus 1 byczq

    52. Rich

      50 is still young.

    53. Tomiko Eaton

      Love you snoopy

    54. البغدادي TM


    55. Ruperto Loco

      Autotune al maximo xd

    56. 2hats

      dafuq is dis shit ? Is Snoop dead of corona ? they got a corobot to sing this song ?

    57. Marcelo Ferreira

      Snoop Dogg very good at songs his more. Has some what I no I enjoy sincerely.

    58. Masno Ni

      pchlarzu ty ruro gombao 33 cie zjadlo zydzisz forse na lekarzy naskocz mi piesku szczekaj tam wplac lepiej troche kaski buraku polska gurom es

      1. theQUSS


      2. Dawid


    59. The Universe

      Gettin some old hip hop/rap vibes 🔥

    60. Dawid

      Ale cie rozjebal esssa

    61. Chudy TPP


    62. Kosodrzewina

      Lepiej pisz już tam odpowiedź Chyba że się cykasz

    63. Terrell McDonald

      California Luv 🌴🌴🔥🔥💯

    64. wicio Q


    65. Saszkaxd

      Snoop dog kiedy twoje #hot16challange

    66. dejocik

    67. Ozielson Rodrigues

    68. Tolfu

      Gomabo 33

    69. just domino

      record #hot16challenge2 snoop dogg pls

    70. Igor Kulesza

      Gombao <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:0</a> Snoop Dogg

    71. Igor Malesza

      Snoop, i dont know if this will actually get your attention, but some Polish retard did an diss on you. I just wanted you to know.

      1. isac

        ​@Nikt Ważny nawet nie poczul takiego polskiego pierda

      2. Nikt Ważny

        Reatards??? Roxjebali go Jak talala

    72. Flexin Zone

      The title looks like thoughts of 6ix9ine 😂

    73. Hassan Salman

      i respect snoop a lot but he kind of has lost his flow i really dont lile the beat or the lyric it doesnt really have a meaning behind it i think he just wanted to post something just cuz its corona virus

      1. Cliff Booth

        LMAO this doesn't have a meaning behind it😂😂😂bruh stop

    74. Ryan Mcgreevy

      happy times and good health? all these rappers talk about is killing and shooting eachother lol

    75. Qasim Afennas

      snoop dog blend w is better than all your songs toghether. you should watch that

    76. Nicolai Goleac

      and 2pac?

    77. Peace Keeper

      Los Santos Vibes

    78. houari Officiell

      Snoop Dogg 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 2pac_❤️❤️❤️❤️

    79. Judy Wangari

      Rock it💯.. "Racks - Bandicold Freestyle" would love to share it out. Come see us through.