See what Fauci thinks about Trump's plan to re-open country



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    President Trump said he wants the nation "opened up and just raring to go by Easter". Infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, gives his take at the coronavirus task force briefing.
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    1. luna dejmek

      Doctor Mengele II

    2. Hydra Jerb

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="186">3:06</a> Go straight to the Doc if you don't wanna hear the clown speak.

    3. Kurt M

      He wants people to stay inside but then says the country needs to be open for business... so ridiculous

    4. Inge Wolf

      It is obvious he has brain rot and is deranged. He should be in a rubber room.

    5. Nicolas Marich

      Trump is completely dilusional

    6. Alexis Smith

      One of the problems is identifying carriers. We have to start looking at them with more significance. While that carrier's health may not be greatly impacted they pose a threat to whomever they come into contact with primarily vulnerable populations. How do you identify carriers, when you can't even get tested if you're not showing symptoms? I get treating the most serious and immediate first, we absolutely have to do that, but this could go on for so much longer without knowing who's doing the spreading. Nonetheless, I'm so appreciative of Dr. Fauci.

    7. SheLovesThe BigD

      He thanks others and no thanks to Fauci?

    8. Cream Cracker

      CNN is covid-19

    9. victor portocarrero

      Mr. President do not trust that traitor crooked individual, Dr. Fauci, he is making BILLIONS, before was AIDS and now COVID-19...teamed with Bill Gates/The Clinton/Obama/Soros/Mark people research/Google it....!!

    10. 2006glg

      Trump is not reopening anything because he did not close anything. Governors and mayors have been closing things down, as they should. There will be some idiot MAGA red state Republican governors not shutting down/reopening institution because true to type, they just don't care about humanity that isn't wealthy. On top of that, 70%of Americans, those that aren't MAGA cult members, will have the common sense to do as much as they can to stop the virus, just as they are doing right now. Trump is about to really learn how little this country thinks of him and his so called leadership.

    11. Sarah

      Corpus Christi, TX went from 0 to 20 in less than a week because they took very long to order everyone to stay home. It’s still not enforced. They are also not testing everyone because while they have ALL of the symptoms, they have not traveled or know of someone who has. It’s ridiculous. People are still out and about like it’s business as usual. Barbara Canales took days to figure out how to implement this new “suggestion” to stay at home. People were in a false state of security thinking there were no cases in the county. They found out otherwise this week when they began testing more people. Even the first 3 cases were being covered up. Do not trust the numbers as they are NOT accurate.

    12. passerby

      America, what is happening to the CDC Director's claim that many of the US deaths attributed to the flu were actually from the C-19? What were the dates that the post-mortems were done to determine the above? You owe the world an answer!

    13. Joanne Rzezniczek

      This reminds me of the first movie Jaws where the Mayor tells civic worker to go into the water and they listen to the Mayor and a little bit gets eaten by the shark.STAY HOME EVERYONE. Listen to the good doctors only

    14. 2NDARY B18C1

      rabbit rabbit

    15. David Paul

      "Information needed"- sounds like the still needed test kits are now essential for this issue? FYI mr, trump, My congregations will not be celebrating Easter in public gatherings- we don't want to be following a Resurrection celebration with funerals.

    16. Nonya Buzness

      Fauci and the government get paid when everyone else is trapped on covid-welfare.

    17. theayushway

      This Coronavirus is too “perfect.” I feel like there is a structured agenda to all this... this event has been able to manipulate and control the masses through fear and panic with the usage of media alone. The media is constantly pumping out news every moment on only this. It is the only thing it wants you to see and hear about, and it is the main thing that we are consuming from media worldwide. It is inevitable. As if it is propaganda. I have never seen the media work this “hard.” It has actually shaped most of our lives now, becoming the “new normal” for majority of the population. It shut off the economy, people have lost their jobs/not able to work, not able to make money, there have been restrictions for physical contact, as we have been directed to isolate and social distance, limiting communication and is too “good” of a pandemic. Too many factors at once. Too many combinations at once, overwhelming the world at once. It is forcing us to “give in” and obey. It has commanded our obedience in such a fast time and we have effortlessly obliged. It has hijacked our rational thinking by saturating our thoughts with fear. I have no idea, but I cannot ignore this. We should see this event through as many perspectives as possible. Just live -Ayush

    18. Hipster B

      What exactly is he talking about?

    19. Leah Henny

      I’ve been feeling like shit for the past 4 days, can’t even get tested. I can’t be the only one...

    20. Bill Glass

      Trump is FS

    21. jing zhang

      Sick of US politicians, invented Biological weapon infected people all around world, he doesn’t even care their own American people, printing 2 trillion $ used to stimulate Financial market, no single $ for medical supplies!!! “Test only for rich people” “this is life!” US politicians & CEO for big companies already Sold their shares in early Feb. made tons of money, full of blood from normal investors and retirement pension! I pray for all of innocents people around in the world to be safe, But those devils will be punished by GOD!

    22. Beny Chua Miguel

      Our mistakes requires correction urgently...

    23. Citizen EU

      When you vote an idiot into Office, you can't expect him to become competent during a crisis.

    24. Ed Galindo

      Trump doesn't have a clue what he is doing. Get out damn moron !!

    25. unKnoWn _SolDuR

      Just a complete idiot, point blank. No clue as what to do for the country. Complete asshole!!

    26. Abyss

      All you pathetic demonrats can't see yourselves. We don't give a sh*t what you say about saving lives because you're just fine with killing unborn babies. Trying to act all high and mighty when inwardly you're a bunch of hyenas nipping away at peoples lives.

      1. James Volk

        you're pro Pandemic, because you're anti pro-choice, you're hypocrite too

    27. Brittany sue

      Thank you President Trump!!

      1. James Volk

        Yeah thx 🖕

    28. babe brown

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> You can see the doc on the left freaking out, he doesn’t seem like he likes this idea to open sooner. Grabbing his neck and throat trying to stop himself from saying “we need to shut crap down”

    29. Malcolm Neate Trump is misleading and this is a foolish way forward. Check out what one of the leading professors in South Korea is saying in the link. South Korea have had the most success in containment.

    30. xRAINxXLORDxX XxX

      Please kill the germ asap otherwise it will kill millions in usa.

    31. Johnson Aak

      Look he need to hurry up and open I’m losing it everybody who’s scared or cautious need to stay in quarantine everybody else let’s get back to it. I’m to annoyed with this whole thing.

    32. Christien du Preez

      Dr Fauci said exactly what the president said. For godssakes, can't you followers see this? Don't they have the brains to LISTEN and decide? you people spoon feed to them what you THINK they must hear.This will peak fast, and then it will decline. Your President is rightly worried, like every other leader, about a recession. If the economy comes to a standstill, it will take manyy years and much hardship to rebuilt, so if some places can go back to work, it will be fantastic. Now you will see, if the worst happens, the left won't remember that they slandered him for wanting the economy to stay standing, then they will find yet another stick. CNN, spin it as you like, your president said exactly what dr fauci said, except that he also has the economy to cope with.

    33. Alex Smith

      Why do photographers still use DSLR's!! So so noisy! Clack clack clack! I cant hear Trumps answers! Did I miss anything?

    34. Me Stillme

      We have large sections we can open.... however the rest of the tiny itty bitty world needs to stay shut down

    35. Rene Morales

      Who will be responsible the president or the doctor's who advise the president if many people continue died

    36. Susan Stiles

      Is it The United States of America or The Individual States of America? ...Respect me or else there will be no life-saving equipment for you... So says President Donald J. Trump, President of the Red States of America. Soo obvious. Just so we're all clear on this; I am not taking one for a Team I don't belong to.

    37. Tadhg Flaherty

      What large sections is he talking about? Is he referring to large uninhabited sections?

    38. Barbara H

      Trump does not care or hear the questions, he just gives a scripted generic response to fit his own agenda.

    39. Majo Tomas

      Can we just hear Dr. Fauci talk? With all the problem, he needs all the air time.The other guy can just stay at the background or not appear at all.

    40. carnivaltym

      Trump is finished, a fool and a failure.

    41. John William Jones

      Trump is so incredibly unable to understand the issues and do the job!

    42. inXine

      i feel sorry for fauci. im sure he doesnt want all the attention hes getting.

    43. Andrew Ryder

      Wow you really are trying to bring Donald Trump down. Is this what all this is about.?

    44. carl cullen

      America needs to get rid of this virus trump73 before America collapses into its self,then deal with coronavirus.CARL UK

    45. Marsha Revis


    46. Linda Eubanks

      Don’t you all recognize hope 💕

    47. Ty R7u

      A friend of mine said that the aircraft carrier Roosevelt was terrible, the corpses were thrown into the sea, and the US uniforms on the deck were piled high ...

    48. Fran Rew

      Both PresidentvTrump and Dr. Fauci are saying the same thing. They agree that each separate individual State, in the United States, needs to have their total population TESTED for Covid-19. Only States who qualify can get off of home-isolation quarantine, by Easter Sunday, Aoril 12. 2020. For a State to qualify, the entire State popuation needs to have an easily managable number of patients testing positive, for. Covid-19. Positive-testing patients also need to be screened for the people who have been exposed to them. By "manageable, Trump and Fauci are referring to each qualifying State having more than just a minimal number of health care providers, hospital beds, ventilators, masks, and personal protection equipment. This "managable" requirement means that States like New York would not qualify. for patients. who test positive for Covild-19. P testing positive for Covid-19, after fully testing, isiolating, and contact-tracking fir people they were in contact with test positive. population Covid-19 population, may be approved by their state medical support teams to have only those who test positive assigned to social distancing. The rest of a qualifying state's population, who test negative, could go back to work as usual. Both Trump and Dr. Fauci agree that Without TESTING, there is no way to know which asymptomatic person is a carrier for Covid-19. They are both saying that if and only if TESTING becomes available in time to test the states with the posibiity, for cimpleting testing and contact tracking before Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, will be considered for possible clearance to go back to normal functioning levels, with only people who tested positive assigned to isolation. They didn't mention it in this press confetence, but some ways to identify a Covid-19 carriier are on personal Identification card, and/or a health ID on their cell phone, for people qualifying as either negative or positive A good and/or non-contagious health confirmation card is similar to what has existed for decades on travel passports for traveling to different countries requiring different vaccinations. I am so very grateful that President DonaldTrump and Dr. Anthony Fauci have shared this co-creative collaborative pandemic war strategy, for TESTING, because as Trump said in a previous press conference, "We're at war with an invisible enemy." TESTING makes our enemy much more visible. VERY IMPORTANT - "Economic fallout of COVID-19 will only be resolved if we can get this new virus under control." - Philip Cross on Global News | Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

    49. John Bell

      NO!.... Trump is trying to DECEIVE the American public to think he has a handle on the infection to boost his re-election chances. Fauci is part of Trump's Propaganda Machine.

    50. Adolph Oliver Bush

      Event201 . Look it up. There's your playbook for all corona B.S.

    51. Misty Nguyen

      Trump will save America!!! Just watch and wait. Praying for his safety!!!!!

    52. Chris Lee

      Trump is planning a mass killing in Easter. God bless American

    53. Tony Montana

      45 idiot

    54. Shurjendu Dutt-Mazumdar

      He's like a bad legal guardian who's urging his highly feverish (104 degrees) child to go to school in three days because that would be the "best timeline".

    55. Shurjendu Dutt-Mazumdar

      Also, it's incredible the sexism and disrespect in Trump... he refers to Dr. Fauci and a few moments later to "Deborah" (that's Dr. Deborah Birx). Why is it Dr. Fauci and Deborah? Huh? He refersto her as Dr. Birx later, but how even once by her first name? I can't air my disdain for Trump's total lack of class and ignorance enough.

    56. Shurjendu Dutt-Mazumdar

      Constantly self-congratulating while describing the terrible situation is a monstrous indication of desperate and noxious ego.

    57. Ang Lovetree

      Sounds like he's going to sharpie that curve down.

    58. yinkoos

      All he wants to do is open the NYSE for his friends.

    59. Jacky Swinson

      Trump is a idiot

    60. Jim Conaty

      Trump is right, we can open up vast areas of the country. Primarily where no one lives . Problem solved. .

    61. kat phil

      do it now trump! the bolsheviks must not win! gates must hang for that!

    62. Amara Salah


    63. Michael Tayeby

      China and iran were the most inffected countries , learn from them how they managed the situation rather than

    64. iain hill

      Trump is either absolutely delusional...or he needs his death rate figures up ?

    65. Elsa Perez

      Can’t they use the 25th amendment on this president

    66. Mr. ENGlishJELLo

      Why can't he just say we'll take it day by day as far as reopening the country as oppose to picking a certain day?

    67. Adam AA

      At no point does any journo say "Stop No. Everything you say is a lie".

    68. sandy frye

      We don’t have that great of tests, He’s so stupid. The number of tests aren’t good.

    69. Afthabgull Bangash

      Kasmir was locked down by India world response ZERO ,Allah locked down the whole world

    70. Carol Johnson


      1. Carol Johnson


    71. SO

      What a clown, God be with you America

    72. Vic Mark

      There’s not one single Trump voter that CNN has been able to convert in 5 years of Trump bashing. All they’ve achieved is declining ratings. How does Time Warner justify keeping it going is beyond me.

    73. Patrick

      Listening to this orange face does not inspire confidence that he is on top of things. He is all over the place with no coherent factual & honest response that's rooted in reality or whats happening on the ground

    74. D'Adrian Graham

      He just wants that Easter food. Thanking Jesus for making him an incredible man who's done incredible things and lots of big big things. Then dive into the first plate he sees.

    75. saeed basabain

      We have to pray

    76. Evelyn Tarawa

      Here in New Zealand 🌏 We are listening to our Government.yes we are a small country thank GOD,BUT WE ARE LISTENING TO,MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO YOU ALL AT THIS TIME 🌏🌈🙏

    77. Ng Lian chuan

      Italian 吃中国食品肉类?

    78. Pmoneys5535

      Sir are you just an oblivious AH all the time or just plain ole’ stupid?

    79. Francois Suissae

      "This is a beautiful timeline" ... " where flexible " .... "Opening up large sections of the country"

    80. SuperOlivess

      I'm a new zealander and am surprised the American people are not in a revolt against such a careless, useless 'President' at a time of such peril!