Seafood Boil with Kayla from Nicole TV


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    Join me and special guest Kayla from Nicole TV. Y'all she is hilarious! We had a great time gettin' down on some seafood. Check out Kayla and follow her here:
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    Artwork by Paris L. Wilson

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    1. Zachary Owen

      She heavy headed thinkin she’s all that🤣

    2. Majesty Jones

      All that food going to waste😂

    3. Dimples Da Heyoka

      Who saw *Eat with Que* new video Ex-Chick? Omg it's amazing🔥🔥🔥!!! Or are yall still hating in 2020🤷🏿‍♀️?

    4. babytina

      Woww she's from Sylacauga. I know hella ppl from down there.

    5. Classy Rozy

      Hey, bloves could you come to Salisbury Maryland!!!!

    6. •.cocoxmoon .•


    7. Tran Vo

      Lon que gi day

    8. Tia DiVine

      She so cute awww she’s just a little sweet baby God bless you both 💋

    9. missninabug


    10. Lol Epiphany

      Hopefully the crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and oysters stay happy even though mukbangers are coming after them suckers

    11. Blossom Thebunny

      Lol I really want her to play a funny extra character in a movie

    12. zoë


    13. chevy kiing

      move like a snake like a snake

    14. GSPlover


    15. KHALYLA fong

      Can you do me next

    16. Sasha S.

      Ok this Smackalicious song at the end tho🤯

    17. Elijiah Echols-Holloman

      giving the girls very much Mary J. Blige🤩

    18. Ilhaame Lol

      Move like a snake- Nicol Tv

    19. unique Anderson

      Omg kaylaaaaa

    20. Quantisha Frazier

      Blove looks bomb in that blonde...yess ❤️

    21. Quantisha Frazier

      Move like a snake...Like a snake Rattle Rattle Rattle

    22. Mah b ASMR Cooking

      I TRULY enjoyed this♥

    23. India Gibbs


    24. DeriQ BQ

      Why you askin so many questions

    25. Ashley Ryela

      She said mmhm so much

    26. GUSHO M

      I need scissors for the food.... “they in the bathroom” 😔☹️🤢

    27. smelly

      An o'reilly autoparts ad just popped up on this video and I'm weak

    28. Its myaa


    29. JaeySimmingAgain Stokes

      Where the seasoning

    30. Chrissy Beezez

      Kayla talking bout the Gump & the fights🤣

    31. wishful dreams

      Less talking more eating

    32. The Rachets


    33. Soraya luli

      MOVE LIKE A SNAKe ! 🤣💞

    34. Estefany Salas

      Making me hungry😭😭😭😭 buy me some seafood?😍😍

    35. Kalaria Mattison

      I need a friend like her bruh i only got 4 friends

      1. Kalaria Mattison

        Cause i also got trust issues

    36. Daily K

      14:58 😂😂😂😂

    37. Daily K

      kayla is hilarious

    38. Chanel Monroe

      lmaoooo his she bit the corn making funny faces 😂😂😂😂

    39. Not a Basic Channel

      Aunty, I really enjoyed this. It was as if you were collaborating with your niece!! And, you was just of smiling & keeping the convo going, boy.. I'm thinking it the blonde and pink lip stick!!

    40. Diamond Ellison

      Dawg the video ain’t even start and I’m dying

    41. Jaziah Bell

      I died when she bit that corn twice like that 💀💀

    42. Jamie Vangucci

      B, you’re such a great host!!!

    43. Trevon Lewis

      Omg lovely peaches wig

    44. Barbara Austin

      this is jayln I like your seafood boils and You do really good on your videos!

    45. Riy 4 life

      9:51 I can't stand herr!!! hahaha

    46. Roy Mane

      I love Kayla she so honestly vibrant n sweet funny personality.

    47. Miiniie Ashou

      Kayla went viral way before move like a snake. The ponytail was the starter.

    48. Ranisha Newsome

      hey bloveslife 👑👑

    49. Taisha Cole

      That's my girl right there, from the ponytail tutorial video to seeing where she is now. I love it! Her face expressions always have me 🤣🤣

    50. Hey it's Marleyna Here

      Nobody: Kayla : mhm .

    51. Jacklyn .T

      @14:56 I died 😂 the way she looked at her before biting it ☠️

    52. Louise Belcher

      UGLASSSSSSSSS jk jk love you Kayla 🤣😂💖

    53. Jameela Muhammad


    54. Kieair Green

      Move like a snake is my shit

    55. Pr3ttygurl.roslynn 9

      Hey y’all & can y’all do a mukbang

    56. Destiny Buckley

      Lmfao her faces 💀💀😭😭🤣 I’m dead haha


      We Need Mo Of Them Two 🥳🥳

    58. NovaHD

      Do one with Bretman

    59. NovaHD

      Do one with ddg

    60. Cute_facemoo Davis

      Kayla can’t go a day playing she so goofy like I love her so much 😂😂💕