SCIENCE CLASS #1- WHY Does Helium Make Your Voice Higher?

Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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    Live stream with demos your brain will enjoy where we answer a basic question every time.
    Does farting make you weigh more or less?!?! Place your guess and give me feedback too-


    1. Mark Rober


      1. Unicorn Butt face


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    2. Saachi Tamboli

      wait does that mean stars were purple at one point or am i understanding this wrong?

    3. - LUKY LIFE -

      Fun fact 4 days after this went live I tried helium for the first time from a ballon it felt a little funny

    4. Billy Bob Richert

      So when you wake up in the morning and you're voice is lower that is because you're muscles are tired and not strong enough just yet.

    5. David Webb

      Mark Rober, a scientist and a magician.

    6. David Webb

      That mic drop do.

    7. David Webb

      The moment you realize Mark was about to cheat

    8. David Webb

      Mark: Air is a fluid Me: WHAT? Next thing you know water is a gas.

    9. haChi

      If Mark was my physics teacher, i wouldn't want to go to college.

    10. Brandon Thuo

      You're a very good teacher

    11. Cyprian Kibet

      😂😅😂 oil is heavier than water...

    12. jacqueline25

      Thank you for sharing these ideas and videos Mark! Keeping my mind stimulated during this corona virus outbreak.

    13. J Tanner

      When you dropped the balloons and said, "See how much faster that falls" it was a lightbulb moment for me. We have seen the experiments when we drop a hammer and a feather in a vacuum and they accelerate at the same rate so for a moment I was confused. But then I remembered how you said air is a fluid and that is when the lightbulb when off. The heavier balloon SUNK faster! That is exactly like objects of different buoyancies sinking at different rates in water. Thanks for some great learning!

    14. Creation Studios

      This is amazing

    15. Navid Samadi

      Man, you are awesome !!!!!! please record more of this, and i think video is better than live, because you have more control, please just record more of this, thank you so much

    16. Jitesh Sonkaria

      Sir ,what happens when we drop helium and sulphur hexafloride ballon on surface of moon,they touch surface together or not?

    17. Sparky

      Mark having a workout while teaching physics

    18. Ka Lun Liong

      Mark: My dream job is to become a physics teacher. Me: You became a NASA engineer, what more do you want?

    19. Tomo

      Is that Skeletor on your shirt?

    20. Oria Xu

      You make a science class video.. and end with a "Mr Beast" guy, asking an idiotic question.

    21. person anonymous

      I love this class

    22. Gleri

      I just learned High school physics and I’m only 11 and in 5th grade, WHAT HAVE YOU TURNED ME INTO!

    23. Elyas Adnan

      Best human being award goes to! The guy with the best intentions, who empowers other people, who sees the light at the end of the tunnel and helps others see it too

    24. Mocona Modoki

      That's easy! I stay home to punch the coronovirus

    25. isa castillo

      People say helium takes away brain cells so does the thing that makes you voice deeper, gives you more brain cell?

    26. Mohamed Ihsaan Ahmed

      I love the passion you have for teaching. I myself am a teacher. It's what I've wanted since I was a kid, but i was so nervous on the first day. So I can tell you from experience, it gets easier with time. I just decided to channel my passion and not really think of it as a job, but just me sharing my passion and knowledge with others.

    27. TheSlicer

      I am wondering if you do the lightest punches will you become the fastest hitter or f you gain strength and strike at a brute force but the same speed wouldent getting muscle be bad since you cant be as fast due to weight? From a -5th grader

    28. zjohnson101

      I'm disappointed that it took me this long to realize that Mark Rober is the Bill Nye of this generation.

    29. Johnathan Thompson

      Yessssss! We get this

    30. Johnathan Thompson

      Punchline Me:OMG!!!!

    31. scott mills

      I enjoy your videos. You are a good person.🙂

    32. Abdullah Malik

      You should be a college professor because colleges need people like you.

    33. Reid Quinlan

      Love the class! One thing is that there is a very long intro

    34. ניצן בר

      can you allow us to submit subtitles to this video series? i have some friends who would enjoy watching this but dont know english good enough to understand the video

    35. Tony Figueira

      Mr Rober thank you for this

    36. Gabriel Guinther

      "so it doesn't ark and cause a spark wise words from my teacher named mark" -Dr Seuss

    37. Henry Chuya

      The best science teacher

    38. Carlos Eduardo de Melo Rodovalho

      Mark you are making the difference here. Thanks!

    39. Carlos Eduardo de Melo Rodovalho

      WoW! I just learnt why helium makes my voice higher without even knowing. Just like you said, it was indeed a punchline. You sr.are a born teacher

    40. Nicholas Zheng

      im gonna learn german

    41. b1123ap

      @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1503">25:03</a> I half expected him to say, "Alright so, your homework for today is..."

    42. Wendel Wells

      And... the water sinks up... THE BEST!

    43. amanda tomlinson

      This is great!

    44. Nathan Reich

      I think what makes a class fun, is liking the teacher. And everyone likes your class because everyone likes you.

    45. Petah Ichimaru

      modern day Professor Proton lol

    46. Andres Salazar

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1260">21:00</a> learned it in 6th grade

    47. Blanca GODOY

      Thank you so much for your content!

    48. Paul Armstrong

      Freedom units? Really? This is why we crashed a satellite into Mars. Please teach people metric and encourage our next generation to enjoy the ease of working in metric.

    49. B1ubster

      As of now, the 1k people that disliked this video don’t know what’s cool

    50. Pianist Gamer

      You sound like a meme with helium

    51. Brooke Arrivee

      I love this idea of doing these classes thank you Mark

    52. Chris Yang

      Does that mean that if you filled the room with the thing you used to blow the candle out. there will be now air and then you will run out of oxygen.

    53. Chris Yang

      You are so goooood!!!

    54. The French Bassoon

      how do you submit your answer?

    55. Turboreka

      for next episode can you explain why snox is white

    56. Nozdormu1982

      What if there is a lifeform that breaths helium and not oxigen (not on our planet), they would actually swim in our air :P.

    57. EpicGamingGuy

      Please keep these videos on ALsel as they are AMAZING, I love these lessons, they're so interesting. So please don't delete these lessons as they're really good

    58. Johan Meijer

      Wow, you explain this so well! Wish I had you as a science teacher. The way to write F=ma with a small m and big a and vice versa makes it very clear and also very visual and therefore better to remember. Wish you all the best of luck with becoming a teacher!

    59. lilBernier

      i fell asleep watching this, and holy cow the air horn was the most startling thing ever

    60. Nimi Dwivedi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1737">28:57</a>....... Awwwwww❤️.... Don't cry☹️

    61. Scott Granberg

      Thank you Mark for doing this for all our children.

    62. Nimi Dwivedi


    63. Dynasty Duck

      This is great Mark, thanks for sharing. Look forward to watching all the episode Good vibes, be safe

    64. Donát Kelen

      best moment <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a>

    65. Amaya Rodriguez

      I love your video and I’m in middle school if my friend was here she would judge for not having a phone

    66. jente Liefers

      Please come teach me in school!

    67. jenfiorini

      do social distancing! From Nick, age 8

    68. SĦȺĐɆ

      Bro what high school are you going to teach at? I'm ready to transfer.

    69. Skullyfried

      This is more interesting than my entire school

    70. Sam Adler

      Is mark rober sponsord by hurly????

    71. Mitch Spacone

      Well, you got me to have an ah-HA moment! Nice job Mr. Rober.

    72. Andrew Petyo

      Bill Nye meets Mr. Rodgers! Thanks Mark! You're making my kids interested in science and making it super fun with a great message. You're the best!

    73. Samantha McCormick

      For the air horn experiment, my other half would like to know... what would happen if you were moving at the same speed as the sound coming from the air horn? Instead of being stationary? What would that sound like?

    74. Rían Cahill

      I’m writing a novel during the isolation.

      1. Rían Cahill

        Cristina Leseanu thanks

      2. Cristina Leseanu

        I hope I get to read it 😊

    75. lostlocalhost

      Thank you. I've been watching you long before introducing you to my 7 year old son, and it's so fun to share your videos for things we cover at home. His SAGE (gifted) program had SmarterED and your vid on golf ball deformation for "class" today, and now we're going down the well of your vids. We appreciate these live sessions. Thanks for your time and effort.

    76. lolatron

      omg the interlacing

    77. d3Rm0Nk

      Dude has 11M subscribers, worked for NASA, planted a ton of trees and whatnot STILL get excited over becoming a teacher and is super nervous about speaking infrot of a live audience. How could you not love him!?

    78. some guy

      not the same without the amazing editing still good

    79. some guy

      is it true theres a high chance of death

    80. some guy

      are u scripting