Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

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    Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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    1. Thamizh Arasu

      5:09 Bro there is a mistake on your Refresh rate .. actually your saying different and showing different 120 for Samsung and 240 for Iphone .. which is wrong

    2. Naveed Hussain

      My pc has 512MB ram.

    3. Christian Sarmiento

      Apple lover or not, Apple is way behind in NEW innovative technology

    4. manazir manzar

      Great videos, feeling happy to be here at your channel

    5. Jose Cordero

      For the last thing for the giveaway I tried and it did not work

    6. Nayeli

      This video is very informative and you hit all the key points well, I have subscribed!!!

    7. Rajesh Kumar


    8. SlighceTUNES

      The 4K display on the Sony 5 years ago is better

    9. A Handsome Asian

      9:38 8K is actually 2x the resolution of 4K right?

    10. ThyGreek

      Apple lasts longer and you can buy a lightning cable to use a 3.5mm jack, the iPhone 12 is going to be better but of course pricier.

    11. Muhammad Miladur Rahman

      Can I win one?

    12. Hammad Akmal

      Can i get a mobile from your give away

    13. Kayc Carvalho

      1:10 Strongeee

    14. John O'brien

      When do the phones fight. Can you go straight to the fight

    15. Chilesaa no

      Just subscribed. Loving this comparison video. Samsung has definitely stepped their game from their previous phones. S20 sounds and looks so futuristic and revolutionary.

    16. Patrick Christensen

      These extra 6 grams just makes it feel more premium. What a sheep

    17. ACE

      Samsung is better than iPhone....I regret changing to iPhone just to mess around with it

    18. Andy Kurniawan

      Iphone also could use the 30w charger... but at the price point more as usual

    19. Sterkriger

      Samsung display is amazing until you have to install a screen protector and actually use the phone. After that the curved display and the size become annoying

    20. Jovanio

      Now let's see the ps5

    21. Gabriel 08

      the note 10 was WELL better than the iphone 11 pro max, the chance of the 11 pro max against ANY new sansung phone is ZERO

    22. QUICK GIST

      Lowkey iPhone looks super outdated

    23. ___

      Samsung screens are still meh. I use the screen 100% I use camera 2%. Sony still has the best screen.

    24. Andrew Ryan Stevens

      apple cant beat samsung because they're using samsungs technology lol

    25. Bob

      To be honest, if you’re spending 1400 dollars on a device you take outside and don’t get a decent case or screen protection than you’re either rich enough where you don’t care or you’re just an idiot because playing the odds you will drop it at some time.

    26. Yoshro

      “It’s large enough to forget about being a one handed experience” if you know you know

    27. kwakuslay king

      hey, you are holding a nice camera

    28. Jomar Ylanan

      Awesome comparison both phone are good😁

    29. user first

      still probably will bug out on snapchat 😂😂

    30. Cooper Vincik Memes

      When you realize Samsung makes screens for Apple

    31. sudhanshu shekhar

    32. alexandergoldman

      anyone who talks about 'fingerprints' and premium feel in the hand are douches...because you are an IDIOT of you're using one of these without a case. maybe you don't drop phones...but if someone bumps into you and it flies out of your hand, then the cracked screen and dents are on you

    33. alexandergoldman

      Samsung...taking Apple's lunch...again. Not the biggest Sammy fan, but the S20 is a beast

    34. Keyur Vallabhjee

      Congrats you have just earned a follow for being extremely fair in your comparison... thank you and well done!

    35. Gabriel Cannizzo

      Hey look, a camera with a phone attached!

    36. Bruno Costa

      Very nice review!

    37. lexterYT

      Samsung:like Iphone:coment

    38. PewDieBie

      I hope I win so I can at least send my little brother to school with the money

    39. Declan C Coombes

      I've got a Feeling Samsung Note 11 or 20 Is gonna be better than the S20 ULTRA if not I'm gonna finally leave the note series.

    40. Shin Chua

      If my intention of buying a new smartphone is for vlogging should i buy samsung s20 or iphone 11 pro max

    41. syphin

      Bra Apple is better

    42. Maurin Aarts

      Samsung s20: 100x zoom! Quality: imma head out.

    43. Ahmad m Rajeh


    44. Pogo M.Y.P

      Plz can i get the s20 i have no muns rn

    45. Jeffrey Jansen

      Why doesn't samsung show any progress in software availability? Why not use the 2D scanner to unlock notifications on the lock screen like Apple does with Face ID. 2D scanner may not be that secure, but secure enough to unlock some notifications if you ask me. And why should we wait so long for Samsung Pay, Apple Pay is brilliant and has no competition in Europe at the moment. And where is the ability to synchronize my Samsung Gallery with One Drive as promised in august last year? Still can't do it.. If you ask me Samsung has the priorities wrong, they make incredible phones but should focus more on the software finally..

    46. gacha kitten fifi

      I thought the iPhone 11 camera was big and new IPhone 11

    47. Jaden Coolness

      Why you got 29,087 emails sent to you that are not read? If you people who watched who don't see it go to 15min 36sec and look at the iPhone 11' s Mail app.

    48. luciano skaldeman

      givaway link @t

    49. Dariusz Kaps

      in few words ,iphone was flushed in toilet🤣🤣🤣

    50. Joel Young

      Apple better come out with some crazy future tech or its game over.

    51. Adarsh Juttun

      Hi, i love all your videos and im a long time subscriber. Great content and comparison.

    52. saleh maharma

      Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra win in 2020

    53. Dalila Alvarez

      Please do an asmr video

    54. Kevin Carter

      Samsung always better than iPhone thank you

    55. Olga Kovaleva

      Like your btitish accent😃

    56. Rj Rojon

      I think samsung is better than anything

    57. Mitchell R

      I just want games to be able to auto-switch to FHD 120hz and go back to QHD when im not gaming

    58. Mitchell R

      "The iphone being super heavy compared to samsung makes iphone feel premium!" I have never broken a samsung phone, everyone i know with a iphone ends up with a cracked screen within a month or two.

      1. cruze chevy

        I've dropped a stylo 4 phone plenty of times and no crack until two months ago of having the phone for a year after some piece of trash attacked me.

      2. Tabathia Dollarhide

        I’m the opposite. I’ve cracked my Samsung’s. Other than the last just got wet. But never broke but 1 iPhone

      3. Faris

        So true, mine has been though so much and still no scratch

    59. LenHard Markov

      You should compare S20 to the incoming iPhone in sept...

    60. QualityTradez

      Let it be known that yet again Samsung has pioneered a new generation of expectations with the 120hz display and other crazy features on this phone. But I guarantee you in the next 2 years when apple copies all of them the apple fan boys will be screaming that they invented it first and have the best versions. Apple phones are sub par for the price vs what you receive. They just dont have to try anymore due to the blind love their customers have. pretty sad really.