Roddy Ricch - Prayers to the Trap God [Official Audio]

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    Roddy Ricch - Prayers to the Trap God
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    1. Roddy Ricch

      Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial: Tour:

      1. Lorenzo Alexander

        you should come sing for my sister party

      2. Tina W.

        You are so freakin talented 💯I luv Niggas too ! Yes I luv US..

      3. Edi Aguilar

        Zoom uses a good

      4. Fatal Reapzz

        When the music video coming out

    2. Ache Nicholls

      Song is so underrated , keep blessing us with the Music Roddy

    3. Naydeen Swicegood

      You can feel the pain. Roddy deserves to be noticed/ bigger. thank you for making this song.

    4. Dalonte Stanfield

      She just want to pop a x like malcolm

    5. Jon Joints

      Dope is potent it depends on what you cook it with. - @RoddyRicch

    6. Low

      Put it at 0.75 trust me.

    7. Na Mean

      448 fuck niggas

      1. Na Mean


    8. Stella Idahosa

      Roddy sounds like young thug when he does his high notes

    9. mosthated edges

      Ur dumb if u say, "the box" nd "high fashion ",was the only good songs on dis album, he jus told his life story in this song, nd he barely got the credit, cheers to u Roddy, nd r.i.p pop

    10. J B2212

      I felt this before I could feel it😪 I listen to more than just the beat. Roddy Ricch keep Delivering 💯

    11. Nathaniel Sullivan

      Real as shit 😢

    12. MovieHighClub

      I got family thts addicts I got family thts drug dealers I got my family thts murders" thts some real sht

    13. KAZ

      i think this song is severely underrated. def one of the favorites on the album

    14. Day Flea

      This made me cry💯💯 I more than felt this shit 🤞🏾🎯

    15. roblox god21

      True goat🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    16. Elijah Montez

      Actually love this entire album💘💪

    17. Payton Johnson

      I've never had an ear for the trap rap style but damn does Roddy Ricch have talent.

    18. K-TRAIN

      This shit brings tears to my eyes. Fake niggas hop the fuck off this song

    19. Mr Flowers

      It's been how many years and youtube still doesn't have a repeat option, or am I just slow and behind?

    20. Eleusis Productions

      Why are you praying Gucci Mane !?

    21. Kabir Gutty

      Who else felt an amazing experience of hearing music after listening to Roddy Ricch?

    22. Taion 39

      R.i.p to my unc mike lost em the same way but he fell to his death in handcuffs , roddy one of the realist dam near all his songs get me thru it

    23. Fox

      This probably my favorite song of the album


      love him and his songs

    25. Phillip Conner

      This became my favorite

    26. Kabir Gutty

      Everyday I come here so the album will stay on number one on billboard 😇 cause he deserves the number 1

    27. awareness

      real trappers know the struggle..

    28. Travis Webster

      Roddy rich best out right now

    29. Phillip Conner

      this song is hard he should have ran this a lil longer tho

    30. Luke Cage

      theres only 1 God, and thats Allah Swt. Case closed.

    31. charlez

      I’m about to chase a bil, fuck a mil”

    32. Mikey D

      thought this ft young thug at first. Roddy extremely diverse

    33. Oschille Wynberg

      "I got family that's addicts, I got family that's drug dealers I got family that's murderers, I got family that love niggas And family important, you just gotta embrace it"

    34. Tobious X

      1:14 The most satisfying part of the song

    35. Pamela Minter

      I can relate

    36. stephen bell

      When he raps ... it sounds exactly like future... when he harmonizes... it sounds exactly like young thug... why has no one picked up on this yet...

    37. Beama Beama 🔥🔥🔥🤝🤝🤝

    38. Rociano Rodriques

      She just wanna pop a x like Malcolm 💥💥💥

    39. Peter Brady

      Low key fire

    40. ToksYT

      I’m sorry but why has this not hit like 100M yet?


      Great song

    42. YNW4LDrea Slatt

      roddy rich my 3rd fav rapper His music actually good

    43. Jordan Walton

      I can hear Future and Young Thug all over this song and I freaking love it

    44. Kario DX

      Bro said sum real shit on this 🔥

    45. James Leach

      “That’s why I got the .9 in my pocket for, gotta drop him ‘fore he kicking down the door” Sounds exactly like Future right there

    46. I like to eat booty

      You can tell he poured his heart out on this song

    47. Austin THC

      Its crazy how he hits them notes and make it flow in the song

    48. Milan Tamang


    49. Milan Tamang

      Lookend and roddy

    50. Rick David

      I was watching Family Guy when the police raided... 😡😡😡

    51. Swanqo Krueger

      Who’s Where from CCSHOW picture?

    52. C & J Fortnite

      Best song in the album could feel what u went through men😴

    53. Aelis Corley


    54. Epixploits

      "I was watching Family Guy when the police raided"

    55. Bloods, Crips, and Essay's (the webseries)


    56. StormieBrix

      Thank you Roddy, changed music for me.

    57. Koolin wit K-Raw

      roddy you too hard no hatz

    58. Child of God_ 116

      A lot of the lyrics in this song was really deep. I'm sorry for your lost bro. Tho you don't have to just keep living in sin like that. It's hard living in this world nowadays fr. There's always hate wherever you go somewhere. Well, I guess all I can say is to just keep yo head up. Just stay alive spiritually and physically and protect yo self. Bc ur a young black men, the world gon look at you diff. Tho you already know that. They'll try and do anything just to get you killed. Just keep praying to God in the worst times, and thank him in the best times. I love you bro and always will. Just remember that your never hopeless...ever. 💪🏿✊🏿❤️

    59. Bee Dji

      Best Song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Roddy Young Legend 💙🙏🏿

    60. Anton At

      When talent of perfect impression comes out to fill your ears with real quality👊🏽