Roddy Ricch - The Box (Lyrics)

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    Roddy Ricch - The Box (Lyrics)
    Roddy Ricch - The Box OUT NOW:
    Roddy Ricch
    Lyric video for "The Box" by Roddy Ricch


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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="198">3:18</a> Sound like YO Can anyone tell me name

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      Me sleeping: The mice under my house: EE URRR EE URR

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      Pure fucccccckin talent 🔥 this is fire

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      Legend has it the door is still creaking

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      me showing this to my baby brother and my mom

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      poop in a box

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      There's something about hip hop music that I like backwards... not sure if its the funny reversed head nodding, but the beat still works!! 😆😍😆

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      me in class minding my own business and then everyone squawks there chairs at the same time and then my teacher says had to put a stick in the box

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      The teacher:*doing roll call* The teacher:*calls my name* Me:EE UR (It sounds like here if you say it in a way)

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      Nobody: Me in class:Eeeeee urrrrrr Roddy Ricch:Picks up the mic

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      what's the added song at the end? sounds familiar

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      Half the lyrics are wrong

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      Can any one can tell the last music name pls

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      Is it only me that likes the outro music?

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        BusBoy9870 oh lol, I’m stupid 😂

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        BusBoy9870 what’s it called?

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        I wanna know what it's called

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      OMG he Said my name aaliyah

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      My teacher: wiping the board Me: ERR ERR