Roddy Ricch - The Box [Official Lyric Video]

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    Roddy Ricch - The Box (Lyrics)
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    1. Roddy Ricch

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      1. Ay_gn123 Ay_gn123

        Roddy Ricch very good song👌🏻👌🏻😍👏🏻👏🏻♥️

      2. Ricky Hernandez

        @Slick Toby uwiiwii3j.ii

      3. Benjamin Morales

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      4. Zr Roberts

        Do you think you could make a song like a cool song Pokemon stuff

      5. Mirrors

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    3. Tanja Pajic

      What the f is this song about?

    4. Jamie Armstrong


    5. Nicole Lollipops

      the weird pink haired stripper and the Spiderman brought me here and I can't stop listening to this song. :/

    6. Jammin Speedz

      Call me Chris Cole I pop that shit 😂🔥

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    9. LaTrell Condrey

      Every other rapper: million dollar cars. Roddy Ricch: drivable box

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    11. I love gaming Fortnightandroblox

      I love all of your song's

    12. I love gaming Fortnightandroblox

      I love your songs

    13. Мария Даутова

      Цо по форе э сва, почему мне так нравится эта песня?!

    14. Rodrygo play YT

      Eu to adorando essa música entrou na minha mente muito boa ❤😎🔊🔊🎵🎶🎤

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    16. Нурылбек Сарсенов

      Wow 9999 commentary

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    18. CRiSTOPHER

      *W* *A* *T* *E* *R*

    19. R STAYLONE

      I'm fuckin love it ! I did a FRENCH COVER OF THIS SONG on my channel ^^ If you want to have a listen it would be very nice ahah 🔥🔥🔥 Have a good day 👌

    20. Agung Skg

      Suaramu saiki elek dy. Elok sing ndek emben.

    21. IJN Aoba Chan

      "So what Background player are we gonna get?" The Window cleaner: "My time has come."

    22. Jimmy Hall


      1. 忐忑-T0ry

        i know how to create lyric videos

    23. compro sorvete

      Eu e os rapazes:

    24. Ewan Logronio

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    28. Lixo Humano

      Essa musicaaa é mtooooo boaaaaaaa

    29. Free Accounts TV

      When ur real song has more views than your lyrics

    30. Mrs. Minecrafter

      I've heard the first 2 sentences before, I wanna know where.... Tiktok?

    31. jackdanielt05

      Carl wheezer the box is better

    32. Fang the gamer

      Take water:

    33. Stake - Kun

      Só eu vim pela intro da 5ª temporada de vida de jovem do TJ?

    34. BOSS FF

      Cadê os Br que veio pelo meme?🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    35. Viraj Solanki

      Not a good song After listening its indian version. I luv this song(indian version)

    36. lindsey

      my dad (53) is obsessed with this song 😳

    37. Scout 9301

      It’s crazy to think that I’ve been listening to this dude for almost a year already, I remember seeing him for the first time on the genius co-signed video of Ice Cube reacting to new west coast rappers and he listened to die young and i liked it a lot so I looked it up on ALsel and I’ve been listening to him ever since

    38. xd lonely

      the zoom on the eee uuurr in the beginning 🤣

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      Soy de México 🇲🇽

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    44. LucasGitanoFamily

      Hello, i make Backing Track - The Box - Flamenco Gipsy :

    45. farklı Tv

      Türk ve azeri var

    46. GH0ST

      Did he put the dick in the box?

    47. Takomaster87

      Carl Wheezer

    48. duyhung traubo

      run in 1.25 speed its better

    49. EllysonPlayzzYT

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    50. REVOLTZ

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      1. BOSS FF


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    52. Sreejith Menon

      How many of u have heard "The Boax"

    53. Danielle Zola

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> TikTok challenge 👋🏾

    54. THE PERFECT DUDE • 69 years ago


    55. johnny bravo

      beginning instrument is from moby extreme ways

    56. King Ferro

      Quarantine Ima get laaaaaaaaaaaaaazy


      🔥 are you still listening in 2020 This video beautiful <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> 💯💖 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇❣

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      I searched "pooka al la betty swag so la" To find this song And clicked on the first black man caption.

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    68. Z Peerk

      I actually used to like this tune before they played it on every radio station 100x a day

    69. Timberlake

      Rip my eye

    70. Mitchell Gill

      I like your songs

    71. Angel Rodriguez

      It is a good song

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    73. Jisil James

      Every awards goes to roddy ricch

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    79. zeldrisxS. sx

      Coloquei essa música no vídeo q postei ,vai la