Roddy Ricch - Big Stepper [Official Music Video]

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    Roddy Ricch - Big Stepper
    Stream - "Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial" -
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    DIRECTOR: James “JMP” Pereira
    PRODUCER: Cosmo Orlando
    AD: Jakob Robledo
    DIR. ASSISTANT: Jiorgi Miller
    PA: Elizabeth Gomez
    PA: Rich Altemus
    PA: Andi Corbaxhi
    DP: Brett Arndt
    1st AC: Philip Hoang
    2nd AC: Zariah Dally
    CAM PA: Frankie Enriquez
    COBRA ARM: Camera Control
    COBRA ASSISTANT: Christopher Tufenkjian
    GAFFER: TJ Signaigo
    ELECTRIC: Emma Juncosa
    KEY GRIP: Matt Cole
    GRIP: Abe Molinero
    SWING: Cody Cook
    BALLOON: Airstar
    BALLOON TECH: Edwin Alvarado
    EDITOR: James “JMP” Pereira
    COLORIST: James “JMP” Pereira
    Hubble Studio
    Compton Cowboys
    Randy Savvy

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    1. Roddy Ricch

      Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial: Tour:

      1. Te'onia Allen

        I'm huge fan of you Roddy ricch 🥰

      2. Firty Twenys7vn

        @NarleyBoi& Ceno ×

      3. NeedA Chance

        @Blankman J5 w 2135|8i9900

    2. Miracalle Taylor

      I've been out of touch with music for so long, but my goddddddd out of the blue I just started listening to Roddy Ricch and he's fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I was sleeping, but I'm up now

    3. Shawn Brown

      M.FS out here trying too copy steal your style bro

    4. Firty Twenys7vn


    5. Andrew Obrien

      This song really grew on me

    6. Driftgamer2.0

      Best rapper ever in the world #legendnumberone

    7. Davion Patterson

      I love this

    8. Genae

      Whew 🤤

    9. Lewis Pilgrim-Howe

      High hats dancing fast as f*ck

    10. Den Beir is los

      This is GAY music!!!!!!!! I listen to folk that's what real NIGGAS do!!! #peaceout

      1. Matthias Peeters

        You gay ass nigga

    11. Y&R Records

      This track is so fucking underrated

    12. Byron Carroll

    13. Dondre PALMER

      Big Stepper is my fav song is underated ima stay here till 10 mili hit

    14. World Tour

      0:07-0:12 how I walk in the living room to see who ate my food in the fridge😭

    15. Te'onia Allen

      I'm huge fan of you Roddy ricch and I love your music I can listen to you all day every day ❤🥰😘😍💖💗

    16. Chad Huggins

      Cool track, really like the flow on this beat.

    17. Danniel Guerrero

      Beez up ppl

    18. Itstrezure Tv

      I love roddy ricch 💕

    19. Montrisha Bethea sexy

    20. Geaux Vee

      He’s such a legend already !!! Much respect to this young king omg love u roddy 😍

    21. Charlie Sanchez

      This song gave the chills cause it’s so good

    22. Abdullah Malone

      "I was told to never show no love ma ni99a" Just like what what i was told 🚶.

    23. Zerké Zauze


    24. Bennie Elliott


    25. Ghost X

      This song is underrated asf this is 🔥🔥🔥

    26. MillerProFishing

      He Protecc He Atacc But Most Importantly.... He Big Stepper

    27. Blaze Kasmo


    28. Jordan Wright

      This song is fire keep grinding homie for real this shit is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    29. Opl Hh

      Roddy u better come back Manchester 🥴

    30. Roberto Romero

      Kodak Black a big stepper ‼️

    31. That Nigga

      "I been trying to get a crib so long know I got it, It's GATED" I felt this 🙏🏿

    32. Y O

      Diffinetly one of my favorite off the album.

    33. Angela Payne

      I love the box

    34. Daily. Tee

      Ayeee the new old town road music video out!💪😂

    35. Heidi Caine

      As soon as a heard “Persian rugs” I had to listen to it

    36. White Shadow

      That mhhmm remains me of racks in the middle😪 RIP nipsey hustle😪

    37. Jessep Barton

      Roddy Rich Roddy Rich you are the best

    38. Nhlanhla Ntsele

      Living legends, I salute you man

    39. Cam

      This would fit perfectly in Madden 21

    40. Lil Tru

      Good option Roddy Persian Rugs fye💯

    41. Nasya Corbitt

      This really my song and war baby matter fact the whole damn album lol. This nigga is fucking great wtfff!!!

    42. Doug Kulie

      when Roddy hits you with that high voice feelzz 🔥

    43. Taylor Barber

      This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    44. Andile Bhengu

      roddie is the best

    45. Tiffany Spartan Smith

      Please excuse me for being antisocial RODDY 🥉🏆🌟⭐mhmm

    46. Chardai Adams


    47. Jerry Huddleston

      DAT bkoy cold #60's NHC L.A

    48. Big


    49. sahraoui safa

      He looks like lennar young the viner

    50. Ajibade Oriyomi

      Still Streaming all tracks 💯🏆⏭ waiting for the day to meet Roddy Ricch my Fav 💙❤💯

    51. dat one boi

      "Perky perky, dirty soda"

    52. Ozi Udah

      My nigga!!!!

    53. Emagic Vevo

      My jam

    54. Samirah Philson


    55. Landen Crouse

      When you realize this nigga rhymed millions with mignon 🤯 sheesh

    56. proxplayer 35

      Roddy and Eminem would be insane plz do roddy

    57. proxplayer 35

      Roddy is a goat already he insane


      Legend 🙏🏼🚀🎶🎶

    59. Mind ya business

      If u don’t like Roddy Ricch u really trippin🤦🏾‍♂️💯

    60. OOFER Oof

      Too hard