Roddy Ricch - High Fashion (feat. Mustard) [Official Audio]

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    Roddy Ricch - High Fashion (feat. Mustard)
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    1. Roddy Ricch

      Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial: Tour:

      1. Trinear Gunter


      2. Trinity Faulk

        Your phone number 💚💚💚💚

      3. Aiden Voyles


      4. Amal Mohamed yahya


      5. samajaej woods


    2. Giovanni Taverlini

    3. Keyawana Gilbert

      I love this song

    4. Bree Fashion

      I put some ice on ya cause you got a cold heart 🥶

    5. Destiny Sims

      I love this song

    6. RtC Saifye


    7. L'jun Dias

      your cool \

    8. t0k3n

      Roddy and mustard is a fire duo

    9. SMGunplay

      please excuse me for replaying this song millions of times lmao

    10. Mighty Spirit

      he su cks

    11. mawell !

      this > the box

    12. Jr Sanchez


    13. IDribble_YT

      Who ever made this beat is just different no 🧢 💯


      High fashion like goldyard

    15. Und ou

      Shawty made that ass clap, she don't need no applause High fashion like Goyard G-Wagen or the Rover? I put some ice on you 'cause you got a cold heart I know I gotta keep my shawty on go, go, go Drop that ass to the floor-floor, yeah Ahh, woah You ain't gotta deal with none of these niggas no more If we hop in the Benz is that okay? Is it okay if I call you my Prada bae? I ain't no player, I just got a lot of baes But let me tell you, I like you a lot, bae I wanna start at the top and the bottom, bae Know you want the shoe with the red on the bottom, bae You know I like when you ride at the top, bae She want Chane'-ne', Dio'-o' I'm only doin' cash, I don't need promo I pull up to the high rise, I'm in the four-four Inside cocoa If I got…. Hi

    16. Braddock Frazee

      I ain’t no player I just got a lotta baes

    17. Braddock Frazee

      If we hop in the Benz in that okay

    18. Braddock Frazee

      The lyrics help me on understanding the words

    19. Brady Eccles

      "I ain't a player I just got a lot of babes".

    20. Spencer Herranz

      Me and my grandma listen to your music every day we love you roddy

    21. Koree Benard


    22. Shemyiah Smith


    23. Shemyiah Smith


    24. Scarlett Padula

      I wanna go to your concert so badddddd

    25. Aiden Voyles


    26. Lameshia Buie

      Why did you put that song on TikTok

    27. Dot One two

      I can’t even tell which is mustard they all sound like Roddy

    28. shaw boys

      Damn he stole young thugga whole flow. Congratulations. Listen to his old songs, no young thug style. Fraud

    29. lil bo

      You look good rapper keep on doing it just keep on 💯🔥💪💯

    30. Big_savage Smd

      go to 0:18

    31. WhOaDoNT ZuCcmEduDe

      Hop in the beans yo

    32. Estarlin Polanco

      The best music

    33. Gavin Aaboe

      Is it okay if i call you my Prada bae?👉🥺👈

    34. Peter Greenidge

      You make very good songs

    35. Peter Greenidge

      Nice lyrics

    36. Nick Vardy

      roddy rich is the best raper out fr fr keep up the grind

    37. sunny sanon

      Shawty make dat ass clap no applause

    38. Blanche Halm

      Nobody: Roddy Ricch: Please excuse me for being antisocial

    39. Rajiiv Isree

      My fav track on the album

    40. Essence Marie

      I'm not going to lie but at first i didn't think he could make it. He proved me and everyone else wrong, keep it up bro.🙏🏼

    41. Latoya Johnson

      this my shit i love this song

    42. Juanita Olavarria


    43. Itz_Revoltz

      Anyone here from tik tok?


      *_me crying while thinking of my crush._*

    45. Kay Bandø


    46. Landen Burgess

      It's ok Roddy just keep making slaps the fire songs like this one

    47. 「iiMecury 」

      Is it just me, or is that all his songs are the best ✨

    48. Mohanan Kallingal

      This Song really needs a female feautre

    49. Gumball

      Go go jojo

    50. Rance Ranola Music beat channel

      This sounds dope like for real bruh this shit sounds straight banger and straight fire like for real bruh 2020 anyone ? The beat straight fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    51. Jesus

      It’s just good to see all my wonderful children in the comments Roddy rich will be forever ours but for many generations to come who we will know and all listen too. 🙏🏾

    52. kendra williams

      A lot of people are listening to this song now .

    53. Ahleah Arsene

      I love you ❤️💋💯

    54. Ahleah Arsene

      I love you ❤️💋💯

    55. Drip x Fxde

      Man I fw this song it's fire keep it coming Roddy

    56. Asha Love

      My ringtone 🔥🔥🔥.

    57. LoLaLy TV

      This song 🔥🔥🔥 I'm sorry for those of you who like The Box better lol

      1. LoLaLy TV

        @Dah_young_ Prodigy lol my friend play The Box too much.. I'm tired of it.

      2. Dah_young_ Prodigy

        LoLaLy TV I’m sorry for you not thinking both songs are 🔥🔥🔥

    58. sp0rky

      I hope this ain’t all his hits cuz ion know what to after them fr

    59. Paris Schmidtke

      Azriel Clarys remake of this sent me here. This song is very very cute!