Roddy Ricch - Out Tha Mud [Official Music Video] (Dir. by JMP)

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    Roddy Ricch - Out Tha Mud
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    Directed by JMP @ualreadyknowJMP
    DP Mike Koziel
    Produced by Cosmo Orlando
    AC Brett Arndt
    Steady Cam Luke Rihl
    Gaffer Dimitrios Christoforidis
    Key Grip Adrien Nieto
    Edit by Nick Jandora & JMP
    Color JMP
    PA Nick Jandora
    Talent Provided by E Millz Ent

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    1. Roddy Ricch

      Stream/Download -

      1. Kristian Edge

        The best

      2. Skip gibbs

        Your eyes are cute😍❤️🤗

      3. Deandre Townes

        Do a song with Youngboy nba

      4. Nappy Is Happy

        I’m here in here

      5. Lerae MaxeyMoore

        RTG batman / Sq33K owa

    2. Jason Escobar


    3. Kyla Toney


    4. Rhylie Edwards

      1:46 Dont mind me, just leaving a timestamp for later

    5. Jayna Thomas

      "How much money do you want?" Roddy Rich:" Yes. "

    6. Mace Uhbase


    7. it's me 9kake

      This song helped me with my depression and anxiety

    8. Zayloux


    9. The OofMan190

      Im gonna put my mother finger up yes ok bye....

    10. Jaylon Johnson

      Boy u fresh is crap

    11. MG

      love u brodi much love

    12. it's me 9kake

      my fav song

    13. Black Bass


    14. yung blikk

      This would of been a nice ft for juice wrld damn RIP this somg🔥🔥 but i hear juice wrld all over this one

    15. Na'Rielle Lewis

      Everybody who reads this ...I hope God will bless you with all your wishes♥️

    16. Lani Royer

      What does he mean it’s the last year ????

    17. Rodriguez Hudson

      This my first time hearing this song this here is 🔥🔥🔥

    18. Parish Johnson

      Nike ✔headband gotta check ✅wrapped round my mind✴💥

    19. osvaldo muñoz

      Is it me or they all got the same haircut 🤔

    20. Stine D

      How many guns? Roddy Ricch: Yes.

    21. Josh Conteh

      Job Roddy

    22. XÓ saxy

      Can’t lose him to Bois

    23. Mr Lust Ricch ft PAC

    24. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

      "Alot niggas switch up on me and I can't trust niggas." "I just got my middle finger up fuck a fuck nigga."🖕🖕🖕 Roddy Rich made me realize everybody can switch up on you and can't be trusted perioddtt.🗣️💯

      1. Gee Tar

        My cock is large

    25. Nicholas Feroze

      Sounds like future wanted a snippet of roddy with life is good...

    26. Shalia White

      This shit hit harder than Mayweather 😔

    27. Jessica Adams


    28. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos

      I was not feeling good. I was DOWN BELOW but now I am BALLIN. Think outside THE BOX and you will make it OUT THE MUD: PEACE

      1. Logan .-.


    29. Yolanda Manay

      kinda slept on

    30. Pardon Nkomo

      Lot of ya switched up on me i dont trust niggas.... True life

    31. Paulo Jrツ

      Most underrated Roddy Ricch song. Ong! 🤩🤩

    32. Michael Hughes


    33. Terrell Rayfield

      So A chorus on a re loop is considered a track ijs

    34. Plasma George

      Roddy back at it again with the coffee

    35. 401LIFE


    36. Xander Wineland

      Fav Roddy song rn

    37. Ajibade Oriyomi

      Only Real fans still here everyday 💯 🙏💙❤💯 On God

    38. Drs Drg

      Why the thumbnail is difderent???

    39. Rufless Production

      Yo roddy i got a few unreleased tracks u might be interested in, one releasing at the end of this week

    40. captainuzi insta

      Why didn't I find this song in summer.... My summer would be fucking insane

    41. Hunned Traqz

      Since y’all love good music, check me out!

    42. Mat rich Shinault

      C re f

    43. jumaine dickson

      does anybody else realize this nigga is a crip,CRIP LIFE CRIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPZZZZZZZZ

    44. Krystal Jeffries

      nice song

    45. Liduvina Paredes

      The box:WEE ERE Start with me:oh Lord jester made another one Out that mud:Juliet x2

    46. Dianna Richardson

      Saucing on that bih

    47. Skip gibbs

      The reason why he looks fat in the torso is because he’s Buff 💪🏾😍

    48. Skip gibbs

      Kind of skinny And which one is he is he going to be big like mustard or is he just gonna be like a skinny toothpick?

    49. Cinnamon Bear

      I didn't know he made this song

    50. Breneus Music

      song is fire

    51. Skip gibbs

      You know when u show a lot money then people go all the way to L.A to rob him

    52. Paccy xan


    53. Osvaldo Campos

      This hoe goes hard 🔥🔥

    54. james Kanatha

      This shit hits hard 30th jan 2020

    55. Rafly HuZan

      So Dopee👏👏👏

    56. Denise Herbin

      if u a crip y u wearin red ????? 😑😱(︶^︶)

      1. Jay G

        Gangs don't work like that anymore in most places lol.

    57. bigTdaPROPHET

      Slept on 2020

    58. Joey Chief420

      Lit af 🔥🔥🔥

    59. Jim Wels

      This beat is like explaining my 📡

    60. Khalil Alhaj

      du är bäst