Roddy Ricch - Elyse's Skit [Official Audio]

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    Roddy Ricch - Elyse's Skit
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    1. Roddy Ricch

      Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial: Tour:

      1. Anthony Sullivan

        I'm trying to pay for a feature. How much u cost. Name ur price homie 💯. My price would be better than yours. I bet

      2. JEHOVAH Films

        Roddy Ricch i love you 💙

    2. Ayaan Khan

      hmm yes... fire is this track

    3. Admire M

      this my favorite song out of the album no cap 🥺! “i can’t get that song out of my head” that part hit different

    4. okok ooo

      Damn that nigga took future whole wave and mask off beat lol

    5. Elijah Medina

      I remember listening to the whole album in the middle of the night a few hours after it came out

    6. G B

      Can’t wait for the music video 🔥 🔥

    7. Eric Burnett

      funny how all the songs got over 1 million views meanwhile this barely got 300k views

    8. ಠNightWolfಠ

      W A T E R

    9. Slowed Tracks

      Ayee this go hard 💥🔥

    10. Everything Elle

      Has to click on this cause my name Elyse 😂👏🏽🤗

    11. Karen Sanchez

      Roddy can yo u p u t that song without that girl talking

    12. Chris S

      Best song on this album hands down

    13. Stop it Get some help

      It’s soul music 🎵

    14. Conrad Hunter

      It should have been on it #Ballin

    15. Alleyse Boyd

      My name lol

    16. Brody Byrnes

      why was this even included

    17. thebestmusicreviews

      Go on my channel and watch my review on his album. Best album of 2019 !!!

    18. [333] GetShrektOnM8

      Grandma spitting bars 😳😟😟

    19. ggbg_brandon _yt

      16 dislikes?

    20. Hayden Anderson

      I been ballin out everseason know it's some niggas I left in the bleachers

    21. Cristian Azenas

      What’s the song playing on the background?

      1. Rampaging Beef


    22. Maya Fairclough

      “Every time it comes on I start bopping my head”🤣he’s contagious 🤷🏽‍♀️💀

    23. ø B ü i l d i n

      Hurrd u

    24. HautoTube

      If you are a big fan of roddy ricch help me get 15 subscribers in here

    25. Alon Kandel


    26. Angel_The1st YT


    27. Combat Trxp TV


    28. turkey feet

      You really pussy for that

    29. Chipper Davis

      That's my sister's voice. Elyse is my niece

      1. Anthony Sullivan

        If u know her ask about the cruise and hospital visit for me. She's gonna be my wife. Then ask big o or MJ about me. If u message me we can actually talk instead of hints. Thank to my man's. He didn't have to put this in but thanks for squeezing this in for my squeeze.

      2. Anthony Sullivan

        @Jonas Tisell her name Mary Jane

      3. Jonas Tisell

        Whats her name then

      4. Anthony Sullivan

        Hit me up or y'all just played me

      5. Anthony Sullivan

        word thats crazy man. how to believe someone on the internet.

    30. Kewisi Johnson

      If you reached before 5M views leave a like

    31. Trevor Graham

      Song hard tho no cap🤣🔥

      1. G A M E R B L O X

        My favorite bar was when she said "inappropriate music"

    32. HaantjeDeVoorste

      the feature is roddy ricch himself, antisocial ft. roddy ricch...

    33. david newman roddy 🔥🔥🔥

    34. Red Fox Football

      who wanna get RICCH like RODDY?💸 👇🏾

    35. Justis DK

      JDK @justisdk 10k views

    36. By Pain


    37. KingNathann

      *I’m telling you 2020 is gonna be Roddy’s year trust. No lie He’s been on my radio nonstop for the past week. He’s finnally getting what he earned 😭😭😫😎💯*

      1. Anthony Sullivan

        give me a minute to talk about how we got to this point. hmu ik u know me king

    38. DeaDgHostWalkin

      I swear these songs get shorter and shorter every year

      1. Steely X


      2. Bryce Branzski

        @IDontLikeYouLikeThat Are you? He was making a joke.

      3. IDontLikeYouLikeThat

        DeaDgHostWalkin are you stupid

      4. Vicius YT

        @Chris r/woosh

      5. Matt

        Chris r/whoosh

    39. HipHopR&BLover Jon

      This skit wasn't even needed bruh.

    40. Lqo

      Here before 100k views? 🐐 roddy the goat Check out my latest video please ❤️

    41. X_ QrXzY_x


    42. Playboi_Woyoi_OFFICIAL

      This should of been antisocial

    43. Gabe _

      inappropriate Music 🤣

      1. Zhure and Mari

        Gabe _ 💀

    44. RF Zo

      Subscribe to my channel for real bangers 🙌🏽💚🔥

    45. illnesses yt


      1. Ty Wang

        SomeBody on CoD Mobile?

      2. LINLIN LIN


    46. Jordan Goat


    47. Carolina Howard

      U love RODDY RICCH HIT THAT BLUE 🐐 ......

      1. Carolina Howard

        KingNathann 😍😍😍 subscribe to my channel Hun I just uploaded a video 💕Go check it out and tell me what you think ✨⭐️🌺

      2. KingNathann

        No I don’t that I will do 😏

    48. AirBornTempo

      This what replaced Kendrick 😑

      1. HaantjeDeVoorste

        the feature was roddy ricch himself...

      2. Jasmine Nicole

        @Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs maybe because he made a big deal out of it by making us guess the feature.

      3. Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs

        Jasmine Nicole today?

      4. Jasmine Nicole

        He might drop it at 12pm.

      5. Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs

        AirBornTempo ik dude im so pissed

    49. ethan bassett


    50. Tripp McGee

      I know some of these songs gone be in my playlist

    51. iAmTheDoctorr

      Yeah we ending the year off the right way

    52. ThickBittyTrina

      This album gonna go crazy

    53. Itzal B