Roddy Ricch - Ricch Vibes [Prod. By Heavy Keyzz] (Dir By JDFilms)

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    Watch the Official Music Video for "Ricch Vibes" by Roddy Ricch
    Directed By JDFilms
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    1. Nsubuga Adonis Alex

      My wife deserves it more than I can say

    2. Divine Steven

      Roody is the best rapper in the worlx

    3. Jomar Parkes

      This song is better than blue face whole career.

    4. Kwesi Arthur

      Daddy: Son what’s popping. Son: Daddy rich vibes

    5. Divine Steven

      Best rapper now

    6. Tanaya Thee Slaya

      Still my shit🔥❤


      Roddy rich the best 🤴 🤴.... Forever

    8. shawny Strawberry

      Never would think on using anyone. Not even right for me to ask for a hand out. My hands on my nuts jk buh you should get the point of why I grow nuts lol risk taken

    9. Default Camo

      is he saying words??? lmao

    10. Mati Game


    11. Tiffany Spartan Smith


    12. Bilalah Alexander


    13. Marry jane vlog

      2 mill..............bruhhhhhh 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎✌

    14. Iribhogbe iribhogbe Benson

      Clear the hign way

    15. chris ostensean


    16. thereal Bonnie05

      Idk 😐 what type of voodoo he put on me but yea he’s definitely in my mind 😩🥴😂 get out Roddy 😂🥴💙🌀🌀🥴🥴🥴🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🤯

    17. Alfredo Inagarock

      Damn I lov this song

    18. Ismalia Baldeh

      Mann I love u

    19. kagiso gerald

      this would sound even better on a brand new car...late night cruise by yourself...that would be very day

    20. Tina W.

      😄A Grammy winner in the making📀💰🎤🏆🏆💯💙

    21. Catch Me On The Flip


    22. Kimberly Natasha


    23. 3lack

      This on repeat 100

    24. Hunter Whitner

      Richh youre so successful, stop the lean, go to thc lean or cbd, do it for god, do it for nip, most importantly do it for yourself. You speak the truth, THATS why you blow up, not just bc youre good. Dont be wasted talent.

    25. mary king

      real homie ricch vibes loving eyes take a look at his eyes

    26. Angel Echoles

      Favorite rapper right now ❤️💪🏽🥰

    27. Suspect 9

      My favourite rapper

    28. ZG Gomez

      Love this!!

    29. Kevin Theophane

      Franklin house in Gta 5 👀

    30. Chloe Perkins

      Why was he looking at her like she did something lol @1:28

    31. Scott Ok


    32. Tyjane Havies

      I feel like if she can get paid to lean around on balconies and shit and look pretty to be in a video with him then I should be able to get a text back 😐

    33. Andre Harris


    34. Kai Marie

      Bruh I swear this song is sooo slept on 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😭

    35. Connie2Federal J.

      He reminds me of my husband Young Thug when he was young like Roddy. I love and miss the old thugga, but he elevated and is doing good right now. Hopefully Roddy can grow some more.

    36. Angel The Beauty Blogger

      I love this song

    37. D Manoa


    38. Israel Yhung Stunna

      Who is listening with me 2020?

    39. RedxJG

      I remember seeing him at rolling loud 2018 and instantly knew he was going to blow up. Roddy ricch about to be a global icon, no cap

    40. LaLa M

      Who’s Still Playing in 2020?! 👏🏾🔥

      1. uppitybossVEVO

        All the way from Kingston jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🔥🔥👇

      2. LaLa M

        Shaivon Williams Facts

      3. Shaivon Williams

        LaLa M , This Is A Song You Can Really Vibe To.

    41. ツCLUTCH_Potatoyum


    42. Jessica griffiths

      Who playing in 2020? 😩

    43. Toonz 100gs

      Fuck wit me Toonz100gs💯 collab or sumn🥶

    44. Militan

      Who playing in 2020🔥

    45. Nautikient21


    46. Sandra Wallace

      Who playing this In 2020

    47. Aniemenam stella

      Who's playing in 2020?

    48. CuhkyFN

      This ur most underrated song.

    49. TTokenTheZombieSlayer

      Isn't this the cream music video?

    50. Stephen Kyei

      The realest lyrics I haven’t heard a while

    51. Cornelius Cardenas


    52. Danny Best

      Love you roddy rich

    53. Danny Best

      Do you bro

    54. Jackie R

      man this song too good to still be underrated 😭😭

      1. Certified Finest

        Jackie R dam cutie what’s ur ig?

    55. Winter co

      Shawty Do you Mind ? Can I Just Vibee ? Classic ........ Follow me @_QueenWinter ✨

    56. Cambii

      3:25 those seats are diiiiirty 😂😂😂😂

    57. Renata Souza


    58. sefanja sef

      This boy got a hit I just want you hear me when I pull up, skrr Have a conversation Don't wanna see you hurt You ain't settle for him cause you know your worth Got it from the mud I got it out the dirt These b*tches tell you anything to get into your pocket These b*tches f*cking with me cause they know I'm all vibes Pull up in the i8 and these b*tches start droppin She wan' roll up my plate tell them b*tches go drop it I got a feelin gotta tell the truth You could be for these b*tches they won't be for you I had a down b*tch I don't know what to do I had to check this rap sheet and go get the lube And I don't mean that I don't give the world to my b*tch I know she down so she deserve to be rich Shorty I'm go and get you Birkin bags That Rolls Royce you can be the first to have it If I see it, I'm a grab it Take you to Atlanta we gon flood I'm magic You not by my side shawty I can't imagine You make me choosin you but you know rap my passion I ain't tryna play you this not on the map Tryna run that check up tryna get them bands That b*tch ain't my fan I am not your man I don't know these b*tches they just want my sand Blow up twenty piece cause I know I can Put it on a ring so I can ask your hand I'm just tryna blow up while I'm on tour So I can have the flowers [?] Look at you it's lookin the mirror Bought you Cartier's now you seeing clearer I bought that new Ferrari gon take it down Come f*ck with double R we some f*cking winner Get your best friend I call Chris he can tag team along Talkin bout my feelins I ain't tryna brag too long I'm just tryna tell you that I'm all yours Shopping bags, we can have a car full Slide down the window while I pull up Backwoods had the windows roll up Just make sure that you never ever use me Cause I can never f*ck with none these groupies Your friend tryna tell you that I ain't a right n*gga Don't listen to em they tryna hang all night with ya Just hang em up don't let them break the frame o mind picture They f*ck the same n*ggas these b*tches won't ride with you See I'm just tryna tell you how I feel inside Turn this music on when you ain't feeling right Turn and ride with Ricch when n*ggas tryna vibe I'm in your mind, I'm in your mind Aye I'm in your mind Aye, aye, tell em I'm in your mind Aye, shawty do you mind Can I just vibe, aye Aye can't break the frame o mind, vision Hey these b*tches they won't ride with you Tryna take you to the sky, ride with me Hey baby I just wanna take you high Fly with me, aye Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah Hey, hey, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, hey This boy got a hit

    59. Fetty Da Hustla WWEbandots

      where the dreads go

    60. Robin Mitchell

      Yes Roddy!!!!!!!! All the way from Cleveland. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹