Roddy Ricch - Day One (Outro) [Official Audio]

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    Roddy Ricch - Day One (Outro)
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    1. JusMykeTV

      Who here after a real one put you on this truth?

    2. Remy Doyle

      Most underrated Roddy song. Wish it was longer tho and the dude wasn’t talking the last half of the song.

    3. B The NDN;

      What's the original sample on the beats? Anyone recognize it?

    4. Miłosz Hewelt


    5. ByTrizzz

      This bout to hit a milli

    6. Matt Nunley

      If you troll on this song you a weirdo💯

    7. DeepZ Rocky Roads


    8. Don Madden the mad Don Thomas

      Cuz got a infomous flow

    9. Aman Newar

      R.I P Nipsey 💙💙💙💙

    10. Kevin Talley

      The song not long enough

    11. At Shop

      Fell in love with shorty but she wasnt enough for meeee!🎶🔥

    12. 2Blessed 2BeStressed

      Still bumping this in 2020. Best tune on the album

    13. kaysauce

      this song make me wanna cry , bc he done made it 🏆, #1 & he got there so fast in a matter of three to five years , hella impressive , baby boy gon win a grammy , i know it 💯

    14. Charlie Lipschutz

      Love this instrumental

    15. Avree Gonzalez

      Dis song touches my soul.



    17. air jordan


    18. Gabe Rushinga

      Someone please make a instrumental

    19. Peng Chunyi

      One day. you gonna get that luis bag, Bentley, Benz. you gonna get them one day 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    20. Immortal Donkey

      I don't usually get inspired by songs easily because they all incorporate the same basic message, nor do I get chills down my back from the lyrics of songs, but this... this hit different. The uniqueness of the speech and what he had to say got to me. Never have I been touched by a set of lyrics like that. ❤🔥

    21. Gabe Rushinga


    22. Sun Forrest

      Fav song on tape..2 short tho

    23. UTnne

      Damn Nip....Speaking from the outside...

      1. UTnne

        @I give Buckets that is nipsey!!!

      2. I give Buckets

        Not Nipsey

    24. Catch Me On The Flip

      im making a video to this

    25. Queen Kay


    26. Mr. perseverance 840

      I still listen September 2k19 still one of my favorite songs 🚫🧢💯🔥

    27. Keyonia Huling

      This song should’ve been longer😩I love this

    28. Jalynn Vaughn


    29. Oscar Ascencio

      This is my favorite song it’s makes me feel chill in my own vibe the beat tho and his flow 🔥

    30. Andre Staten

      who that on the outro?

      1. I give Buckets

        Rico Suave no

      2. Its Rico

        Andre Staten Nip

    31. Tdot Woolfolk

      💙💙💙💛💛💛♿️♿️♿️💯💯💯💯 Motivation💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 the ending is Everything

    32. Journee R


    33. Brittany Scheel

      Anyone else want moreee of this song I feel like this should be a 6 min song. ); I literally want more. This flow tooo damn cold for it to only be 2 minutes

    34. Teresa Quinn

      almost a year of this delicious music... ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    35. King Jay

      Yaah cuz real shyt free all my my loccs on yaahmpton Crip I

    36. RonnieD_

      this beat so damn cold 💯

    37. RonnieD_

      does anybody know where to find this instrumental ??????

    38. -ĒlJulian-


    39. Sync x Clan

      This song is so underrated. Its 🔥🔥🔥

    40. Tyrin Little


    41. Malae Foki

      YAAH..true story.. yaahmpton get that bag Roddy ricch

    42. LINLIN LIN

      sweaaaa u my 2 favorite rapper young boy 1.... id love here yahhh onnna whole album together

    43. TommyMcJ -

      Listened to this shit when I was at a low point in my life... it was winter and it was cold outside and I was just sad all the time. School was stressful and life seemed repetitive... looking back on that now listening to this song now gives me all the vibes

      1. Kaylise Sky

        TommyMcJ - stay strong

      2. 2Blessed 2BeStressed


    44. Allreeason OTLA

      Who’s the guy at the end ?

    45. TommyMcJ -


    46. MostHatedSham

      Inlove with this song 😍💙

    47. jordan green

      A song you ride to driving at night 💯🗣🔥

    48. Robert The Great

      Album wasn't bad at all no skip

    49. E.N.V.Y E.N.V.Y

      i been trynna stop re-playing this shit but I cant lol played this like 10x plus im higher then alien pussy

    50. Inner Peace

      Love this song!!!

    51. William Hernandez

      Roddy ricch day one (outro) From feed tha streets 2

    52. SNOOpi DoOPs!

      I bow my head and pray for you reading this . I pray you find happiness and everything you touch becomes successful.

      1. braxton 1

        Same to you 🤞🏿💯🙏🏾

      2. Claiton Vaz

        SNOOpi DoOPs! Amen🙌🏾

    53. 5thward Lakewood

      #🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 dis bitch on fire @Roddy Ricch

    54. tim chand

      Wish there was a instrumental for this

    55. Trust YouMe

      It’s tracks like this he could slaughter if he had a little more focus but the beginning goes hard.


      Stay safe bro .

    57. Eee Wilson


    58. Ruben Sierra

      I just wanna be an inspiration for my young

    59. Barry Glenn

      This song so on point!

    60. Aricek Mason

      Hardest $hit ever stay focused