Roddy Ricch - Chase Tha Bag [Starring TheFine304] (Dir By JDFilms)

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    Watch the Official Music Video for "Chase Tha Bag" by Roddy Ricch
    Directed By JDFilms
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    1. Delacey Dobbins

      What a difference a year makes??? Now my boy has grammy’s

    2. KingJimmy69

      2020 gang wya

    3. Dead_Afro

      This guy looks completely different with his bald headed ass

    4. mZKatriZal 55nine

      Who is that handsome intelligent man in the yellow? Keep working baby u have my support always!!!! Fresno love

    5. Peter S.

      Now that this dude blew up a little i know hes keepin better lookin woman around lol

    6. Danny C

      Old roddy goes off💯💯✊🏽

    7. sxottsix

      Still my favourite roddy ricch song of all time

    8. Xxaboodgamer King

      Come to Saudi plz

    9. ZYNE

      Anyone in 2020?

    10. Mr Lust

      Roddy Ricch ft 2PAC & biggie The box remix

    11. Kristian Hawkins

      Roddy Ricch is so fine, I can't wait to meet him :) :) !!!!!

    12. Orlando Carter

      Lil homie spilling them bars for ya was..!😎

    13. Ernest Adjekum

      This guy music is too fly.

    14. Kane LFC

      Maskk on maskk off 💥


      why he countin 20's thoooo.... look like the same damn stack on every clip too... monopolymoney

    16. NaShawn Hill

      Its crazy when you can look at a video and see a woman is so used ... Abused she can't even look at the ccamera

    17. FreakyClaudy

      is this girl his babymama

    18. Alayah Jennings

      Somebody come get the blonde girl...

    19. Jay G.

      Mane a shout out my music

    20. Remiixツ


    21. Plox

      Why this video look like it was shot in like 2006? Anyone?

    22. keto no miego

    23. keto no miego

      Have you heard this yet? "TurntUp By Ketonomiego" by yours truly 🙌 -

    24. keto no miego

      Have you heard this yet? "bed room" by yours truly 🙌 -

    25. Sk Abz

      miss the old roddy

    26. Peter Johnson


    27. Peter Johnson

      STILL HERE IN 2020

    28. Been Cxzy

      This shit still hard....

    29. Boondocks

      How these the new the box fans saying they been here since day 1 of they don’t know this song roddy really kept his promise and blew up 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    30. King Croc

      these kinds of music videos are always dank. showin the h00d how it is my nigga. showin that one crackpot oldhead always dancing and boppin haha

    31. Jamar Carol

      Still my shit

    32. Davin Solomon

      Anyone know that females name ?

    33. Kenny Powers

      Best rapper rn

    34. MemeZyre

      Rip Roddy Ricch 2072 😭

    35. Guillermo Perez

      Roddy let me get a 20

    36. Paris Sanders

      Noooottt Roddyyyy with the low cut

      1. Paris Sanders

        Rager I know lmao, i just haven’t seen him with a low cut before

      2. Rager

        Paris Sanders this old

    37. rEEn EsNeSIH

      mask on mask off this niggas ain't robbin me'

    38. Pavel Egorov

      Saw all this stuff in Russia in 90's: piles of bucks, sport costumes ... Anyone still listen to this now ?


      She bad

    40. Magdalia Jackson

      She’s a thief

    41. andyl locomotive

      ohgeesy rondo 9 bar u aint slick rod

    42. Kimberly Natasha


    43. Samuel Quilo

      Whats the name of the sample in the beginning of the song??

    44. vrandon verez

      this is so fire love the cuz

    45. bigbodie16

      Unc cruncc on they ass h60d shxt richr60lln

    46. Nick

      Trump 2020 if you like Paper🌲

    47. tico

      this shit put me on Vapormax Plus!! fire

    48. raw garden services

      Perfect song homie, anyone here needs good weed carts pillz or coke? Stay high get inspired like roddy he shops with us you too can shop with us shipping is now

      1. buzz buzzin


      2. ItCould BeWorse

        😂😂😂😂 yea iight

    49. dracoGETPAID

      Anyone know his girlfriend ig

    50. greenemonster637

      All that money cant fix that acne

      1. tico

        you have acne and are broke so who's really winnin lmao

    51. ivan guric

      fuck it up

    52. Antonio Juarez

      This for the streets.💯

    53. Salmon boiii OSRS


    54. Owen Boyce

      My pockets stay fat pull up in a Maybach

    55. DAKOTA

      his step dad prolly salty in a house that roddy bought him lol

    56. frank jacobs

      Dam this my 1st time hearing this joint, love it. Much success young man, THE WORLD IS YOURS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    57. KryBunny

      2:44 that boy had a trampoline under him 🤣

      1. Jazzmyn dior

        KryBunny 🤣‼️

    58. Mississo Abraham

      is mo,ey bag from afrca

    59. Antonio Alvarado

      Song is good af but fuck the location you at bruh...them niggas just hide in the village all day and ACT hard pussy ass pvcc!

    60. SLIME P