Roddy Ricch - Down Below [Official Music Video] (Dir. by JMP)

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    Roddy Ricch - Down Below
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    Directed by JMP @ualreadyknowJMP
    DP: Mike Koziel
    Camera Ops: Mike Koziel & JMP
    AC: Brett Arndt
    Edit: JMP
    Color: Alex Jimenez
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    1. Nonki Seema

      am confused, y all his music videos are the same

    2. Dusta Myrick

      This is a good one

    3. Dusta Myrick

      This is a good one

    4. Dusta Myrick

      This is a good one

    5. YoBoiChris2002

      Bro crazy how inspiring this song is😪 discovered it when the power went out in my house for the first time in my gated community ever, didn’t know what to do or if I could make it but luckily I had my AirPods and found this song and Roddy helped me make it through the night. Keep grinding guys some niggas just never been through the struggle😪

    6. Manaia Mamea


    7. Kamren Whitfield


    8. TheDreamKareem

      maybe it just me.. but I bet ..that "Yeaa Yeeaa.." adlib was added late.. lol {Roddy Ricch} "wait... I gotta add something"

    9. Martine Mendoza


    10. jonta murphy

      TALLCUZZ900!This is one of my favorite songs.i feel this song to the bone being homeless before and having to rob and sale dope to survive now im on another level now.Much luv EERB!

    11. Jon E B


    12. RINGHO LTD

      Yo stop reading comments and enjoy the music.

    13. Theophilus Tetteh

      Love you Roddy💎

    14. Toomuchsavage69

      I hate songs that people keep bragging about money, but I like this one because at least he has a story attached to it that alot of people can relate with

    15. Javell Smith

      like if youre here in 4099

    16. Painda N


    17. Mechelle Henderson

      I really hope this guy keep up his hard work. I’m not a fan of this new age rap but I’m a fan of Roddy Rich he speaks truth and you can tell Nip really had an influence on this guy. I’m still shocked he’s only 21 but his lyrics is truth love it

    18. Ashish Philip

      Listen this song at 1.25x 🔥🔥🔥

    19. Kyla Toney

      I’ll be his rock and support him he is just amazing💍

    20. Travion Moore

      I'm was down below to

    21. Blkzzyyy FN

      I kinda think this song better than the box

    22. Franck Souza


    23. NIP left us and RODDY took it over!! Respect cuhs

    24. Cayden Wood

      I feel ya fam

    25. jordan Glenn

      Pray and be yourself and who u are u not be happy but its u

    26. Gael DaSavage


    27. Areal Newman

      This song changed my fucking life!!! Thank you Roddy! 🔥💪🏾

    28. CRP Wifey


    29. Maeleigh Wagner

      i love you roddy ricch

    30. Dylan Chodera

      This song is something you listen to when you down and need a lil boost

    31. Ntandazo Mfincane

      He can sound like FUTURE,AKON and YOUNG THUG!

    32. Bendo Na bendo

      I love you bro 💘

    33. Jenn Rinker

      This song is my jam.

    34. Lucas Trotter

      Roddy Ricch is fire🔥🔥UK fan!!!

    35. Venz_poison TTv

      I used to live on the Brooklyn streets now my dad makes millions just because of one meal I pray to god for everyone to have the same thing happen too them because it’s sad how people are homeless me and my dad always give hundreds when a homeless man or women is sitting starving or even sleeping 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😭🥺

    36. Derrick Jones

      best song ever roddy

    37. *TazzY editz on ig

      like it literally telling a story bout how you can be anything you want just don’t give up

    38. Daniel Mwaura

      That dog do be eating now tho

    39. Michael Mr cool

      No fancy cars no fancy clothes only Starbucks like if you want more of this

    40. Christian Rusnak

      This shit a banger fr fr

    41. Michael Ngutjinazo

      I was once so "down below" felt like taking my own life. But things turned out okay happier then ever. Just Keep on praying if things get difficult

    42. The Servant

      This kid is a problem!!! My favorite right now!

    43. Saulo Lima

      Aqui esta o comentario brasileiro que estava procurando kkkkk

    44. Lexi Kryptic

      Roddy or youngboy👀?

    45. Tiago Junior Massingue

      This and roll Dice hit different

    46. Pilsner 3

      This song is only good because of the beat lol

    47. Thomas Watkins


    48. Jackson Scott


    49. nekreiea Dumas

      My shit

    50. Minh_ Laptop

      I hope everyone have a good life

    51. Carter Welland

      Since y’all new fans have found him, listen to Polo G. Polo G is probably just as talented as Roddy. Trust me, you’ll love him.

    52. TBM_Gaming_TTV

      Roddy started from the bottom and now he's at the top much love to Roddy Rich

    53. Oscar Escorcia

      Best Burger

    54. UR Misfit

      Why it look like he shot this video where gta 5 online come from

    55. Baby_savage Evans

      I love Roddy Ricch his songs are the best

    56. G Cam

      Sky's the limit 💯🔥

    57. Kwesi Christopher

      Shit sound like a ghetto Gospel 💪

    58. XX_SHADOW_XX Playz

      James charles just kissed u like to undo

      1. Iggy442

        Oh wow you’re so funny and original

    59. Desmond redmond

      This song is fire 🔥 but it has to much bad words

    60. Training Day

      Down below 📉📉📉📉📉📉