Roddy Ricch - Die Young [Prod. by London on Tha Track] (Dir By JDFilms)

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    Watch the Official Music Video for "Die Young" by Roddy Ricch
    Produced by London on The Track & Rex Kudo
    Directed By JDFilms
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    1. a 1k99y

      I’m currently 20 and been thinking ´bout how my family will handle my death if I pass away at such a young age. That’s scary as hell man may everybody that died young (or not) rest in peace.

    2. Nyles Evans

      The hardest song ever created top 3 at least

    3. Aan Robertson


    4. Madara

      Back when he was good

    5. Luis Rondon


    6. Debra Lewis

      Rip Kobe , XXX , Pop Smoke , Nipsey everyone we’ve lost . Gone but never forgotten 🙏🏽

    7. Jey Reel

      "I ain't trying to die young like agbalumo"😩😩

    8. Hyperz_ios

      CEO of rapping off beat

    9. VEGETOZ

      R.I.P L'A Capone

    10. 20k subs without any videos challenge

      Yeah it's really sad, but does no one realize Kobe Bryant isn't the only celebrity that died?

    11. Chandler Bowles

      just realized this was released on jul 23, on my birthday

    12. Hayden Kim

      Legends die quick Kobe and his daughter Nipsey hussel (he was in the vid) Pop smoke Juice wrld And way more that I forget cuz too much people gone

    13. Stylin Brown

      R.i.p pop smoke

    14. Sean Mitchell

      Cold hearted nigga with the blocka blocka

    15. Isaiah Sims

      This whole video was made in summer I aint see him sweat once

    16. Ruan Vanti

      Qualé dos BR que curte um roddy

    17. Timothy Gonzales

      This son stupir

    18. Anthony Holden

      Still crying over x's death!

    19. Josh。「chungus」 oop-

      dont die young homie u create beautiful peices of music

    20. Tale Gang


    21. Daija Bradley

      Nice very nice lyrics and because in the back ground you her his voice and it sound really interesting

    22. JeanPaul Perez

      Wait did he predict nippsey death

    23. KennyF Vaughn

      This is cool😎💪😍😁

    24. Blayze Phillips

      When Roddy said why legends got to die early that hit me hard

    25. Mormax

      R.I.P my Cd Rip

    26. Mr .Taters

      R.i.p to the guy who invented Legos 😭

    27. Shahmir Ali

      We fr can’t lost Roddy Ricch

    28. iiike

      Anybody notice how we done lost 2 Crip rappers in the past two years? I'm telling you, Roddy Ricch and Blueface gotta watch out

    29. Rase -iwnl-

      I ain’t tryna die young, so I gotta kill coronavirus !

      1. Rase -iwnl-

        Same nigga

    30. The only person in school who can rap

      I hope he doesn’t die young he’s one of the only rappers I listen to.

    31. DevilishhTearsx x

      I hope he lives forever

    32. Titus Edouard Pekbaa

      Rip pop smoke

    33. Jared Perret

      Bout time we got a real west coast rapper. Been a long time

    34. 黃鼎堯

      Ke$ha: wait that illegal

    35. Lana Boston

      My nigga

    36. aleesha Benoit

      Guess he was right when he said why the lengeds gotta die quick 😔

    37. Andrew Achir

      Rip pop smoke ❤

    38. Xochainz *

      Roddy shot x 😂😂

    39. mis kathy

      Like for R.I.P NIPSY and KOBE and GIANNA🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    40. bluebardi 999

      This use to be my song 😩🥵

    41. cahir swift

      Pretty sure evertime a rapper or legend like kobe passes away everyone turns to this song RIP pop smoke

    42. Vehr


    43. Dany Mota

      Whats the background sound?

    44. Money Jordan

      Why does the beginning sound like dark queen

    45. roman dell'andrea


    46. Powerqueen Blakarosoe

      RIP pop smoke🥀

    47. elsie hun

      Rip Kobe,nippsey hussle,y'all were legends and Giana Bryant...a legend to be

    48. Gurasees Warrya


    49. Lamia svømmer her

      Rip kobe and Gigi fly High my Angels

    50. Rickardo daley

      D last part with d lil girl singing I really felt it

    51. OXIRIS X

      Rip x, Rip juice, Rip nip, Rip Kobe, Rip pop,

    52. Phil Bailey

      I just fucking realized nipsey hussle is calling him then 1 year later he died

    53. James Newton

      Pop smoke 😞🥀

    54. Mia Sanchez 09

      I love this ...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    55. Nancy being Nancy


    56. JoAnna Marie

      Still remember this day Brian Still remember this day of Kobe Bryant

    57. kyran ward

      R.i.p pop smoke niggaz killing kings 💔

    58. Bop Lop

      12 and 6

    59. Bop Lop

      u copy ice cube steady mobbin

    60. MCMXCIII

      the list is so long R.I.P to all my niggas