Roddy Ricch - Fucc It Up [Prod. By Ice Starr] (Dir By JDFilms)

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    Watch the Official Music Video for "Fucc It Up" by Roddy Ricch
    Directed By JDFilms
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    1. Demarco Thomas


    2. Aan Robertson

      RoddyRicch, heart ~

    3. Vonte Snippets

      Wow this got 37 mill now , must be all the new fans with their late ass

    4. Shakila Griffin


    5. wow

      Only real roddy fans are listening to this and not the box

    6. SiiZe

      most underrated roddy's track

    7. Sergio Sandoval

      Nipsey made u

    8. Jamall Douglas

      love this song

    9. Gunner Guidroz

      Fucc it up, by my nigga deezy caine 100x better than this trash ass song

    10. Gunner Guidroz

      Ooof, copyright out the ass

    11. Jamall Douglas

      roddy ricch is og love his songs hope he keep on rapping for a long time

    12. Jamall Douglas

      bro i love this song bro I watched roddy ricch get interviewed it was interesting

    13. Yvette40K King

      This song is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    14. jay buckzzz

      This is so under rated

    15. Kwstas K

      These bitches be lying, I ain't got the time That's why I'm in love with my double cup 💯

    16. Robert Avina

      Y’all niggas slept on my dawg from the beginning why Follow now 🧢🚫📉💰

    17. CoreOfinSanity

      I gotta give it up to Roddy Ricch for making my last 4 years littttt 🔥🔥🙏

    18. Dondre PALMER


    19. 610cc 6a6y

      When I heard this ik he was gonna be big now look 🖤🖤

    20. Revolutionary Gnosis

      If yu don’t like this,. You a rat

    21. kosta


    22. young shoota


    23. jghosth87

      you seem a lot smarter than the trash that i just watched fam. fr fr. wake up.

    24. BabyJohnTravolta

      Damn so many OGs in the comment section knew about this guy 2 months before most people. Fuck outta here with that shit you gatekeeping elitist fucks. Be happy Roddy getting the plays you fake bitches.

    25. sentesue s

      dude i haven't seen big blue in years. i miss that shit

    26. Unacceptfulシ TTv

      Like this if roddy ricch has never made a bad song 💯

    27. King_o_ boy

      Safe from the box fans

    28. Gabe Eddy

      I really slept on him at first, I've found myself to like every song I've heard so far. All these songs slap, BRO! 🔥

    29. sxottsix

      Still his hardest song

    30. Yvette40K King

      I had to stack it up. I had to learn this.

    31. michael zinck

      Ghost sent me 💯

    32. reeslito

      2020 baby

    33. JayTCU

      Wait is it possible for this dude to make a bad song I just found his music and every single verse he on go hard

    34. LyricalT

      Roses are red Violates are blue You like this song? Well that makes two

    35. Trey lefeged

      This song better than any of NBA youngboy songs. This shit be giving you a whole feeling! Thats GOOD MUSIC!

    36. Trap Daddy

      Ion know how I didn’t hear this shit before but it slaps so hard🤤😫

    37. Compton Music

      Checc out my music

    38. Ronald Chimuka

      don't sleep on the boy. Rodrick is the best MC,

    39. Will Nelson

      his new stuff is good but this is great.

    40. Awungjia Mbelem

      this goes hard

    41. Frances Jones

      its 20:01 am and im listening to this song... i am so commited right?

    42. Antonio last Don Centers


    43. karlata Wright


    44. michael kline

      I walked in o justin having sex with shelly clauder ask him why he lost his watch and jordans lol

    45. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

      Yo, Roddy Rich the biggest newest male rapper out here. I'm telling you this man is a beast. He never made a bad song. It's crazy he snaps in all of his videos. This man never made a bad song.👏💯

    46. Flacko

      Feed Tha Streets his hardest album real ones know 💯

    47. Mr Lust

      Roddy Ricch ft 2PAC & biggie The box remix

    48. Isaiah Reyes

      I send back the five, tell shorty I love her She still gon' act like I ain't done enough These bitches be lying, I ain't got the time That's why I'm in love with my double cup Shit be so real

    49. Chops Productions

      Like if he really the youngest rapper killin the game right now

    50. NonierZ PH

      Sick outro

    51. Richard Goodcock

      Best Lines diz bitches b lieing.....and have you ever been whipping the dope think the feds watching!!!

    52. Molly McHale

      safehouse from the box fans

    53. lil Monk

      This nigga the truth yall

    54. Keezy TV

      I always find myself coming back to this track

    55. shane boyer

      I’m glad I can get away from the box fans

    56. Ccam Bihh

      U gotta put Money Man on dis 💯 u using his style anyway

    57. Aidan Knight

      Fake Roddy fans can’t find us here 😤

    58. iNYSN -


    59. Grade A Pedigree

      Shit so 🌊yyyy

    60. King Solarmane

      "I keep my dawgs,no snakes wit me"