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    We took a real twin telepathy test to test our twin telepathic abilities. We wanted to find out for you guys if twin telepathy was real or fake!
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    Alex's Instagram: imalexstokes
    Thanks for the idea!
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    1. Stokes Twins

      Do you think twin telepathy is real?? 😳

      1. It's me Brandon

        @death shad0w what do you mean

      2. death shad0w

        i think you cloned yourself

      3. It's me Brandon

        No it was not real because before the video you plan it out

      4. Ronnie Xu


      5. Silver and Blaze

        Fake sorry

    2. Cooltwin Rocks1

      You just know each other. I am a twin and there are a lot of things me and my brother have done the same we both one time pick the same topic in elementary school. It was funny

    3. itsyagirl Josie

      I don't think its real because you guys could see each other because the wall was to short and i saw your hand go behind without even having to go back to show it. This is why i don't like you guys, your videos are fake.😑

    4. pug gamez


    5. Maria Sosa

      It is real

    6. DoritoZ

      Ok soo twin telepathy is fake cus i have a identical twin / XX twins wish means super identical and me and my twin does NOT think or like the same well some things but most we doesn't like the same

    7. Azo Aka chromie

      Who’s looking at the comments while the videos going and if your reading this your bootiful☺️

    8. Rohan Kishibe

      Who would believe this

    9. Tryze_ gacha

      Ok now it time to have a twin You remember that you already born You be like :") World you are painful? NANI!?!? *FORGETS WHAT TO SAY* um... nvm

    10. Logan Lee

      Who is ur mon

    11. Kylee Theriault-Richardson

      Them :<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a> you look like a duck Me: well u guys look a like sooooooooo😂🤣😐🐥🦆🦢

    12. poppy gamingOMG DAB

      Ewwwwww the fruit one

    13. Richard Baskal

      This ist the biggest lie they plant this every fing a lie

    14. Kelly Conroy

      Why u put them so closed together OH I KNOW WHAT YOU DID What boys have down below😂

    15. Ashley Drake

      I tried it and me and my twin missed one

    16. Ahmad Butt

      Yes me and my brother did it

    17. Estefani Rodriguez



      Its not real you just know ur brother

    19. Katy Webb

      I was going to say toilet paper is FUNNY to


      The wall is in half

    21. Alex Sharer

      If they argued and they said the other was ugly he wouldn’t be ugly because they look the exact same

    22. manoj reddy


    23. Zack Lucier

      Yes it's real

    24. Nicole Da Silva


    25. Hassan Rashid

      Why do I think this is fake I think it’s obvious

    26. Serge Aad

      Me and my beo are twins but not identical

    27. Heena Afzal

      Viewers are crying over that toilet roll

    28. Jake Roberts

      If only they didn't practice and plan it out before the video


    30. Jordin Roskam

      This is not real they can see eacht other k

    31. Leslie Nyberg

      they say that they allways wear the same outfits not today and in the stuff animals round there was a seal and a dog?!? not a hater i subed

    32. football king2108

      This is fake you can see what yall pick

    33. ___g3m4r__ _


    34. Jack Bramhall

      You can see each other and what you pick

    35. Elizabetta Eros

      Its not real

    36. R D

      i have a twin

    37. Martha Londoni

      You guys yell in every video

    38. Alexis Harry

      Maybe and I want to have a twin a person who saw this who has the same picture:we are twins 🤯🤯🤯

    39. Ivan Rodri

      The first one i pick toilet papper

    40. Alexthecool Dragonboi

      Me and my sister is twins too

    41. Dwight Payne

      Hi i love to watch yall

    42. Ju! Hyeon

      Flexing on people with toilet paper in the first round smh 🤧🤧

    43. slo trol wolf slo

      Why is always cut befor they pick item i think is kind a fake but sometimes they must pick wrong one becase if they not then look to fake

    44. Madison moody


    45. Madison moody

      Imatation "You look like a duck" Me "YOUR TWINS XD!!!"

    46. w a t e r m e l o n _ e a t e r


    47. Joelle Bailey

      It’s a goat

    48. Papdjeowkndopw Iwoskslspd

      This is soo fake🤣

    49. Marcy Roise Incipido


    50. john gaynor

      I changed my mind yes

    51. john gaynor


    52. Osian Budakroi

      The owl is a sheep OK twins whatever your name is Alan and Alex I guess I don’t know OK love you videos of a

    53. Liz Brenan

      Yes I think it's real

    54. Ruah Nicole

      THE PINK STUFF ANIMAL IS A GOAT!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 and the right stuff animals were not the same

    55. Cutie Enny kingdom's


    56. DEVAN Poppzz

      You can see from the side

    57. Archie Harrison


    58. Arianna Moore

      How dare you put toilet paper on my screen....

    59. Eniko D

      He looks like a duck Me you look the same

    60. Aviel Jr Williams

      Y'all plan this before the video like duhhh🤦🏾‍♂️🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    61. Iron_Warmind

      He can see his stuff look proff <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="276">4:36</a>

    62. Jayden Li

      Lol coronavirus item first round

    63. Mal Mon

      Yes twin telepathy is real

    64. neejoy sola

      “He does look like a dock”.... they are twins 😂😂😂😂

    65. Darshna Vinchhi

      Hi i am seeing your Chanel 1st time & this is very enjoyful

      1. neejoy sola

        It's fake

    66. PHANTOM Drive Productions

      Lovely Brothers.....

    67. Charlene Moyo

      Alan is kinda crazy

    68. Charlene Moyo

      Alan is kinda crazy

    69. Sam Khan

      I want to have a twin

    70. me llamo

      I love Bill's song 😄🙂

    71. Llama Nite

      They could see each other!

    72. me llamo

      WOW LOL

    73. Abood RS7

      Btw it’s not actually closed

    74. Elif kırmaç

      arada duran duvar o kadar da geniş değil bu arada

    75. sharad jadhav

      You are real twins

    76. Janette Guenevera

      GuYs! I CaNt KnOw wHo iS aLeX aNd whO iS aLan

    77. Ali Alazemi

      I like sour patches

    78. LillyAnne Carson

      yes it is

    79. Payton Burroughs

      Omg his laugh with the fruit I’m dead!

    80. Joshua Reeves

      For all of u 500 guys ho repled to the stokes twins so all u 500 I liked all of ur videos at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>am in the morning so u all should have a like and no I’m not asking for a like I just want u guys to be happy and know that at least 1 person read and liked 😊😊