Queen Latifah Performs 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy'

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    Queen Latifah's performance of 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.'
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    Queen Latifah Performs 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy'


    1. Inge Wahrsam

      Be honest: You`ve been listening to (wonderful) Marlena Shaw?! Good choice, good performance, good girl!!

    2. Eden Nazir

      I see the audience there and looks like most of them don't know the song, and I'm here just thinking,"look at them, not knowing the song🤣".

    3. Marcel Audubon

      Buckinghams did it better

    4. Luisa Falanitule

      The Queen just love her👏🏼👏🏼💙


      Spectacular show

    6. marcelo Santos

      Amo vc , que Deus te abençoe, Diva!!!!!

    7. S aier

      BASS! Who is the Bass player?

    8. Grace Connolly


    9. Grace Connolly


    10. Victoria

      Queen latidoh

    11. Myfaith love

      Beautiful She so pretty Classie 👍🧡💜❤

    12. Maddi Rayne

      I really needed this today (bad thoughts) I love that artists like her are around.

    13. ST Dudley

      Who wrote this arrangement? I want to record it!

    14. Linda Jackson

      Hi edagdwg God bless her heart love queen L. She is soooooooo Ready to have fun love her as a sister Linda j. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯



    16. Suely Fernandes

      Brasil loves you, Queen , and me too. Kisses

    17. BLANCO From The BRONX

      Inspire us Queen! I’m crying over here! I love your authenticity your so humble talented Black Woman! God Bless You

    18. Wyndhl

      She is every a woman; don't you know? That romantic voice from that sexy plus-size body - - - that's my kind of Queen.

    19. the nufiala musik


    20. the nufiala musik


    21. NOVATO DO AIRSOFT Matheus66

      I Love you Queen Latifah...👏💖😍

    22. Bernhard Hörlezeder

      josef zawinul, 3. hieb, wien, erdberg

    23. Thomas Pommier

      Drum and Bass OMG !!!!!

    24. Angelum Band

      I'm sorry what's wrong with singing the original lyrics? Nah.

      1. JLPerryTV

        This is how she sang it on the album

    25. KSL Success

      I always wanted to do a movie with her

    26. Verbs describe us

      love it :)

    27. TreeLeg

      Wow. What a lady. What a band! Love how they slip some Stevie Wonder into the end of the song.

    28. Sheilamorena Morena

      te adoro mulher cheia de talentos

    29. Siloe Nunes

      orquestra linda kkkk

    30. David Bowden

      Bowden's Masonry/Another Day Music/Designing By Grace

    31. Japril Cuadra

      I just dreamt about you last night and it was a wonderful dream. That's why I'm here watching you all the time.

    32. Zi Ruini

      For anyone curious, this song was written by Joe Zawinul and played by the Cannonball Adderley quintet back in the 60s. Highly recommend checking it out m.alsel.info/video/video/rGupiXmE1nlrmbo.html

    33. Guillaume Tremblay

      Thumbs up if you spotted Kamasi Washington playing this without chart like a boss.

    34. JOB FILM - Joe Blattner

      cool a peace of AUSTRIAN (not Australian) JAZZ Mausic performed by people who made Jazz great and "found" it :-) Queen latifah is such acgreat and beautiful woman

    35. Stu B

      This band is sweeeeeeeeet!

    36. Richard Gray

      She maid up her own lyrics The Buckinghams is the original much, much, much better. The whole big part is " My baby is made outta love, like one of the those bunnies in the playboy club" Total R+B, the original is 10,000 times better. The instrumental version is also a copy morons.

      1. Zi Ruini

        Richard Gray That's not the 'original' either, it was originally written and played by Joe Zawinul in the Cannonball Adderley quintet, 'moron' m.alsel.info/video/video/rGupiXmE1nlrmbo.html

    37. Old Cremona

      Beautiful girl, awesome music

    38. elaine fox

      good video

    39. Brooks Brown

      Great take on the song! Definitely not chill, but in the spirit!

    40. Brooks Brown

      David Ruffin in the audience?

    41. John McQuiggan

      oh my, that is some dog do do, no feel, all about her and not the song!

    42. Sing Your Style Studio

      Saw Queen Latifah live Jazz concert- can honestly say was among the best concerts of my life! Ever since, she's a FAV!

    43. L. Malykh

      Mercy, Mercy,Mercy Verse It seems life has played a game on me I'm lost in a sea of misery My love has turned her back on me Heartache why won't you let me be Chorus Baby have some mercy please don't Make me beg on bended knees oh please Mercy, Mercy,Mercy Please have mercy on me Mercy ,Mercy , Mercy Please Interlude How can I face life , without you What would I do if we were through? Verse I wait for you ev'ry single night Hoping you'll return and make things right You don't show and I'm left all alone To pray you'll call me on the phone Chorus Baby have some mercy please don't Make me beg on bended knees oh please Mercy, Mercy,Mercy Please have mercy on me Mercy ,Mercy , Mercy Please Interlude you know I love you , I'm beging for one more chance ,once more. Verse I know life has many a twist Loving you is the thing I can't resist Your love and understanding you've been giving Without it I just can't go on living Chorus Baby have some mercy please don't Make me beg on bended knees oh please Mercy, Mercy,Mercy Please have mercy on me Mercy ,Mercy , Mercy Please

    44. Linda Mason

      QUEEN does an exquisite job with "MERCY MERCY MERCY"....she got it going on!!!....Keep it on!

    45. SuperSkinsman

      fausto and kamasi!

    46. weenerdoggs

      Awesome, what a great band :)

    47. Barry Nelson

      This Mercy song by Zuwinul will always be hip.

    48. arifah prihartini

      I love your show ... love your movies ... love your voice ...

    49. Scott Parrish

      Bassist. O...M...G! What a player

    50. Andy Guardado

      awesome great songs beautiful voice... my kind of music ...

    51. Terina Oconnor

      awesome song

    52. Pinky Senoelo

      yeees, good performance good voice can't just stop watching. 💖love this so much.

    53. Cool Breeze

      Is there anything Latifah CAN'T do (with her fine self)? Been down with her since "Wrath of My Madness"

    54. xtinemercado

      what song was that on the last part? "la la la..."

      1. Pedro Terra

        +xtinemercado you're welcome

      2. xtinemercado

        +Pedro Terra thank you! :)

      3. Pedro Terra

        Stevie Wonder - Living for the city.

    55. John Aranita

      I discovered Queen Latifah's CD The Dana Owens Album at the Hawaii State Library. Everything on the disc is great. So, I bought it.


      Queen Latifah is very inspiring 1 of the best lyricist.the things she do inspires a lot of other artist like playing in movies and making music and reaching out to others.

    57. Charlie Mocha

      She is so freaking talented and humble! I can't do anything but love, respect, and admire her.

      1. dhalsim1

        She ain't that good

    58. Lorenzo Johnson

      Lil John Roberts on drums!!!! Yes sir!

    59. Oscar Groucho

      Love the bass player! Adds a whole new layer of funk to the tune. And the lyrics have more depth than the Buckingham's silliness. I hope Zawinul and Cannonball would approve of the feel. Nothing laid back about this monstrous groove. Real nice.

    60. Sven Schuster

      who wrote the lyrics?

    61. fog Hill

      I love Queen Latifah !!! This was so good !

    62. mosez100


    63. 7beers

      Not bad at all.

    64. ushadrons

      Had to play this for a friend today. Who is the bass player? The bass is amazing.

      1. gasperstifter

        It might be Sharay Reed on the bass, I agree it's great bass line

    65. ushadrons

      Musicianship and show is where it is at. The P all the way live! Tight!

    66. Bogdan Piec


    67. Bogdan Piec

      Adele rolling in the deep

    68. japanesesen

      VERY NICE!!♥♪♪♫♥

      1. japanesesen

        @Christian Paumier Avoir un beau vendredi cher Christian. Amusez-vous!

      2. Christian Paumier

        Génial ! Bonne journée !


    70. GTR GUY

      Much better cover than The Buckinghams. For one, The Queen can sing! Also, the band funks it all up.

      1. Bruce Hauge

        +Jeffrey Waldman Much better? Give me a break. You're implying Dennis Tufano couldn't sing? Queen is good but come on nothing tops the Buckingham's version. NOTHING.

    71. Paulo

      Love the groove in it! Awesome performance!

    72. Stephen Hicks

      these are 2 completely different tunes,.. One was done in the 60's by "there Buckinghams" and tyne other is a cannonball tune,... the first had lyrics, cannons does not,.. 2 different melodies, 2 different songs,...

      1. Stephen Hicks

        my apologies, you are correct in that they are the same tune, I just the "A" part by the buckinghams to be a bit different in terms of melody,.. Thanks for hitting me up on that point

      2. Gwen Sampé

        Sorry, the Buckingham's added lyrics to Zawinal's tune. They are the same song.

    73. Roman Yukhananov

      Can you tell me in which film this song was performed

    74. AdessoStyle

      Sorry, this interpretation of Cannonball's original doesn't work for me. Does not have the soul, the spirit, the slow, languid tempo. Love Latifah's voice, spirited performance, but this song is not working for her.

    75. OmniphonProductions

      This is the first time I've ever heard lyrics with this song, which was originally a straight Jazz instrumental. Who wrote the lyrics to go with it? P.S. Love the pipes, the smile, the curves, and the CHARISMA! (Not to mention the Stevie Wonder blend-in at the end). Lookin' forward to more of this.

      1. Jenn S

        The Buckinghams released a version with very different lyrics in 1967.

      2. Lightningspiner

        Marlena Shaw, her version is more laid back, while this is more funky

    76. blondwiththewind

      These are NOT the lyrics that I remember from the sixties. This song back then was an upbeat celebration of love...not a unrequited love saga. Sorry...the performances are good....but not liking the song itself for un-necessary changes that (for me) reduce it's enjoyment.

    77. atrcbtlr


    78. Letitia

      GO girl!!

    79. mike yaghmour

      Oh i thought kanye and big sean's mercy ....

    80. B B

      I think she sing 1st alto