Q&A With My New Boyfriend!

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    Q&A With My New Boyfriend!
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    1. Maria Moncelli

      where do you live

    2. Sarah Micheli

      So when is the dad gonna get custody of this kid. Smh Mikey you’re stupid.

    3. Doctor Squishy Poston

      He is toooo *OLD* for *YOU* sweetie

    4. Slime Izzy

      Back with him ig like xam

    5. Selena Marquez

      ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️hella susssss

    6. Selena Marquez

      This is sussssss clout

    7. Julia Seufert

      I feel so bad for Ethan. He probably feels like she just used him for attention and as a rebound 😔

    8. Britten Amelia

      the heck is that mikey

    9. Mila Maksic

      100% that when mikey turns 18 they are gonna have a huge break up again

    10. Bree Elizabeth

      And some of you guys STILL be saying she's 16 and believing EVERYTHING she tells you about her age and her mom? That's just sad right there

    11. Bree Elizabeth

      I mean it's Mikey's choice if he doesn't wanna listen to his mom and go to jail for dating a 14 year old when he's almost 18. I even said that in a comment on Dani's dad's post on FB (that's the only social media app I ever use) and this girl replied that I'm being stupid...um I'M being stupid? It's THE LAW but I mean it's his choice. Dani lying about being older is so retarded like what's wrong with being your real age?

    12. Elizabeth Guebara

      Love you Dani ❤️❤️❤️

    13. Melchi qwq

      I don't know why you guys are fighting about if there relationship is legal or not because at the end of the day he's still going to jail 💀

    14. Sara Suarez

      I don't know who to believe at Danielle's age, google or mikey


      OKAY!!!! I support Dani on what she does but why get back with HIM!! After all he done to you and your family mabye she really loves Mikey I mean after all they were together for a LONG time but do what you do girl luv you😚💕

    16. Jessie Gonzo

      I thought she was dating Mikey???

    17. Esmeralda Ibarra

      What ever happened to "Im staying single for a year" this girl can't survive without a boyfriend.

    18. Sophia

      Are you guys quarantineing together 👫

    19. Kyla Brown

      Age is just a number... But there are laws and stuff to watch out for so please be careful... If y'all love each other then be careful... And for those that will say he is gonna go to jail my mom is 40 and her husband is 70... So be considerate

    20. Brooke McNicoll

      She has a new boyfriend every few monthsssss

    21. Hope MacDonald

      Yall shes not gonna say that shes 14 because then she won't be "famous" anymore, shes just so ignorant. -i can't.

    22. yanina aserdano

      From what ive heard from there live on insta they dont want there relationship on social media then explain me this HAAAHAH they could have wait when danielle is in her RIGHT age hm if you really love each other both of you can wait on the right time

    23. Pepper_YT

      This is the most boring Q and A everrrr!!!

    24. Jaiden W.

      ok but can u AT LEAST admit u lied ab ur age🤧

    25. Viktorija Janušaitytė

      I'm happy for you guys!

    26. Aina 17

      Why does this vibe feel so gooood tho like everything back to normal like the void is just filled

    27. Chloe Jane

      Their so cute their literally romeo and Juliet but with a happy ending x

    28. Alyssa vega

      lol hes not ur "new" boyfriend he's ur old boyfriend

    29. Selam Demeke

      So you were talking to him behind Ethan‘s back porch Ethan🥺🧐

    30. DH 29

      Ur 13

      1. mills xo


    31. AngelicBlastz

      omg they belong together

    32. Queen G The Third

      Dude she does this shit to herself

    33. Seyitan Sofekun

      I have nothing to say I- I blame the parents 🤚🏾😔

    34. Danda Damires

      Q&A with my new temporary boyfriend!

    35. corona beer girl

      valentimes 💀

    36. Hannah Hannah

      “I dont want our relationship public”

    37. malak jawad

      they’re are so many couples with a huge age cap so this should be nothing tbh

    38. Pr3tty_luh_laijaaa Squad

      Since when does Danielle curse?

    39. Chuchu Machar

      You know what idk whats gonna happen ti you danielle or mikey but they already know the consequences of them dating so enjoy lmao

    40. okrs

      This kid needs to pick heads badger headsss up

    41. Maya Batchelder

      That’s Mikey

    42. Satomi Senju-Hyuga

      Awwwe Dani yay!!

    43. Delina Woldu

      Omg 😱 Miley is literally annoying me so much he keeps touching his hair😡😡😡😡

    44. 804. Stax

      Should’ve went wit suie 😂

    45. Fee anna

      She should update her intro

    46. Agw448

      I was crying I was so happy you guys are back together 😄😀☺️😆😁😄 👩‍❤️‍👨❤️

    47. Yahaira Elizabeth

      How does she bounce from guy to guy like it’s nothing? 😭

    48. Dacia Trombetta

      When everyone is saying that she still 13 grow up and get used to the fact that she grown she w.e she wants ok it is not you in her body it is her ok that 13 stuffwas years ago like just let it go love you dani 🤣💖

    49. Aaliyah Hayden

      She’s really acting like Ethan didn’t exist

    50. Maddy welcome

      I have a idea if you don't like Dani then don't even watch her videos it's that simple 😂

    51. You’re a Hoe

      So we just gonna forget what happened...?

    52. Dante Daily

      act ur age

    53. katie acevedo

      wow girl he back at agian whoooop live your life congarts don´t listen to haters

    54. Jessi hines

      yall are jus haters shut up God yall hate her but u stay clicking on her videos let her be who she wants to be with

    55. Miss Ezra Mae


    56. Caivean

      Apologizing to Mikey’s family isn’t going to help anything because once he turns 18 (In June) he can be ARRESTED.

    57. Maddie’s World

      i don’t wanna be mean but isn’t it illegal for them to be dating? NO HATE

      1. I suck Jimins toes

        I’m not sure but I heard that it’s not illegal unless they are sexually active? I’m really not sure, I heard this from someone else.

    58. Books & Jam sticis

      Wait are you back to gether with micky

    59. lexitaffy_ yas

      To all the dumbasses saying she 16 dude her birth certificate was literally exposed by her own dad come on now 🤦‍♀️ also this man really chose a 14 YEAR OLD OVER HIS MOM GROSS IMAGINE smh went from complaining bout her being underage and now he dating her again crazeeeee

    60. Abe & Cas

      Y’all trippin she can’t be 13 forever lmaooo💀old dumbass

    61. Sarah Anderson

      Sounds toxic

    62. Amanda Razak

      I knew this day would come 😭😭😭😭 I love them so much

    63. Dylan

      I’m surprised she gets sponsors

    64. Alleya Shakoo

      When Dani answer the first question it was like when she was talking about how Mikey and her getting back together it was like she didn’t want it to happen or something and it was just to dramatic like...I just can’t example it properly...this is no hate to Dani but it’s just my fact...

    65. Angel Plays

      i still can’t believe that he left his family for this girl.

    66. Isabella Grenier

      VaLeNtiMes day 😂

    67. Nicky Charles

      Me:Omg Mikey tuna and Burlington are back together Me:that’s just sad I hope tuna ends up in prison and MS Burlington to so happy am going to celebrate 🎉 to day Is the best day of my life

    68. aisha saddique

      I thought this was Mickey and was like wAiT wHaT?! Wait that is Mickey I’m confused

    69. Teji Saini

      i honestly hate this

    70. Kati Bush

      Valentimes LMAO

    71. soiung toiue

      Is he forced to date her cause he acting like he didn’t find out her real age

    72. RONI RONI

      They’re both meant to be. PERIOD ⚡️

    73. FATI GIGO

      Im soooo happy that you are back i was praying for dani ❤❤❤❤❤❤😪🌷

      1. soiung toiue

        “Literal child” huh

    74. Mercedez Martinez


    75. Gayathiri Elangovan

      Sooo....How many ex do you have??? #nooffence

    76. Baby Girl

      The title though😂 “with my new boyfriend”😂😂😂😂

    77. 295

      Weren't you the girl ho got pregnant at 15 years old

    78. auraellie

      she be changing boys faster then she be changing clothes.

    79. copycatbellyache

      the “nEw bOyFRiENd” gets me every time

    80. lizz daily

      The way he forcefully said "babe gimme ur hand" danni: Laughs it off