Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Step Back & Harvey Weinstein Texts in Court | The Daily Show

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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce they’re leaving the royal life behind, Harvey Weinstein gets chided for texting too much in court, and a Florida parrot causes a ruckus. #TheDailyShow
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    1. cerebral vortex

      Woow she is so black

    2. richlisola1

      Hearing a biracial South African use the N-word in an African American accent is about the cringiest thing I’ve ever heard. Also hearing one by racial person referring to another by Rachel person is black is about the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever heard. Talking about Megan’s mixed race heritage is a great opportunity to bring attention to biracial people, and the unique cultural pressures as well as insights that come with that.

    3. Sevilay Stewart

      England “We don’t like Meghan Markle due to her personality“ - Trevor Noah “You are racist” -Canada “We don’t want to pay their security with our taxes and their $14 million dollar metion, it’s not our problem if they gave up their royal titles” - Trevor Noah. “You are racist”

    4. esquibelle

      Treor is the best....& has some of the nest writers in the business.

    5. Emily Anthony

      I Loved it. LoL.

    6. Aleks TSA

      Each time i have a bad day , i fclick on Trevors noah videos .. the whole stress goes away ..😁 the dudes character is funny .. .

    7. Joyce Madubanya

      Trevor, mkhaya...I love just how well you master your craft. Stepped into the scene of news with a uniqueness, freshness and relevance which cannot be ignored. Keep it up! I'm inspired💯.

    8. Candace Runaas

      I actually thought 'that's what happens when you bring a North American into the royal family.' Americans in the US just think differently. You can take the American out of the US, but you can't take the US out of the American.

    9. Srijana Thakur

      Laughter is contagious.. I laugh because i hear the laugh not even understanding what he says. Edit: but i love this man

    10. Valkyrie

      Sure, Trevor. It's not that Markle is a cunt, it's that the entire world is racist. Ffs, give the race card up. She is an embarrassment to both the UK and the US. YOU'RE PATHETIC TREVOR.

    11. Lommy

      That parrot can replace Jenny on Dragon's Den.

    12. John Spencer

      Watch and wait, Meghan and Harry going to get divorce. Harry won't even know what hit him.

    13. truth and common sense warrior


    14. Kamari Z

      The MEMES 😎👊🏿

    15. ryan lee

      Queens pissed cause now she gets less welfare checks

    16. Nikko Nikko

      "this is what happens when you bring the first black woman into the royal family" Ummm, ok racist, first of all she is mixed just like you and second of all great job representing us, not! Disgusting

      1. Ester F

        Bruh it was a joke 🙄

      2. Nikko Nikko

        @Koriander Yander, mkay racist, you dont identify black either.

      3. Koriander Yander

        1st of all, what you fail to realize is that you do not dictate black identity. Ps. You're not black. Nice try whitey

      4. Eko IKO

        Keeps saying that and maybe it will become true. Lol! Everyone knows there is only one part of her dna people take issue with.

    17. Rita Mion

      Aqui hacen programas y periodistas que trabajan en Londres y lo que nos podemos dar cuenta es que Megan ella siempre rie y siempre se ve feliz, Harry en cambio nadie lo ve tan feliz.ella desde el principio obtuvo lo que quiso parece como alguien sentado en una mesa y escribiendo una cuenta y resolviendo una cuenta que dia por dia obtenias el resultado que querias primero el noviasgo en tres dias de conocerlo ha eran novios en ano y medio el matrimonio despues de dos meses el embarazo viajes de lujo en aviones privados desde el primer dia los empleados de casa se escapaban despues de ano y medio se regresa a America y ta le habia hecho doble pasaporte al nino y harry esta' ahi que ya no se rie. Que les parece todo lo planeo' como un problema de matematica resuelto perfectamente. Bueno pues si no es un Oscar que otra cosa puede ser.

    18. Robert Ronning

      It's not easy the rabbit hole but we will truly understand ourselves and our love for each other congratulations on taking care of you.

    19. 嗨你好


    20. japanmania30

      Straight Outta Compton !!! Ra,ta,ta,ta,ta,taaaaaa

    21. Bloodthirsty Vegan

      Hundreds of millions to support these ridiculous inbreds in their meaningless pursuits while others live in poverty.

    22. Stephanie Swann

      That’s true love 💕

    23. Ilona Peato


    24. Look and Learn 10 minut

    25. DJ bug

      Meghan and Harry and no longer royal? Good for them. Monarchy is inherently discriminatory and shouldn't exist anywhere anymore.

    26. Kenneth Williams

      They will do public appearances and write a few books. They will be super rich in a few years

    27. EnderZ13

      In an alternate universe- Black guy owns a parrot. *Shot*

    28. estelle pryce


    29. EnderZ13

      6th in line? Time to peace out.

    30. estelle pryce

      Yes!! They can become financially Independent and stop the vultures from using taxpayers money!!

    31. Darshana yonzone

      You are amazingly talented. May God bless you.

    32. opzz xsin

      when he did the “you need a job” bit I WAS GONE

    33. Jisa jz

      I strongly think that it’s their choice to live where ever they want but with their own money. Because life is only once we all can live. But if they want lux life and their choice. I think it’s better to sacrifice one for happiness.

    34. 黄John

      Harry ‘s son:Dad ,I heard I used to be a prince?!what ‘s up?!(ten years later)

      1. opzz xsin


    35. Joshua Adragna

      Na, they know the reckoning the royal family is about to go through, they're just getting ahead of this because their not evil.

    36. Elva Rodriguez Rodriguez

      The world will not stop because they don't want to be royals. Everything will go on as before.

    37. qopoy dnon

      Probably trying to break their ties with the corrupt dirty money...


      You need to get a job lol

    39. Marie Kimbi

      I love them OMG. Guys watch this breaking news

    40. misolou fout

      They could have a reality show, she is a fashion writer, He is a college grad

      1. qopoy dnon

        Trevor, you cracked me up! 😂😂😂

    41. Anna Lanciano

      Meghan 😉 👍 💖

    42. Jada Jamison

      Meghan Markle isn’t black. Her father is white and her mother is black and has a white grandparent. Equality can’t be measured or reached if we continually misidentify people on a whim. And Trevor isn’t helping with that racist “black” woman accent he did. Way to feed the stereotype.

    43. serious

      Weinstein is such an entitled imbecile that he doesn't even realize using a phone in court is a No-No... Idiot

      1. misolou fout


    44. serious

      Harry met his true princess...he's been wanting to get out from under that monarchy all his life and he is finally found his's sweet

    45. IslandGyalChronicles

    46. flynavy2222

      “and man who’s somehow uglier on the inside” omfg I’m dying

    47. oiuet souiu


    48. bunnykissme

      Harry has become a laughing stock now because of his grifter wife lol

    49. Asarite Hay

      Yes trevor I'm so glad your covering this. The english tabloids have been awful.

    50. cool joe


      1. oiuet souiu

        Opposite of royalty==HARVEY WEINSTEIN😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    51. Kincho Wangmo

      Nigga u need to get a job🤣😂🤣

    52. bodoti qwiu

      when he did the “you need a job” bit I WAS GONE

    53. 誰かの捨て垢

      So seriously question: Meghan Markle is really white-passing. New York Time has vilified Tulsi for doing the same thing Hillary has, which they had praised. Tulsi, looks like a PoC (and is a PoC). Yet no one is claiming that the NY Times is racist. So what's the difference?

    54. leereneecee

      Yeeessss! Every black woman in the world was like “ Harry you need to get up out ya grandmama’s house!” And you better check your family before I do! 🤣😂 I don’t have time for this BS me and Archie are moving to. Canada. Tell your grandmama she can keep her check because I can make my OWN coins!

      1. bodoti qwiu


    55. Tin Anchor

      Trevor, you cracked me up! 😂😂😂

    56. Burco Love


    57. Neda Lindsey

      Megan got that old school royal racism treatment from them--good for her--i would of left too--they thought she would continue to stay and be mistreated and turn it all on her as if she the problem--what about Andrew ?

    58. Aisha Amir


    59. Bored Bored bored

      I have a bad feeling for the two of them. They've killed Dianna, they'll kill Harry and his family too if they have to.

    60. Swordslinger1999

      I didn’t think Prince Harry had a bald patch like his elder brother Prince William. Today’s royalty certainly hasn’t age well.