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    Polo G is the most recent artist to grace the Open Mic At Home roster with a performance of his latest song, “21.” The song is produced by Khaled Rohaim and Keanu Beats and appears on his second studio album, 'THE GOAT.'
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    1. Mikkel Pedersen

      i fucking love polo g

    2. YungKid D. Lor

      Polo g kinda underrated


      Living by the gun put all my trust into this compact, my brothers went to war and they ain’t get no Vietnam check.

    4. Salty Rider

      So fucking goooood

    5. Storm ChaserXL

      Yeh salute you man. Yeh kill em beat #ballem#polo G🔥🔥 alsel.info/video/video/pKainHWiuYaHmqY.html

    6. EggSqns

      anyone try playing the actual song and this video at the same time to see what the differences were? there were no difference. Polo G is talented

    7. Clinton Dim

      This is a song I'd have loved to hear juice's verse on 😪

    8. SoLaR Emz

      He said RIP to juice

    9. Yxng Tony

      “R.I.P to juice”😔💯

    10. Matt Napier

      we cant lose polo

    11. hidFN

      “Can’t relapse of these drugs, man R.I.P. Juice” R.I.P. Juice😭💔 Please protect Polo he’s the most talented rapper rn!🔥

    12. Oleg Korniychuk

      Damn I remember when pop out came and I made most of my memories and I remember them through music so my point is it's been crazy watching rappers like polo g and lil tjay grow keep the grind up this album is straight heat.


      This is the man that's gonna beat eminem and drake one day

    14. Dheredzu Kerenz

      Nobody gonna talk bout how cool polo g's face mask is?

    15. baldi

      damn i remember when this guy wasnt that good and all of a sudden... 😳🔥

    16. Noah Fam

      Dis dude is goat 🐐

    17. Drew Brennan

      Best rapper alive


      Someone tell me what mic this is plz

    19. 80 cent

      tattoo rap art star 80 cent up pant

    20. Avery Christensen

      Plzzzzz protect this man


      That mask was just not cooperating 😂

    22. ThawgX2

      Clean Vocals with no auto tune Like if you agree

    23. CreNative. .For. Sure

      anybody off top know which model mic he is using ?

    24. Brayden Moya

      Can’t relapse off the drugs,man rip to juice man I felt that

    25. Five Nine

      Took loses in this street shit got me singing gang blues 🗣‼️

    26. ivanon TV

      Shit rockin

    27. Adey topia


    28. Lachlan Pollard

      T.J has always surprised me

    29. iDiblySr Gaming

      my favorites of this new album are : martin and gina, chinatown, 21, 33, i know someone put me on w some fye Polo songs

      1. Drop_out173YT

        Flex and dnd were good

    30. Cryp Does fortnite


    31. andre dail

      He the best

    32. andre dail

      He don’t mess up

    33. leprechaun 1 Gang.


    34. Gregory McDougall

      He kind of went to high with that fade

    35. Youtube Police

      Who remembers finer things and heartless

    36. Youtube Police

      *juice Died Another Legend Was born*

    37. SomeDudeNamed Mar

      Rip juice💖

    38. FelixeGaming

      | like if this is a banger \/

    39. khirrel X

      The dong is cold no cap the bar man said my nigga’s went to war they ain’t get no vitanam check

      1. khirrel X


    40. Antonio Neal

      Sounds better without autotune

    41. Hotboy Shawn

      You can only tell it’s live when he get tired shit crazy nicca really nice

    42. Jay Kabembo

      This man is 21 I hope he's protected at all costs 🙏

    43. Lyrical Lyza

      He’s mad sexc

    44. Real.skproductions Kimani

      its so annoying because I got a perfect beat I just made that polo g would kill 🤯😍

    45. Zachuli Gaming

      Bro he didn’t even use Autotune

    46. Mikky Banjo

      Polo G or Lil Tjay?

    47. Anthony Briseno

      Polo G be looking like everyone's Gta character no cap

    48. Dev Patil

      Hopefully drugs don't get him down

    49. 99lokk

      Yo I need that mic what’s the name of it??? Ion care how much it cost

    50. Viktor holm

      no one: Polo's mask: slides up.

    51. ッ

      Like to protect polo g 🕊

    52. Collins The Divine


    53. Corrupt Kentucky


    54. LilYesaya1

      No cop 🚓

    55. ทินภัทร สุมังเกษตร

      Respect from thailand♥️

    56. Маргарита Семененко

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a>

    57. Маргарита Семененко

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a>

    58. KyotoStar

      This guy has mad talent!

    59. Gorman Brown

      GOD bless 21

    60. Digital-_- PRAXIS

      Oké of thé best rapper un the World 🔥


      Sounds perfect!!!!

    62. Brennan Burchett

      Also 1 like equals one 21 porformace with a mask on

    63. Josef1991 fowler

      Been repeating this like no tomorrow.

    64. M&S Minecraft


      1. OBN JAY TOPIC

        alsel.info/video/video/jHmtdWaqwW2MZ6o.html Reaction video out now

    65. Lil Wrld

      Listen to this for the fourth time today

    66. YRB cava

      Rip juice

    67. Saquan Maxwell

      This boy is talented!

    68. prod. Lexus

      He really is the goat ngl

    69. Lil Wrld

      Rip to juice 😔

    70. Manuel Perez

      Dude he sounded just like the song wtf

    71. Celli

      Bruh so hard 💯❤️

    72. LilYesaya1

      Love it

    73. John Billy

      The song is named 21 the age juice wrld Died

    74. Supreme ProduXionZ

      where the white people when the plane lands lol like if u understand

    75. Paul Collins

      Is me or does it look like he was finna cry at the end

    76. peteyy

      One of the best on the album 🔥🔥

    77. Cool Kidd


    78. Mace Uhbase


    79. Rita Arambula

      Rip juice