Papa John - H3 Podcast #174

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    A huge thanks to Papa John for coming on!

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    1. weez

      why is ethan trying so hard to be a sarcastic douchefag?

    2. Cameron Vogtman

      H3H3 Podcast is ALsel's version of DC's Bizarro World.. You just NEVER know who or what you're gonna see on this podcast. No point in even trying to predict, cuz you will never guess wtf you are going to see lol....

    3. MrNoFun10

      1:31:30 and turn on captions youtube is so gay

    4. Cameron Vogtman

      what do u expect papa john to say when u ask "are u getting any weird ass?" haha omfg i love how papa said to ethan", "I'll take it from here Pal. OK, Got it?" Sooo what does Ethan do, he continues with that line of questioning of course SMH. "Do you have an age limit, or a cutoff?" Ethan mightve done a bad job with traditionally conducting an interview, but u gotta admit this is pretty entertaining for an interview with Papa John... i mean come on be honest..its an interview with papa John ffs, idk anyone who couldve done a better job interviewing him for entertainment value. i love how he talks about if his dad was single "ooh my dad would be getting down n dirty boy.." or wet n wild lmao whatever the fuck he said. this podcast is like ALselS version of DC's bizarro world..

    5. Paige Hines

      Take a shot every time papa raises the 10 point perfect pizza scale

    6. waffleboomerang

      Now all we need is elon musk on the podcast

    7. Nicole Rodriguez

      Papa john has so much Botox lol

    8. IronRevolution

      Holy shit, it seems Ethan learned NOTHING from all the shit these years that culminated in the Gokunaru video. Same akward terrible interviewer. Such a shame.

    9. John Baes


    10. SilenceInDenial SiD

      Ethan, let the guests you have on finish their goddamn sentences. There are so many stories they tell cut short because you're like a 7 year old child with ADHD and can't just remain quiet for a reasonable amount of time.

    11. jeffry fernandez

      It's one thing to support racists like Shnatter, it's another to support disgusting "pizza" like Papa John's. Ethan's billionaire worship is super cringey. Hila is cool though.

      1. GoJaxn


    12. DstrokeTV

      8:30 is when the divorce talk starts for you guys

    13. TheNastyBAGL

      I get some of what papa's saying. When I was a kid the crust was way higher lol

    14. I didn't think this would be all that interesting but it was great over all

    15. MsTaly99

      Lol dude calling John "Papa" was cringe ASF!

    16. Bruno Morini

      Straight AMAZING!! Props to the H3 crew and The Papa for making it all happen. Wishing many more years of success for you all, papa included!

    17. Lost Boy

      This interview was so good !

    18. a619ko

      Got me craving some Papa John's, ham and pineapple on the original dough with a pepper on the side and some garlic butter. 😤😋😋

    19. SNN

      so many people buy into HES A RACIST without knowing anything about the situation ive been defending this guy a while now

    20. qyxx

      ngl papa could easily start an asmr mukbang channel, i'd watch

    21. Thomas Lampman

      Ethan wouldn’t have to ask him to repeat it back so many times, if he would just let the papa speak! He interviews like an eight year old at a dinner party 😂

    22. Pat Van Kerckhove

      Loved it Ethan !!!!

    23. haepalie

      Papas knows business but he doesn’t know that saying the n-word, even in that context, is bad? Hello lmao!?? He’s also got nooooo sense of episode but this dude needs to lighten up lol

    24. Josh Daily

      Put on captions/subtitles and goto 1:31:25 and get ready to see some BS

    25. Wildfyre

      Hey H3H3, can you get Elon on!?

    26. thejman5552

      So ethan has no idea how stocks work, kay. no idea how the NFL works, or even who roger goodell is, kay. his gf barely speaks english and sounds like a dude, alright. and his interview questions are shitty. stop giving this guy a platform

    27. Fetty Waps Good Eye

      Papa bless... me

    28. köra bilar

      crying for papa

    29. Bogs Binny

      great podcast and especially papa being into everything made it so wholesome and fun Papa Bless yall!

    30. Emily Sanders

      Papa john: my wife was a blessing, she’s a wonderful woman Ethan: MY DAD WOULD FUCK AN 18 YEAR OLD BUT IM NOT A PERVERT

    31. Justin Hosey

      I think the Papa should ease up on the "chink in the armor" talk...

    32. lSkatePopwar

      Papa seems like a sincere guy. Boycott papa johns! Corporate bastards! Lol. Would love to hear all the juicy stuff.

    33. Jada Paige

      All of the papa tea

    34. Naota Haley

      *why tf didn't they bring up the UNCUT pizza they got. I wanted to hear papa talk about it*

    35. Emily Sanders

      He has such a soothing voice

    36. staticishock96

      I believe him honestly.

    37. Awai

      This is JUST what Papa needed. This is his day of reckoning. I bet all those jerks are shaking in their boots.

    38. assasinon1209

      I never had a problem with Ethan interrupting anybody until papa. The master interviewers from hot ones specifically told him to let papa speak, as he would have a lot of things to get off his chest, and Ethan just can’t seem to control himself.

    39. TheBlackLink

      Ethan truly is an awful interviewer, like, one of the worst. Thank goodness its saved by a great personality and awesome guests.

    40. sq160

      where is pewdiepie

    41. Issaiah Starr


    42. Rob Silver

      One of the better episodes in a while great job guys, love y’all!!

    43. Tiddyfarts

      This is probably my new favorite H3 pod. Papa is one of the most genuine guys that's ever been on the show. He reminds me so much of my dad lol AND he's almost a fuckin billionaire with 100% pizza experience

    44. King James


      1. B Ber

        King James he was being rude to papa!

    45. thejman5552

      Imma try to eat 41 pizzas in 30 days so I can be the new recordholder

    46. maria landry

      PLEASE! let papa talk 🥺

    47. Cody Pline

      Papa and Ethan should launch their own pizza chain.

    48. MandeeBe

      People Are Not Stupid: PANS -hila

    49. i want to die

      battle of the lip smackers

    50. pluckyduck11y

      Papa did nothing wrong. Said nothing untrue.

    51. Wolf !

      Remember when Ethan was a good interviewer? Yeah me neither.

    52. Donovan Kinney

      You couldn't give this video 30 more damn seconds, come on man

    53. J D


    54. mother of the bees

      Okay but can we all just appreciate Hila’s outfit? It looks amazing

    55. MichelleObama isAman

      papa is speaking out about bad decisions that are being made by the board of directors. by "bad" he doesnt even mention money, he says "bad things that are happening to the franchisees and employees." this is a man who cares and who understands business.

    56. Nat Hauck

      Love the podcast but it has gotten increasingly difficult to listen to Ethan's interruptions😂😂 it's like he's trying to summarize what they are saying before they finish saying it. Not great contwnt

    57. Jr Beans

      When I saw the thumbnail I just screamed NO

    58. jon soda

      That’s the problem with Jews the older they get. The more they interrupt

      1. B Ber

        jon soda they’re condescending too

    59. Clazyo

      Hell yeah! He'll be back!! good job team H3H3!!! Papa bless

    60. intruder313

      I highly doubt he stormed out of 'multiple dinners because someone used the N-Word just once' or 'dozens of employees were crying with happiness' to see him. Anyway, I want to buy and rate some pizzas now :)