Pantry Raid: Hot Saltine Hack Edition

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    Now's the time to turbocharge your saltines.
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    1. B Veezy

      ASMR Saltines.

    2. david andrews

      Staging and camera work are great!

    3. 123ludwigvonkoopa

      Interesting idea! I always liked the rich buttered saltines that country clubs served, so I’d be curious to try these. Although I just kinda eat them plain by the sleeve most of the time lol

    4. Abelhawk

      I hate to say it, but do you know what’s the very best thing to dip saltines in? Butter. Learned it in Brazil. Best snack ever. Most shameful but most delicious.

    5. Moira Nash

      Love me a good saltine spread with butter.

    6. efin dumb

      Product placement is strong, but not so bad

    7. Bj M

      Hot weenie mouth strikes again.

    8. Cara Euler

      I'm not seeing Texas Pete's hot sauce at the stores I go to and I don't know what it tastes like. Any recommendations on a hot sauce that's similar?

    9. Kara Miller-Howard

      Okay Alton. This is a Pantry Raid. If we are out of dry mustard, what else can we use?

    10. Joleen Brann

      Made these crackers today. Added some blue cheese crumbles. Just sayin’

    11. TokyoBlue

      Hmmm, I need to melt this butter...where's my blowtorch?

    12. Benjamin Lissauer

      absolute genius creative

    13. Mike Arterburn

      I think you’re just fucking with us at this point.

    14. Eric Umbarger

      When I was in elementary school I would come home from school and as an afternoon snack eat one sleeve of saltines with a quarter block of cheddar cheese. (going to sneak in a Texas Pete is gross statement here)

    15. trekerdvd88

      I tried and enjoyed them plan to do it again but play around with different seasonings.

    16. Ramen Vermicelli

      Tried it. Definitely an improvement on plain old saltines. However, 350° for 10 minutes didn't give them the same golden brown color you see in the video (maybe closer to 15 minutes, at least in my oven). Also, I'd increase the recipe slightly because as much as I tossed the crackers around, some of them didn't get enough of the sauce on them.

    17. The Deadpool Who Chuckles.

      Day 3,000 of the Apocalypse: Does human taste like chicken? We'll find out! Next episode.

    18. Edward Thompson

      SMH passes over Crystal for Texas Pete...

    19. Magicalvoltage

      Am I trying this now at 1 am? Yes I most certainly am.

    20. Megan Leigh

      Off topic- but I need some loquat recipe seems theres only a handful of the same old recipes for them and I'd rather not let a bunch off our tree go to waste. Thanks!

    21. Jennifer Austin

      “Melted” ... “Melted!” (Torch) I cackled. Loudly. ❤️🖤❤️

    22. tcd2cool

      I always misread this as panty raid.

    23. Seth Mathers

      I made my own version of these with Ritz crackers. My mouth is on fire.

    24. counterpole

      Have made this recipe twice and still have no idea what the "tin or airtight container" is for.

    25. Endraken

      I thought you were screwing around when you ate one from the pan before putting it in the oven. I laughed so hard when I laid out mine on the pan and there was one that would not fit! Bravo!

    26. Chris Locher

      Just did this for the second time. Used Dijon mustard instead of the powder & sprinkled parmesan/romano over the top. Tastes great!

    27. John Q Public

      I used franks red hot powder instead of dry mustard

    28. All-IN Offroad

      Pleaaaaaaaase make this a video series after the rona

    29. J L

      I am from Buffalo,NY and I love your programs! I also happen to agreed Buffalo, NY sucks!

    30. 2Timone7

      I knew you'd go for the Texas Pete -it goes great with Saltines! And other stuff too.

    31. Patricia Duvall

      Oh boy...add an ice cold beer....heaven on a Saturday night ....

    32. Aiden Reidy

      Just made these, cause ya know...safer at home plus food network = try new foods. Didn't have dry mustard powder, so we used some yellow mustard and some Frank's. No saltines either, so some Club crackers it was This was awesome. The flavor pop was amazing and the toasting in the oven, just added to greatness. Definitely worth it!

    33. Tomara1372

      You rock, seriously made me laugh out loud (the dogs looked at me like something was wrong).

    34. Gary Hassani

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a>

    35. Jenn Leighton

      This was definitely right after the tequila episode was made 😂

    36. wheel skelton

      Do this with cheezits too, toss em in a bag with your favorite got sauce and some salt.

    37. Bang Bang FAME!

      😯You just gave me ALL TYPES of ideas!!! Had no idea you could do anything to help those dry, bland, THINGS!🤣👏🏼 Gr8 Job!

    38. Shutbyotch

      Saltines and peanut butter are also a jail staple if you're trying to eat decently. Maybe some oatmeal if they have it too.

    39. Eric


    40. A View from Laputa

      Looks yummy, but... blind people cook, too. Please, use your words.

    41. guitarvocs

      Also, the subtlety of the production is killing me! I hear the squeak of the lazy susan, but then there's the little "whoosh" of the bottles being picked up, with the ambient music track bed. I'm going to have a hard time adjusting back to the "electric" Good Eats when the "acoustic" Good Eats are so much fun! And I haven't even watched the whole thing yet. Thank you, Mr. Brown.

    42. guitarvocs

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> Somebody will pick that up later.

    43. B Clark


    44. Christian Rojas-Bartlett

      He's so good at explaining things, I think I'll just listen to this one while I work.. Completely silent episode

    45. Dolphin Detail

      My biggest pet peeve is when people review a recipe and give it 5 stars. But they replaced this with that, hubby can’t eat this so instead that, etc. so they 5 star THEIR recipe, NOT the recipe as written. Please Alton! Make a PSA on this atrocious behavior!!

    46. demonica29

      Us former fatties need to stick together. The struggle is real.

    47. Mark Dowse

      I've just had my dinner, so my tummy is full. But watching this amazing video by Mr AB has made me hungry all over again! Ha ha ha 😄 I only have sriracha sauce - I think it'll still work nicely. 😋 Thank you, Mr Brown! 👍👑

    48. Jim Tessin


    49. Misty Archer

      Saltines are delicious the way they are. I eat them just like chips or pretzels or any other salty snack. They're also my go to for putting toppings on!

    50. Lisa Henkel

      Two words: *Oyster crackers.*

    51. Will Crowe

      I just tried this. I used Colman's dry mustard and some homemade sriracha sauce and upped the saltiness with a half teaspoon of popcorn salt

    52. Kristin M

      Just made these with Franks Xtra Hot- they turned out great!!!!

    53. Unumbium

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> MY MAN

    54. jayhitek

      AB, gotta say these are pretty good. At first I ate one and thought it was just another saltines.. Not much to it.. Then I had another and another. And the flavor creeps up in you. Got better and better with everyone. My daughter and I crushed that sleeve. You the man.

    55. Happy Blind Dad

      This is awesome. So far my favorite one though has to be when the wine bottle exploded. Started laughing out loud like crazy with the next word left your mouth. Made you seem a little more like one of the guys.

    56. Stephanie Eno

      seems like I gotta stock up on butter for most of these recipes

    57. Richard X

      I just made these. I used green Tabasco sauce instead of the hot sauce you used. (This is not a sponsored comment). They were good but I wanted more heat. Next time, sriracha sauce instead. Still a delicious mustard, buttery flavor. Thanks for the idea!

    58. Lee Kempster

      So good when added to tomato soup...

    59. Tom

      This us why it's fun to be a hickerbillie

    60. Jane Stratton

      I actually love plain saltines. But they are good anyway you make 'em.

    61. Maggie Blackbird

      I love toasted butter covered saltines sprinkled with sesame seeds.

    62. Robin Kaigle

      If you have it, some garlic powder sprinkled on top is *chef’s kiss* Still a very very very good snack either way!

    63. Ken Kephart

      Should work well to resurrect those 50 year old bomb shelter saltines...

    64. anakin skywalker

      You're one of my favorite food network stars

    65. Miss Winnie

      yes, I'll admit that I initially thought the title read , "hot sardines" smh but on that note, I am curious to know if someone can make those canned things taste good.

    66. Beckie Ploof good.

    67. TheKrensada

      What manner of witchery is this?!

    68. David Ward

      Oh, "Pantry" Raid......sorry, my bad.

    69. Esko Elmwood

      Dude I don't think I've seen dry mustard aside from mustard seed at the store before. Bro let me tell you what's in my pantry and spice rack and then come up with a snack.

    70. komrade kenny

      Thanks for the education

    71. Ruddy Garcia


    72. ExtremeGamer

      My favorite saltine dip uses tuna as a base with a combo of bacon, honey, mayo, mustard, and hot sauce (i use jardines ghost pepper salsa) you're welcome everybody

    73. Patricia Munsch

      I wish cutthroat kitchen would come back on I adore watching you and this world needs more laughing

    74. Star Marchment

      saltines are soooooo good made into a brittle with chocolate on top

    75. MS B

      This would be awesome with those small bite size square saltine crackers... I think they are Premium brand?? It might work with oyster crackers, couldn't hurt to try.

    76. bob wilson

      A gold plated turd is still a turd.

    77. Brooke P

      Saltine dad, thank you for your wisdom in this dire time of need.

    78. H0RCRUX

      Do one with popcorn!

    79. Carol Church

      Saltines or Ritz are yummy with this as well Cheddar cheese on top and a little sprinkle of garlic powder. Some peeps may use a little butter but a whatever. Is so goood.And also no talking!hay I said no talking !

    80. Metabloxer

      I want to trim this video so it's only <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> and send it to my friends.