P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020

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    Day One of my 9am daily workouts


    1. Ali Zain Ahthsham

      Your really good and my whole school recommended you

    2. Logan Smith

      This was tougher than I thought it was but it was so much fun I live in Utah USA

    3. John Halley

      As someone who is 65 years old, has a prosthetic leg, a bad back, diabetes, and a "Gut to Rule Them All", this guy is my new hero!

    4. Judith Goldie

      fantastic Joe keep up the good work!!

    5. Clare Haythornthwaite

      10 exersises

    6. PRINCE Channel

      Fuck this accent But i like his training lol

    7. Bethan Hill

      Definitely not just for kids. Cardiff, UK :) good job Joe

    8. Isabelle Voogt

      i think my pe teacher would colapse after doing this workout! thanks joe!

    9. n’bhabie

      You’ll be my P.E teacher whilst I’m in quarantine

    10. Emmie Harris

      I am Emmie

    11. Emmie Harris


    12. Yassin Eldey

      Is he going to do it tomorrow at nine o clock

    13. Dragon Racing

      I have to write a diary on this :(

    14. Ifrah Mohammad

      My name is yahye and I live in turkey ankara

    15. Christine Wills

      Good workout going to try it twice a day

    16. Nusayba .mohammed

      Hi I am from Aspire athletics

    17. Fatima Taha

      I am from aspire athletic team and I like your workouts and I’m from qatar

    18. tagomauro2

      He sounds like Eric Idle

    19. Katie Rhodes

      Does this help u loose weight

    20. Gavin Allan

      We started these on Thursday, when we found out about them, enjoyed them so much we’ve subscribed and have put in for notifications so we can train live with you, main reason is our son wants you to give him a shout out lol

    21. Rachel Bishop

      James and mum in Cornwall working hard

    22. Humphrey Sanders

      So fun

    23. Bharathi S Iyer

      Exercising from India

    24. Jayne Cookson

      I’m 30 years old and just about made it through this before collapsing on the floor! Gonna keep going every day 💪💪

    25. rilboy mat

      My name is riley I live in UK stockton

    26. Exquisite Bolton

      We were missing you this morning, so we’ve redone this Monday one today... thank you from The Warings in Bolton 💕

    27. Bethany Davey

      I'm 21 years old and struggled with this! An amazing work out, and your enthusiasm put a smile on my face. I suffer with depression and being stuck in quarantine is my worst nightmare, but doing these each morning has really helped me get out of bed and have a productive day. Thanks Joe! Would love to see more of these workouts even after the virus passes!! :)

    28. Trevor Jones

      After a busy last week at work, starting this on Saturday. I may do a couple of evenings to catch up. Thanks again Joe!

    29. Sadia Virk

      My kids loved this. Much love and appreciation from Dubai

    30. kahla saltus

      very boring! we will go back to Zumba

    31. Pinal Joshi

      I am following your rules my name is pahal

    32. jathushan vathanan

      I just want to say you are the best PE teacher you are so helpful and I hope you carry on to help the world become fitter. Thank you!!!

    33. Sululta Lay

      Thanks so much Joe I loved it. I enjoyed it so much.👍

    34. madeleine horrocks

      Thanks joe for the video it was really helpful and fun have a great day I’m Ester aged 8 in Italy in Milan bye

    35. Charlie Cromwell

      U.K. English

    36. Charlie Cromwell


    37. Martin Bailey

      Hi Joe, me (Grace, aged 8) and my Daddy have done this workout again today as my Daddy was at work on Monday, a good way to start a Saturday morning and get the energy levels up! We think you doing these live daily workouts is great, please keep it up, thanks Joe!!

    38. May Hassan

      Amazing workout, joined in from South Africa. Me and my 3 daughters

    39. Craig Morris

      Thank Joe. Started doing this and enjoyed it. I will work through the others as well. Brilliant work x

    40. Jacob Stratton

      Great video

    41. Anna Broderick

      Joe Wicks for MBE

    42. Mandy Hurford

      Joe cheers. Me and my husband tried the Monday workout. Blimey we're unfit. Will keep working through the ones we missed.

    43. Sebastian Jeziorko

      Thanks Joe, we loved this all the week and came back on Saturday too. Keep it going please:)

    44. ThePoopTornado

      Bro why this nigga look gay as fuck?

    45. Alice Quarshie

      Alice quarshie UK west London

      1. Alice Quarshie

        Alice Quarshie UK west London is great 😀🏃🏾‍♀️

    46. Francesca 73

      Grazie from Italy

    47. Bryan Potts

      Just completed this with my 3 year old daughter, thanks, Bryan from Durham

    48. Emma j

      i know it’s super difficult to say exactly but could anyone give me a super rough estimate of how many calories you’d burn if you did all of these exercises at the advanced level? i’m finding it so difficult to know how many calories i’m burning from exercise being at home!

    49. Zayan Bashir

      Who else is re-watching on saturday?

    50. Hat Kid boi

      I hate u

    51. Hayley Wilson

      You have a lost a subscriber here my kids won't follow anyone who will sell their soul to The Sun newspaper.

    52. Claire Pell

      hi I am sorry but I didn't make the livestream but I am in Australia

    53. James Irwin

      love it

    54. Mehul Varshney

      SRDAV wale hit the like button here😂

    55. Christina Tangney

      this is gooood, thank you! New Zealander who lives in Latvia!

    56. Nico de la Mar

      High five from Jadon (5) from Subang Jaya Malaysia!

    57. Shirl Leong

      Thank you so much for the workouts. Got my 3 boys to do it with me! We hail from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Cheers!

    58. Casey De Lorenzo

      Amazing as always thanks for this easy to follow PE session 💓❤️ Ballarat Victoria Australia

    59. Kelly-Ann Cumming


    60. MsDoreen44

      Thank you so much for doing this, my kids ages 12 and 9 had a lot of fun following the workout! You made it fun and interesting, and those were good exercises! Looking forward to doing it together with the family during the quarantine.

    61. P C

      Is jo wicks the estranged twin of Russell brand?

    62. P C

      Commenter Jessica. Let’s hope schools open soon as you need an education love!

    63. Adriana TUSTONJIC

      Adriana in Australia

    64. KT Kee

      Dump the shoutouts or save them until the end, no-one else cares, and put the script behind the camera so you won't have to rely on your earpiece.

    65. ryan gillen


    66. Chloe Harmer

      What an amazing idea you had, what an inspiration in these times. me and my boy have been doing this every day. Kids have too much energy to isolate. love this

    67. P K

      Hi From Australia!!! Thank-you for helping us improve our fitness and sanity in lockdown!

    68. Trick Prince

      Discount Russsl Brand (The P.E. teacher)

    69. carlieblake1

      thanks for teaching me new PE moves my favourite move was the kangaroo one .from joel.age 8 australia

    70. carlieblake1

      thank you for doing this. from charlotte. age 6, australia

    71. RZ gaming

      Just did the workout ,it was smashingly good

    72. yasir warsame


    73. yasir warsame

      i hate you!

    74. Nicky Gillan

      I did this at school and I was tierd

    75. megan butcher

      I’m tired just watching you😂

    76. Jillian Stoddard

      My boys are loving these! Lakeside, Arizona in the USA

    77. Precious Joiner

      Who’s Joe?

    78. Tomato

      This man saved my life

    79. Amber Ferguson

      whoooohoooo thanks from NZ xx

    80. Parimal Shah

      This is making me sweat! I LOVE IT!